Are you worried about what is pink ps4 controller is?

pink ps4 controller

All you need to know about the pink ps4 controller.

What will you do when the light bar on your PS4 controller changes from pink to red. It may even turn blue when you play Fortnite. 

  1. You can change the game’s light depending on your actions. GTA V flashes light blue and red if police are pursuing you. Destiny 1 and 2 slowly turn the light red as your health decreases. Prey turns the light solid red and keeps it there.
  2. A red light indicates the second player in local multiplayer games like Minecraft. You will notice that the first person to sign in to the PS4 is blue. Signing in to a second account with the first account signed in will cause the light to turn red.
  3. When the controller is dead, the light does not turn red. I recommend keeping the light bar on your controller at the lowest setting to get the most out of your battery. For long sessions, I get about 8 hours of battery life.

It is most likely normal. But what about Pink PS4 Controller?

The most common meaning of blue color is Player 1. Red Player 2 is followed by pink and green as players 3 & 4.

Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4

Blue Red Green Pink

  • It could also refer to something else in-game.
  • GTA V allows you to change the color of your vehicle.
  • Are you Franklin? It turns green.
  • What is Michael playing? It turns blue.
  • What is Trevor playing? It turns orange.
  • Are you being chased by police? It Flickers red and blue.
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What the pink light bar on the PS4 controller means

A blue light bar will appear on your PlayStation 4 controller every time you turn on the PS4. Each controller connected to the PS4 console has a different meaning depending on its color. So there is nothing to worry about. Pink PS4 controller means Player 4

Games have started to utilize different colors, such as turning red when you have low health in Call Of Duty or when the police are chasing you in Grand Theft Auto.

This article will explain what the light bar means on the PS4 controller and how you can use it to your advantage.

The PS4 Controller’s Light Bar

The light bar at the controller of PlayStation 4 helps to identify which player it is. Players used to connect four controllers at once and couldn’t tell which one was connected. Wireless controllers don’t come with a cord, so players need an indicator or light to tell the difference.

PlayStation added the indicator lights to enhance your gaming experience, both on the screen and off it. These lights are functional if you have difficulty hearing important sounds or your volume is too low (e.g., if your children are asleep, your parents)

Selection of Players

If you are playing multiplayer games, each player will get a different color. If you’re playing NHL or any other party game with four controllers, you will want to know which color you are as soon as you start the game.

You can chase the puck by simply looking at the controller before the puck drops.

These are the colors that indicate when a player signs up.

How the PS4 Controller Light bar Is Used in Games

You may not be aware of one of the unique features of the PlayStation lights: game developers can alter the lights to reflect what is happening in the game.

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Many players mistakenly believe that the lights are meant to show which player was assigned which controller.

These games creatively used the indicator light.

Tomb Raider

Colors: Orange/Red

Laura will notice that the controller starts flickering yellow and orange when she picks up a torch. If you are playing video games without the lights on, this is a significant effect.


Multiple Colors

Red is the sign of low health, as most shooters on this roster know. The white has been added to the flashlight, and the bright yellow indicates that your super attack is fully charged.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Red and Blue

That is another thing you might not have noticed, especially if the lights are on. Your controller will flash red and then blue repeatedly when cops are chasing you. Red, white, and blue were my idea of freedom.

Kill Zone

Color: Green and Red

Health indicator. Red indicates low health, while green means full or nearly complete health.

DC Universe

Multiple Colors

The DC Universe has made it possible for the color indicator lights to change according to the character’s power. It can be annoying in dark rooms, where the constant changes could distract you.


Blue or red color

The lights on the controller were used by Infamous (Sucker Punch Productions) to show your karma. The controller will begin with white light and, depending on your choices. It will change colors. Good deeds will alter blue. Evil deeds can turn red.

Far Cry 4

Multiple Colors

Far Cry does an excellent job of using the color scheme from their game based on your class. Here’s how:

  • Assault: Red
  • Green Trapper
  • Medic: Light Blue
  • Support Yellow
  • Monsters: Yellow


Multiple Colors

Fortnite allows up to 4 players to join a team. Each player is assigned a color when they enter Fortnite. Players can quickly identify their color by simply looking at their name or looking at their controller.

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That is useful as Fortnite allows split-screen in their battle royale. Split-screen will enable players to identify who is who in the game.

How to Dim the Pink & other Light Bar on Your PS4 Controller

To dim the light on your PlayStation 4 Controller, there are a few steps that you need to take. To do so, you must:

  1. Go to Settings on the Dashboard
  2. Devices
  3. Controllers
  4. The brightness of the DUALSHOCK 4 Lightbar

Click on the appropriate option and choose from bright, medium, or dim. If you aren’t using the light for any purpose, I recommend selecting “dim,” to help save your battery.

How to turn off the PlayStation Controller light bar

It is impossible to turn the controller off. You can only dim it. If you feel a little unsure and wish to disassemble the controller, this tutorial might be helpful.


To help players determine their position, the light bar has been added by PlayStation to the controller. These four colors make it easy for players to find their players and play efficiently quickly. I hope you are no more worried about your Pink PS4 controller lights.