10 facts you did not know about Eren founding titan form height

Eren founding titan form

Eren founding titan form

What is it that makes Eren’s Titan founding form so bizarre?

Gabi, I believe, was the one who gave Eren his Founding Titan form. His head was cut from his body when Eren was shot. He entered the paths and convinced Ymir that he could trigger the Rumbling. This led to a new transformation.

What was it that Eren was able to transform into the Founding Titan?

Eren was able to take on the role of Founding titan because the power of the Founding giant doesn’t have to reside in the royal hands to work. While the royal is a door, the Founding titan power and its holder are the keys. What’s the secret behind the door?

This branch is what binds all Eldians together and allows the Founding titan user to control them. The Founding titan holder has ultimate control over the power and not the royals they are touching. Zeke was not in control of the Founding titans’ forces. Eren was. Ymir, the founder of the Founding titans, gave Eren his titan form and the ability to start the Rumbling. Zeke is not necessary for the actual transformation. Once the power has been activated, the Founding titan holder is in complete control.

It’s the same as driving a car. Let’s suppose you are in the driver’s seat and your friend is in the passenger. You can still drive the vehicle if they turn the key in the ignition and start it. It’s probably the same with the Founding titans’ power.

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Let’s get to the theorizing

The entire Founding titans body may not be Eren’s. It may be a two-in-one titan form, and that Zeke is there. Zeke may be in a cocoon somewhere along the spine. That is why Eren has successfully controlled the wall titans for as long as he can, as Zeke remains in constant contact with him. That could explain why the founding titan’s front is so tiny in comparison to the rest. It’s an added feature. It’s Zeke from the waist down.

Eren told Ymir that she could choose. The Manga also suggested that the need for royal blood to control the founder titan was eliminated when Eren and Ymir teamed up. If this was not true, Eren shouldn’t have been able to control the Rumbling as long as he did. In his fight against Dina’s titan, Eren touched Dina and used the founding titan’s power for a time. Then he couldn’t. My opinion, not facts, is that Eren and Zeke were sent to the Paths. They had interactions for a while, but others (Gabi) believe it was an instant when Spines emerged from Eren’s nape. Marleyans call Eren the Attack Titan and not the Founding Titan when they see him. Even though they knew that he was War Hammer Titan, Attack Titan, and Founding Titan, it was evident.

Eren’s eyes are more like Frieda’s purple eyes rather than Erens green eyes. Eren’s lower body is an Attack Titan enlarged. His Lower body, waist, and below is the Founding Titan.

Height in meters and feet for the Eren founding titan form

When Eren became an Attack Titan, his appearance changed dramatically. His height increased to 15 meters. His hair length grew to the point that it reached his shoulders, and his tongue became longer. The height of the founder titan form in feet Eren was 16.4.

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What is Eren’s contribution to the founding of Eren?

Zeke Yeager wanted this ability to make all Subjects in Ymir sterile so that they could die in a generation. That would eliminate the need for Titans to rule the world. The Founding Titan was also known to be a tall man at around 15 meters.


Fans of Attack on Titan know that Eren Jaeger is an integral member of the special operations squad. The stakes rise after his home falls, prompting Eren to join the Titan hunting team. Eren has a more profound secret than he realized: he can transform into full-sized Titans. His Founding Titan form, however, is not like the Titans he fights.

Eren was forced to witness the death of his mother during the fall of Wall Maria. And he vowed revenge on all Titans within and without the walls that protect the survivors of humanity. This mission is what first attracted Eren to Captain Levi’s Squad. The Squad goes beyond the wall and hunts and kills Titans. Everything changed when Eren and his Squad walked into the massacre at Wall Maria, where A Titan ate Eren. Eren, luckily for him, can transform into a Titan and overcome the trauma and pain of the day to defeat the Titans. The truth about his powers was beginning to emerge.

Abilities of Eren in his founding titan form

His strange Titan form isn’t as mysterious as the ability of Eren to remain sane after being transformed. But, even stranger is his ability with a scream to control Titans around him. Both of these are due to his royal blood and for a very disgusting reason. Who was Eren’s father? Eren killed and ate his last queen. The royal family gains the Titan gift by eating another Titan. Grisha Jaeger Eren’s father discovered the origins of Titans. He tried to steal the power from the Founding Titan by eating his daughter. Grisha gave Eren Titan serum to activate his transformation. He then ate his father in a blind fury, giving him the ability to stay sentient. Eren ate Grisha’s queen and took all the powers Grisha had. He became the Founding Titan and could control all Titans through his scream.

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Since the walls were constructed, the Founding Titan powers have been passed to the Eldia royal family. They have access to some of the most subtle powers of the Founding Titan, including memory manipulation. The scream can also be used to influence people since Titans are transformed, humans. Karl Fritz, the 145th King of Eldia, moved the people of his kingdom to Eldia and built the walls around them. He used the titanic bodies of titans as the core of each division. He used the Founding Titan Scream to erase all memories from those within the walls. Only a few people were immune. The majority of people didn’t remember any time before the walls existed, and those who did recall the stories could not pass them on.

In the Attack on Titan story, Eren is the Founding Titan and can command legions. He did not manage to recollect why the subjects of Ymir could become Titans or why King Fritz had moved them all to the island. Even though there are many theories and speculations, the current implications seem very serious. One thing is sure: Eren could hold the key to humanity’s salvation as they knew it from the Titans. The past doesn’t bind the Founding Titan, so maybe, just maybe, he can open the door to the future. How did you like Eren in his founding titan form?