Are mobility scooters allowed on the pavement?

Are mobility scooters allowed on the pavement?

Are mobility scooters allowed on the pavement?

Using an adult scooter for short to long urban trips has been very successful for several years. Indeed, its ecological and practical side seduces many people. However, this means of transport brings great flexibility to users, making them a little lax with specific rules. It is, therefore, necessary to be aware of these, for the safety of all and to avoid penalties. Read on and find all the information about these in this article.

Whether you’re a recent owner of an electric scooter or a regular user of an electric scooter or a self-service motorized scooter, you’d wonder if you have the right to ride it on the sidewalk.

We wish the answer to this question were a simple “Yes.” It would be quite liberating if we all could freely ride our electric scooters on sidewalks. But first, you should know an essential difference – The “pavement” in British English has the same meaning as a “sidewalk” in American English. So, we will use them interchangeably here in our blog post.

The answer is no; if you own an electric scooter for adults with a motor, you are legally considered a cyclist. No matter how high-end your e scooter is, or even if you have one of the best electric scooter models on the market, you must therefore use a cycle path if there is one or ride on the road if not. Nevertheless, in some instances, the mayor of your municipality can authorize it, but you must inquire beforehand.

Traveling by electric scooter: safety in the face of the law

First, it is worth knowing that you must ride on the bike paths. Without these, you can drive on the road or in pedestrian areas. However, to ride in pedestrian areas, you must respect speed limits and ride at a speed under 10 km/h, which is almost the speed of walking. This will not bother pedestrians or startle them.

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Traffic on the sidewalks is prohibited, except for the cities where the mayor’s office in question has authorized it. If this is the case, you must also drive your e scooter only at the allowed speeds. In addition, you can park a motorized scooter on the sidewalk, provided that you do not interfere with pedestrians.

However, as mentioned before, it depends on the cities. The mayor of your city can decide to ban it. This is the case in some popular European cities, where parking on the sidewalk is prohibited. By doing this, you will be liable to a hefty fine, which will be entirely the responsibility of the motorized scooter rider.

To ride an e scooter, you must be at least 12 years old. Namely, you must be the same person to drive; you cannot be with another person. Adult electric scooters for adults models and their owners don’t have to worry about this rule as they are already in the permissible age bracket.

E scooter riding rules in various American states

Whether electric scooters may be used on pavements or not depends on the different states and their respective laws. Laws for the use of electric scooter vary across the states. The adult scooter is considered like a bicycle and does not require any additional regulation. You can ride your new toy in most states without worrying about getting ticketed or injured by police officers because they will just think you’re exercising! In most of the USA, you can ride your electric scooter for adults without worrying about sidewalks.

There are many different states in America, each with unique laws regarding electric scooters. Some of these allow them while others don’t, so you’ll need to check before going. Let’s have a look at a couple:

New York

Have you always wanted to take your brand new Varla Eagle One Pro electric scooter for adults on the streets of New York? Well, unfortunately, for all our future riders out there (and present ones), it just won’t work. This is because the state doesn’t allow “motorized” vehicles in any street or parking lot–not even sidewalks! But change could be coming soon because some politicians have proposed changing this law so that people with disabilities who need help getting around can enjoy it too.”

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In 2018, New York City changed its laws to allow pedal-assist electric bicycles. This means you could soon be riding a new type on city streets – so keep your eyes peeled if traveling around NY or anywhere else in America’s northeast region. Of course, this could just mean motorized scooter models and variants are coming next…


Recently, dockless electric scooters for adults have seen skyrocketing success in California. These e-scooter models (that can be rented) from major manufacturers such as Varla adult scooters experienced a boost due to their ability for urban commuting and city living. People of Los Angeles; Santa Monica Bay Area – especially San Francisco have seen these vehicles take off with popularity among riders on weekdays thanks primarily because they’re easy enough not only to move around town but also navigate streets that typically don’t allow motorcycles or helmets (because let’s face it: most cities ban both).

The California state assembly has introduced a bill to clarify the existing law and give cities an applicable baseline, enabling them to come up with local ordinances.

Safety Equipment for e scooter riders

Regarding safety concerns when riding an electric scooter, you must bring a helmet if you ride outside built-up areas. It is also recommended to wear a retro-reflective vest, especially in low light, night and day.


While a good bike helmet will do the trick, this is considered the minimum level of protection. Not to mention, you’ll also want to protect your fantastic face. The full-face helmet is the best option for riding safely. The outer layer of this type keeps you safe by protecting you from impacts that could cause injury or death.

The only downside to wearing one of these is a slight reduction in peripheral vision (which can make it harder to see traffic coming from other directions). Therefore, it’s essential to strike a balance that works for you and take extra precautions when riding an unfamiliar route.

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Wrist Guards

Wrist guards are an underrated accessory for scooters and e-scootering. They can prevent wrist injuries by catching themselves when falling off a high-speed electric bike, especially at night or in dark areas where it is difficult to see what might be coming up behind you.

Effortlessly catch your hand before impact with the ground so that no broken bones are involved!

Wrist guards offer a significant layer of support in such cases, although they will not completely prevent a fracture or injury if the fall is severe enough. All sorts of wrist guards are readily available at e scooter stores ranging from budget generic to high-end gauntlet gloves for enthusiasts that also provide hand protection.

Lights, Buzzers, and Reflectors

Moreover, your motorized scooter must also be equipped with front and rear lights, brakes, a buzzer, and a rear and side reflector. So even if you rent an electric scooter for adults, ensure that it has all these elements, that everything works properly, and that you follow all the riding rules.


Conclusion paragraph: It’s clear that the rules around electric scooters – specifically their use on sidewalks – vary from place to place. So before hopping on your motorized scooter and hitting the pavement, be sure to research whether or not it’s legal in your city (and which parts of the city are considered fair game). And as always, remember to be respectful of pedestrians and follow all traffic laws when riding.