How old is Eren in season 4 from Attack on Titan?

How old is Eren in season 4
How old is Eren in season 4

How old is Eren in Season 4?

Eren, Armin, Mikasa: 12 when they joined the survey corps. 14 from season 1 to a small part of season 2, 15 in season 2, and 16 for the whole season.
They are now all 19 in the manga, thanks to the Marley arc.

Levi: There is not much information, but it is believed that Levi was 30-33 in season 3.

He was between 20 and 23 when he joined the survey corps. He was 24 when he got his ova, where he lost his friends. Season 1: 25. Season 2: 26-27. Season 3: 28-29. In season 3, he is 30. If my theory is correct, he is currently at 35.

Please note that the Ackermans, Levi, and Mikasa, do not age like the rest. Their blood is unique, and they don’t age like other people. That explains why we can see 10+ years of their lives passing by with very little or no change.

They are ten years old when they arrive in Shiganshina at the beginning of the training. We know that three years have passed, but Eren, Armin, and Mikasa still have to wait at least a year before they can start training. So Levi is the only reference for their ages. It was probably in season three, but I can’t remember if it was. Levi stated that Eren was fifteen in the third. Mikasa is 15, and Armin is 15.

In the final episode of season three, part 2, we see a time jump by one year. They are now sixteen. The last time jump is three years. Season four brings us to the trio, just like Jean, Sasha, and Connie. is nineteen!

Other people may hold different opinions about Eren & Levi ages

Some people claim they were younger during the 2nd or 3rd seasons.

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Mikasa is one year older than Armin.

At 12 years old, he joined the Training Corps and graduated at 15.

A friendly reminder that all the chaos from Season 1 through 3 happened in only four months. He’s still 15 or 16 if he celebrated his birthday. He was 19-20 when he had to skip four years. Similar to Armin. Mikasa could also be 20-21.

How old is Levi?

While fans haven’t ever gotten a read on how old Levi is precise, they know his birthday is December 25. It might be a pretty heavy-handed hint at some “chosen-one” idea. That being said, fans have gotten pretty mixed signals about his actual age. Initially, they were told he’s in his late 30s, then told he’s in his early 30s, which is the official statement from the manga creator. So we can say that Levi was reportedly in his 30s when he was first introduced in the manga.