How do you Disassemble PS4 Controller v1 & v2? ( Video Turotial)

Disassemble PS4 Controller

The best ways to Disassemble PS4 Controller

The most effective method to disassemble ps4 gamepad

In case you are beginning to fix the gadget interestingly, focus on this instructional exercise — First time fixing

To disassemble

Dualshock 4, you’ll require a PH0 screwdriver and plastic spudger. Note that this dismantling of DualShock 4 CUH-ZCT1E is the main form of DualShock 4, and the dismantling system might not be quite the same as the regulator of the second form DualShock 4.

Step by step instructions to disassemble and reassemble PS4 DualShock 4 Controller

Stage 1

Eliminate four screws from the lower part of the gamepad.

Stage 2

Pry up gamepad case close to headphones port.

Stage 3

Next, you’ll have to pry up the case close to the left and right triggers.

Stage 4

Also, presently eliminate a base instance of the ps4 gamepad.  While eliminating the base case, you need to eradicate the backdrop illumination ffc link.

Stage 5

Battery substitution in PlayStation 4 GamePad. Detach the Dualshock 4 regulator battery by pulling the battery link up. Presently eliminate gamepad battery.

Stage 6

Supplant sticks on PS4 gamepad. Next, eliminate the battery getting region.

Stage 7

Unscrew the screw that fixes the primary leading group of the ps4 regulator, separate the link from the principle leading group of Dualshock 4 and eliminate the entire leading group of the gamepad ps4.

Stage 8

Now, you can eliminate or supplant sticks on the ps4 gamepad.

Stage 9

Fix of catches DualShock 4 and Clean principle board with q-tips.

Stage 10

On the off chance that some catch doesn’t respond, push each time you can attempt to recuperate its usefulness with graphite pencil. This technique by and prominent aides, yet not generally.

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Stage 11

Presently begin to collect gamepad. Spot the entire board to its position for the situation. Associate touchpad link to the whole board. Secure the board with a screw. Presently place battery getting region on entire board. Spot battery to getting part and associate it to the whole board. Interface backdrop illumination link to the primary board. Take into consideration how that link should be associated; in case it is associated, topsy turvy backdrop illumination will not work.

Gamepad base case should be introduced beginning from the upper edge, where left and right triggers are set. Presently check if something would interfere with snaping of the base edge of the gamepad case; in case there’s not – snap it. When the gamepad case is wholly shut, check if the gamepad works by pressing PS catch and watching the backdrop illumination pointer. If everything is suitable to secure the case by fix screws.


PS4 gamers realize very well how a terrible regulator can demolish their day, yet you don’t need to require your gaming to be postponed or go out and get one of the most amazing PS4 regulators when yours is acting up. Here are some everyday issues you might run into with your DualShock regulator, just as ideas on how to fix them.

What to do when your PS4 regulator doesn’t interface?

  • Start with, take a stab at connecting your DualShock 4 to the PS4 utilizing your USB link.
  • Press and hold the PlayStation button on the focal point of your regulator. This will provoke the regulator to resync.
  • If your DualShock isn’t interfacing with your PS4, attempt these means.
  • Associate your DualShock 4 regulator to a USB link that is associated with your PS4.
  • Press and hold the PlayStation button on the focal point of your regulator. This will incite the regulator to resync at startup.
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What to do when your PS4 regulator doesn’t charge?

Test your USB link on one more gadget to affirm that it’s working.

Attach your USB link into the DualShock and give it an investigation with the lightest touch.

On the off chance that your USB link feels free or, in any case, not secure, you should supplant either the USB link or the DualShock itself. At the point when you eliminate the link from your DualShock regulator, give it a decent review. Utilize the electric lamp on your telephone and sparkle it into the charging port. On the off chance that the metal inside looks bowed or twisted, you can either endeavor to turn it back into shape yourself, call upon an expert to do it for you, or supplant the whole regulator. We don’t prescribe attempting to twist the metal once again into the right spot yourself, as it may break the guarantee of your gadget. Whether or not or not the metal within your charging port looks OK, it very well may be messy. In case you see a bit of residue or grime development, follow these subsequent stages.

Get a container of compacted air.

While the spout is a few inches away from the charging port, shoot air inside in short blasts to thump the residue-free.

Put forth a valiant effort to take the entirety of the residue out of the DualShock, and don’t simply thump it free. When the residue is out, utilize a microfiber fabric to tidy up the build-up.

Keep cleaning if there is grime inside your regulator (from spilled drinks or something else). Ensure your DualShock regulator is either dead or wound down. I favor leaving the regulator alone totally dead since it forestalls the inadvertent turn-on, yet permitting a regulator to pass on when it can’t interface with the PSR (and continually winds down as a result of it) is an issue. Ensure you’re mindful so as not to turn it on coincidentally.

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Snatch a toothpick or an alternate kind of slim needle. Fold a somewhat soggy paper towel over the toothpick. You need a tiny sum. Not precisely a 1-inch square ought to do you fine and dandy. Utilize your new instrument to delicately clear out within the charging port until you’re happy with the outcomes. Trust that the regulator will be dry before endeavoring to walk out. Try not to utilize the jar of compacted air to speed this cycle up. You’ll wind up driving the water once more into the regulator.