Eren Yeager death, age, Titan Power & forms in Attack on Titan

Eren Yeager

Is Eren Yeager dead in chapter 120?

Yes, it was revealed that Eren Yeager had died in the AOT manga. However, I believe he is still living and can be revived. The hint is in the previous chapter, where Zeke was almost on the brink of death. The Founding Titan Ymir saved Zeke by the phenomenon known as “PATHS,” which was mentioned by an owl talking to Grisha Yeager.

The bullet that pierced his head caused Eren’s death in the latest chapter. Later, he was shown meeting Zeke. Zeke was being held in chains because he was of royal blood and was not allowed to use the power of the founding titan. Eren met him there, and Ymir was brought to Eren. There is a good chance that Eren will be revived the same way Zeke was by Ymir.

How old is Eren Yeager?

Eren Yeager was 12 when the joined the survey corps. 14 in season 1 to a small bit of season 2, 15 in the remaining season 2, and 16 for the entire season 3. Now he must be 19 in the manga through the Marley arc. We have a detailed post on age of Eren at every season

What is the secret to Eren Yeager’s 3 Titan powers?

Eren is a titan because his father attacked the Titan and then stole the founding from the Reiss families. Eren was able to inherit the two titans. He also ate the war-hammer Titan in season 4, so there are three titans. After Reiner Bertholdt and Annie broke through Wall Maria, Grisha gave him the Attack and Founding Titans. He will use the Jaw Titan as a nutcracker and inherit the Warhammer Titan in season 4. He will also awaken the true power and potential of the Founding Titan.

Who was Eren Yeager in AOT?

Eren Yeager, the main protagonist of Attack on Titan, was a former member of the Survey Corps. He was the main protagonist in Attack on Titan. He was the main protagonist of Attack on Titan.

Grisha Yeager, Eren’s father, found him shortly afterward and gave him the key to his basement. Eren was instructed to search it and retake Wall Maria. Eren was then given a Titan serum.

Mikasa and Eren Ackerman joined the 104th Training Corps in the year 847. After the Battle of Trost District, Eren was 5th in their class.

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Appearance in Attack on Titan

Form of the human body

Eren discovered the truth about the Titans and the history of Eldia, Marley, and was able to unlock his father’s memories by finding the basement. Eren vowed to liberate his home from the true enemy, the rest of humanity who lives across the ocean.

Eren was able to summon the power of three Titans. Eren was the heir to the Attack and Founding Titans from his father. He also gained the War Hammer Titan after eating Willy Tybur’s younger sister during the Raid on Liberio.

Eren was a young, muscular man of average height. His facial features were very similar to his mother’s. He had a long, round face with large, expressive gray eyes. His black hair was short, and his bangs were natural, with a middle-parted curtain-style style. He became extremely fit and muscular after his training and during his time in the army. However, this was often overlooked due to his baggy clothes. After four years, Eren cut his hair to the neck.

Eren was first spotted wearing traditional townsfolk clothing that included brown trousers, a shirt with string tassels at his collar, simple brown shoes, and a coat in reddish-brown. He wore a black scarf a few years before the fall of Wall Maria. This scarf he also gave Mikasa Ackerman on the day they first met. He was often seen wearing the Survey Corps uniform as a teenager while he was training. He wore a long, beige shirt that was identical to the one he wore for his first appearance. A maroon belt around his waist, white trousers, and brown knee-high boots were his casual attire. The key that his father gave him was always dangling around the neck of his neck on a string.

Eren was visibly taller when he infiltrated Marley in the year 854, and his hair had fallen to his shoulders. His left eye and forehead were covered with bandages. He also had a slight mustache, a goatee, and a small mustache. He wore an Eldian armband around the left arm to keep his cover. However, Falco Grice corrected it. Eren returned to Paradis Island wearing his Survey Corps uniform and switched to a white shirt and dark pants. He also shaved his mustache.

Attack Titan form

Eren Yeager, a Titan

When he became the Attack Titan, Eren’s appearance changed dramatically. His height rose to 15 meters, his hair became long enough to touch his shoulders, and his ears and tongue were elongated. He also saw a change in his facial features. His nose became more prominent and hooked. His eyes were deeper within his sockets, and the shape of his mouth was unusually jagged. He could roar and howl in anger and exhaustion, but this did not stop him from screaming. He also had no lips or flesh on his cheeks, so his teeth were exposed.

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Similar to previous Attack Titan holders, Eren’s Titan form had a well-proportioned, physically fit appearance. Eren was also muscular and well-defined.

