Cost of Cap of Water Breathing 5e uncommon Wondrous item in dnd?

Cap of Water Breathing 5e

To survive in a Bag of Holding, can you use the Cap of Water Breathing 5e and the Cloak of Manta Ray?

These items ( Bag of holding & Cal of Water breathing 5e in dnd) will require you to be “underwater” for both of them. Filling a bag with holding water will cause the bag to burst and overload its capacity. The bag can’t withstand even a quarter its volume. It might be eligible if you fill it only a quarter of the time. It all depends on the interpretation of your DM. What percentage of your body must be submerged in order for it to count Do you have a minimum depth requirement? From where does the air supply come? Are you better off if the items draw air from the water?

 A second solution is more practical. How would your DM feel about a pipe sticking out of the bag.

What would happen if air could flow through?

It would likely prevent the bag’s closure entirely because of the inside of the pipe. You might want to give a reason for the pipe sticking out of your bag.

From the perspective of the game’s content, both allow PCs to explore areas that were otherwise closed off. This feature is far more important for both the game designer and the GM than the swim speed. What if one feature is more important than the other? It is the GM that decides what you get. That’s the default assumption. This means that the two should not exist and they are redundant. Yes. The GM has the option to choose whether to give their PCs a more practical and flashier cloak or a more traditional cap that allows you to breathe. This is a matter of preference, but it also serves the purpose of pointing out the fact that there are many ways to do something. GMs can create their own magic items, even if they find one similar in the DMG.

If we understand that they do the same thing, then we can figure out why they are so rare. The DMG page 135 outlines guidelines for accessing magic items. It states that rare items should be available starting at level 1, while uncommon items should be available for higher levels. Water Breathing, a third-level spell that can be used to create water, is available to your wizard starting at level 5. The importance of giving the PCs a cap of breathing or cloaks of the mantaray as treasure after level 5 is less important. They probably already have access to the right tools to help them get over water. Levels 1-4 are where these items are at their most exciting and interesting (but not common as that would be a spoiler about every D&D world).

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What is the price of Cap of water breathing 5e?

The cost of Cap of water breathing 5e is 1000 GP

Rarity Bonus Value Character Level
Common 50-100 gp 1st or higher
Uncommon 101-500 gp 1st or higher
Rare 1 501 -5,000 gp 5th or higher
Very rare 2 5,001 – 50,000 gp 11th or higher
Legendary 3 50,001+ gp 17th or higher

Source: Dungeon Master’s Guide

Wondrous item, uncommon

This cap can be worn underwater and you can use its command word to create a bubble around your head. You can breathe normally underwater thanks to it. The bubble will stay with you until the command word is spoken again.