The PS4 controller also called the DualShock 4 controller is used by gamers to select and play games, it could act like a remote but you need to use it all the time as you are playing. Every electronic device you use has buttons that can help it function without failure and this article will be talking about the famous PS4 controller buttons. What they are and how they function. For a beginner, the controller could seem to be complex but everything has a process, once you learn how all the buttons work, it will be very easy for you to play.

Description of the controller.

The controller was developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment and manufactured by Sony Corporation.

Type: Video game controller

Generation: the eighth generation

Lifespan: 2013- 2014

Connectivity: MicroUSB, stereo headset jack and extension port.

How do the PS4 buttons function?

Aside from that, we are going to focus on the main topic at hand and that is the buttons. The PS4 controller has the following buttons;

  • PS
  • Share button
  • Options button
  • Directional buttons
  • Action buttons etc. We will look at all the buttons and explain what each does briefly.

PS button.

With this button, it depends on how you use it. It can be used to display the home screen and that’s after you have switched the PS4 on. On the other hand, when you double press it, it helps you go from one application to another and when you long-press it, it displays the menu and the available commands and settings.

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Guiding/ Directional buttons ( up, down, left and right). D-pad.

These buttons help you navigate through the menu sections for example the inventory management systems in your games. Select options in games and the menu.

Face buttons.

How to recognize these buttons is how they are labelled with different shapes. Square, circle, triangle and across. The best way to explain how they work is the ability to help the gamer and game he is playing work well together. A gamer can easily interact with the objects, characters in his target game. And just a reminder that the buttons function differently depending on the game you are playing, so it is advisable to read the control menu not to be in a complex situation without knowing what to do


Also called analogue sticks is what a game holds onto while in the middle of playing or looking for something. It’s just like a steering wheel. With PS4, it’s digital than analogue. The right stick is used to rotate the camera direction and this helps make clear the game you are playing in terms of visuals and while the left stick is for control. It controls the character.


These buttons are located on the left and right side of the central touchpad respectively and they can be used for games and applications. The share button is used to display the menu for the share feature, it can also have the gamer take a screenshot when needed. On the other hand, the button is used to display the options menu that has available commands. It is also the start and pause button Incase you want to save the game or adjust the settings

Shoulder buttons. ( L1, R1).

They are standard buttons. Depending on the game the gamer is playing, they could act as fire weapons or take on the same role of interacting with the objects and characters like the face buttons.

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Shoulder triggers ( L2, R2).

They are analogue input devices, unlike the digital shoulder buttons. Commonly used in games that involve firing weapons and aiming.

L3, R3.

It takes some time to know the existence of these buttons. You can know when you press down on the left or right analogue sticks and it’s only when you hear a click sound that will show that you have the buttons correctly and they are also used for interaction with objects.

Digital pad.

It’s pretty obvious with its name that it’s digital. It has four separate digital buttons that could be difficult to press physically at the same time.


It is one single big rectangular PS4 controller with a high-resolution touch surface and a perfectly working digital click. While using the touchpad, there are ways you can make it work. You can do the following, touch and hold, pinch in and pinch out, click, double- click and finally drag.

Gyro sensor.

It’s an analogue with three axes. Pitch, yaw, and roll. The gyro is a small device inside your controller that tells the game in which direction and with what speed you are moving the gamepad while you are playing.

How do I connect my PS4 controller to the PS4 console?

This is just an ending tip for anyone interested in trying to pair the console to the controller and they have no idea how to

  • Connect the USB cable to the controller and the console
  • Power on the PS4
  • Press the PlayStation button on the connected controller and let it pair
  • Once it’s done, you will see a light bar glowing and that shows you can control the controller.
  • Finally, both the PS4 and the controller are synced and you can disconnect the USB cable from the controller and will use it when you want to charge
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PlayStations have been on the rise of late and for a beginner, it’s always good to know how everything functions especially when devices keep being updated from one to another. We once had analogue electronic devices but slowly as technology advances, it drives to the digital side of things. The excitement to be up to date can also go hand in hand if we are also educated with whatever is using and I hope this article has given you a brief insight of what to expect in case a time comes when you are interested in buying a console.