Founding Titan form

Eren’s Founding Titan was vastly different from Ymir Fritz and any other Titan. Although much of the Titan was initially covered by steam from the Wall Titans, its immense size was quickly noticed as it towered over the rest. The torso looked like a huge ribcage, but it was missing any flesh. The knobs on the backbone and the ribs were greatly extended; the ribs reached the ground while the spine’s arch extended into the sky. The legs and pelvis were both very small, making them almost useless. They were still higher than any Wall Titan, despite this.

Although the upper body appeared to be proportional to the legs, the “ribcage,” a lower back structure, dwarfed them. Although the head was the only body part with flesh, it was severely deformed. The ears and hair were very long, as were the cheeks, which exposed the molars. The upper body was suspended like a puppet by sinew and supported by the vertebral knobs. It was almost like a suspension bridge. The Titan’s Titan had Eren’s head disconnected from his torso. Ymir’s power had connected it by additional vertebrae to what presumably his body. Some sinew supports his scalp.

The Titan walked with its “ribcage,” twisting the ribs like a millipede’s leg. It was fast enough that it could keep because of the Rumbling.

Pure Titan form

His Pure Titan form of Eren was shorter than his current Titan form. It stood 4m tall and had short, rugged hair. A jagged, lipless face exposed his lips. Pure Titan also had a large head, long ears, and a stocky build.

What is it like to be the English voice actor playing Eren in Attack on Titan?

Eren Yeager death

Bryce Papenbrook, an incredible voice actor, is a great example of this. His voice is unfortunately used in the dubbed series. Bryce is a great Eren, but I find the way his voice has been interpreted a bit disappointing. Mike McFarland seems to be the ADR director of Attack on Titan. I don’t like what he does with voice actors. (Mostly Eren).

We hear Eren “angry” when he is angry. His voice conveys frustration, hatred, and pure rage. Is it excessive? Listen to dub Eren, and you’ll notice that he is the protagonist of the “wannabe badass” character. His voice has that scratchy, “I’m sick of cough syrup” sound, which I don’t like in animes. This voice can be heard in shows like Inuyasha or Fullmetal alchemist.

But Attack on Titan?

Sorry, but I cannot recommend the dub version for this. You’ve probably seen the fight scenes between Eren, whoever, and the dub version. I can’t say that the actor’s voice isn’t strained or like they have spit in the mouth. That is a hint at Eren’s fight in season 2, which was the worst.

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I don’t want to criticize the dub or anyone who loves the dub. My opinion is just my opinion. My point is that Bryce Papenbrook, a great actor of voice, is terrible at directing Mike’s voice. In short, I would say that “not that great.”

Is Eren Yeager’s father the Beast Titan?

Zeke Yeager may not be Eren’s dad, but they are both blood relatives and closely associated. Both have glasses and appear to be of similar ages, but they are not. Grisha Yeager is Eren’s father (while Zeke the Beast Titan). There can only be one Attack Titan. A titan shifter is required to pass on titan abilities. Grisha used a spinal fluid serum to inject his son Eren. He became an abnormal titan and ate Grisha. Grisha was thus killed. So who is Zeke? Although they seem to have a twenty-five-year age gap (Zeke is only ten more years older), Zeke Yeager is Eren.The answer to the question “Is Eren’s father the Beast Titanis?” is no, Zeke would be the beast titan. But I can understand why Eren’s father would be mistaken for the Beast Titan. They look quite similar, especially when you consider the glasses.


Attack on Titan revealed Eren Yaager’s death, with the last chapter! The final chapter of Hajime’s popular and long-running series, Hajime Isayama, has finally been released after much anticipation. This chapter provides much-needed closure for many characters of the series, including Eren. The final episode of Attack on Titan saw Eren, the protagonist of the series’ first arc, become the antagonist in the series’ final major conflict.

Eren was pushed to the limit in the penultimate chapter as he unleashed his full Attack Titan transformation. Mikasa ended Eren’s fight against Ymir, the Founding Titan’s power, and separated him from Ymir. Eren’s fate is confirmed in the closing chapter. He’s died.

Chapter 139 jumps back in the series to a conversation Eren had before Armin’s death. As he did in his last mental space conversation with Mikasa with Mikasa’s, Eren shares all his thoughts with Armin. He also accepts that he will be killed for everything he has done. He explains that he did all this to protect Armin, but he knew the end was near. That is because he had his Attack Titan power.

Soon after Eren’s death, Mikasa arrives carrying Eren’s head. Eren has died officially, and this means that the Titan power is over (saving all those who were forced to transform in the final chapter). Mikasa then takes Eren’s head and places him under the tree they love. The series is over, and the world moves on.

New factions form, new conflicts emerge, and it is revealed that the fight for Paradis will go on three years later. It is implied that Eren’s dream of freedom through death has been realized, even though the world continues to fight and struggle. Mikasa is glad to feel Eren’s spirit surrounding her as the series ends, but she will continue to live alone.

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