Best gaming tips on How to uninstall ds4 windows.

How to uninstall ds4 windows

Uninstall ds4 windows.

DS4 window is a program that’s portable enough to enable one to get the best experience of using a DualShock 4 on a PC by emulating an Xbox 360 Controller and many other accessible games.

It is also a free program that intuitively syncs DualShock 4 handheld controllers to Microsoft Windows PC operating systems as built by Jays2Kings within Ds4 windows.

Its game utility software enables people to link PlayStation 4 console controllers with PCs through wired or wireless Bluetooth connections

Its users are required to have a PS4 portable device, a micro USB charging cable and freeware.

However with the launch of window 10, window ds4, new inventions in terms of security were done that messed up the ds4 systems hence many people complained of their controllers working strangely that saw a number of people uninstalling it


What is DS4 Windows?

DS4 Windows is a device that imitates Sony’s Dual Shock 4 Controller as an XBOX Controller allowing you to play PC Games on Windows OS. With the latest Windows 10 updates, most users have experienced difficulty with DS4 Windows as their DS4 controllers cannot connect with their PCs/ laptops. It usually comes up with a “No Controllers Connected (Max 4)” error. It doesn’t disappear even after reconnecting the DS4 controller with a PC/ laptop.

How to uninstall ds4 windows?

Here are the best solutions and ways of uninstalling ds4 the windows if you have been having trouble using the ds4 windows even though you tried ways of making it work.

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●     Remove DS4 from control panel

To uninstall the trouble causing ds4 window, this is an easy way to navigate through the issue. All you have to do is avoid downloading anything because the solution is in your device.

Click on the start menu and then find the Control Panel here by opening the ‘Run’ box and pressing the window logo key and R simultaneously to type the Control Panel here and click ‘ok’.

Next, select the ‘ category’  in View by opening the ‘ Programs’ and choosing the ‘Uninstall a Program’ now locate the Ds4 window and tap on the ‘ uninstall option.’

●     Uninstall ds4 window driver

It’s common that even after successfully uninstalling the ds4 windows from your device, the drivers continue running, in this part therefore, it will show how to uninstall the ds4 driver.

Take an instance where you have done a backup to your device, this solution is for you because you can uninstall the ds4 windows by restoring the previous backup and this is how to do it;

Open the ‘setting’ folder from the Start menu, now open the ‘ Update and Security’ Panel by tapping on the ‘ Backup using file history’.

Click on the ‘ more options’ and you will locate ‘Restore files from a current back up’

In the new window, you will find the backup options you need to restore by selecting the version before you installed the ds4 windows. This may however take some moments before you see that you have restored a version that you had before you installed the ds4 windows. Therefore no ds4 window feature will be present including the drivers.

Lastly click ‘ Green Restore’.

●     Update the windows

For those who don’t intend to backup their system, updating the windows means clearing the driver of ds4 windows.

You can therefore install the recent version of windows on your PC as well however it requires a lot of time and could alter the already saved data.

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●     Uninstall the drivers in the windows.

For Windows 7 users, the old version is the easiest solution for you because you may not find an uninstall driver feature, but it is still present. All that the window 7 users have to do is open the device manager and uninstall the driver.

●     Uninstall the ds4 windows driver by downloading Virtual Bus Driver.

Not many people install the ds4 windows or the driver hence the Virtual Bus Driver does not show up. You have to click the link to download it from the driver and then uninstall it

●     Uninstall the ds4 window without drive

Another alternative way of uninstalling ds4 windows in case you don’t want to download the Virtual driver is to delete all theds4 files from your hard drive.

●     Download SCP Toolkit to uninstall ds4 windows.

It’s common for people to dislike installing a new window or back up their device to uninstall the driver however with these steps below you will easily remove the Driver of ds4 windows;

You will have to install the SCP Driver tool and make a shortcut of it to  the desktop using the PeaZip,7Zip,or WinRar, to extract the folder and consequently a new folder will pop out called Virtual Bus Driver, so open it and rights click the SCPDriver.exe and select the ‘Run as Administrator’ allow the confirmation

This will let you know of the installed drivers available on the computer. Choose the ‘ uninstall’ and there you go, with successfully uninstalling the ds4 windows along with its drive.

●     Using Advanced uninstaller PRO to uninstall ds4 windows

This method is also recommended for those intending to uninstall ds4 windows however most people don’t have the Advanced uninstaller PRO on their PC, so they have to first install it to start the program.

Open the ‘ General Tools’ to click on the ‘uninstall Programs’ button hence all the programs on your PC will be displayed.

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Scroll down the list to locate the ds4 window, tap it and choose to uninstall.

The Advanced Uninstaller PRO will display all ds4 window related programs and thus you can rid off or clean out all the ds4 window files and driver


The blog briefly explains what ds4 windows are before finally discussing in detail the different ways through which one can uninstall a ds4 window when a time has come when they no longer need it or it causes some technical troubles on your device. These methods have been easily laid out for anyone not familiar with gadgets can easily navigate through.