Amazing Gaming hacks| Uninstalling the ds4 windows on your PC

Uninstalling the ds4 windows on your PC

Uninstalling the ds4 windows on your PC.

For a first-timer, DS4 will seem strange to you but not to worry, it’s the short form of DualShock which is the PlayStation 4 console. It’s a game console where gamers are exposed and explore a number of their favourite games and more. Now with that, you know that sometimes, devices want to update to a better version to function well on that note, DS4 windows is a portable program that lays down and enables the gamer to get an amazing experience when using the console on their PC.

The best about the ds4 windows.

Let’s look at some of the favourite things about this window and why it’s a good option for PS4 console users.

●       Profile system

You swap through multiple settings for the controller with ease. Another thing is, you can set up controls for particular games and a light bar for the games that are of your interest. Swiping two fingers along the touchpad to swap profiles without a need of opening the program can also be included in the profile system pros.

●       Automatic profiles.

There are two ways here. The manual and automatic way to switch your controllers to different profiles when particular programs are launched. That means there is going to be automatic new updates.

●       Many options.

What is more exciting than having many options for something? In the case of the DS4 windows, there are a lot of settings available for you, for example, touchpad sensitivity, rainbow light bar, motion controls etc. It can also assign a dead zone to the analogue sticks, Sixaxis and triggers

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Requirements for the DS4 windows

You need to keep in mind these points the windows before installing it

  • First and foremost, you need to have windows 10 or a newer version.
  • NET 4.8 or higher than that.
  • ViGEmBus Driver but don’t worry about this, the windows will install it for you.
  • Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable. ×64
  • Microsoft 360 driver
  • Last but not least, an obvious requirement is the DualShock 4.

Guide on how to do everything.

This guide is to help you go through instructions that will be used to connect your controller to the DS4 windows. You just need to follow it carefully to know what is needed. You should also keep in mind a helpful point. If in the past, you used SCP’s tool, then uninstall the drivers so that will enable you to use Bluetooth.

  • Extract the files DS4 windows and DSUpdater.
  • Launch the windows and select where you will save the profiles.
  • After that, a window will come up on the screen to show you how to install the driver and in case it doesn’t pop up, go to your settings and click driver setup
  • Connect the DS4 using a micro USB or Bluetooth.
  • And there you have it. You can now connect your controller to the DS4 windows and just in case it doesn’t do anything, just restart the PC and you will all set to play your games.

How to uninstall ds4windows on your pc.

Now that we have discussed that point, we need to look at the main focus of the article at hand and that is how to uninstall ds4windows on your PC. It’s one thing for something to fail and another if the program you love fails and you need to let go of it. One setback about the DS4 windows is that it doesn’t come with uninstall option and this puts the console users in a state of dilemma. Instead of having it slow down your gaming experience, it’s better to not just have it.  Let’s jump right into how people who faced the same problem were able to get rid of it.

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Uninstalling the ds4 windows on your PC
Uninstalling the ds4 windows on your PC

First solution: Remove the windows from the control panel.

  • Go to the menu options
  • Then open run by holding the Windows logo key and R together at the same time.
  • It will open and type the control panel and click ok.
  • Then select a category in the view by.
  • Open the programs and select uninstall a program
  • Look for the DS4 windows and uninstall.

Second solution: Update the windows.

Self-explanatory. Update the windows on your pc to have it compatible with the DS4 windows. If you have windows 10, you could update it to a newer version.

Third solution: Uninstall the driver in windows 7.

This is for gamers who have windows 7 on their PC. Unlike Windows 10 users, it’s easier for windows 7 users to uninstall the driver. You need to just open the device manager and look for uninstall driver and there you have it, it’s off your pc.

Fourth solution: Uninstall DS4 windows driver.

  • Go to the menu and open settings.
  • Open the update and security panel
  • Select backup and you will see backup using file history
  • Click on more options and you will see restore files from a current backup
  • Go to the new windows and you will see the backup options you plan on restoring and choose the version you had before you installed the DS4 windows.

Keep in mind, this solution is used after you have already uninstalled the windows and the driver is still functioning so you need to get rid of that and restore your former backup.


When you have read the article, you know that every device or program has its good side and setbacks and this is not foreign when it comes to the DS4 windows. The article was mostly to talk about how to uninstall it but we had to start with how you install it for those who may not have any issue with it and uninstalling for those who may be facing problems while using it which is an occasional complaint from the DualShock 4 console owners. After you read it, you can choose to take the best solution for what you think is wrong with your pc and why the windows are choosing not to work.  They are few but worth the read.

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