10 amazing facts about Illumi Zoldyck in Hunter x Hunter

Illumi Zoldyck

Illumi Zoldyck vs. Feitan | The fight in Hunter x Hunter

Illumi Zoldyck, the eldest of Silva and Kikyo Zoldyck, is the antagonist in Hunter x Hunter. Hisoka claims Illumi as his only friend at the moment, but their relationship is unusual. He is the last antagonist of the Hunter Exam, the primary antagonist in Yorknew City, and the main antagonist for the 13th Hunter Chairman Election.

He was voiced in Japanese by Urara Takano (in the 1999 anime) and Masaya Mattsukaze (in the 2011 anime). He was expressed in English by Victor Atelevich (2001 anime) and Chris Hackney (2011 anime).


Illumi displays little expression for most of his life. Illumi speaks with an upbeat and absent-minded tone, in contrast to his expressionless demeanor. Illumi is a hardened, ruthless individual with a cold outlook that reflects only his interests. He still has a solid and protective love for Killua, his younger brother. This is so extreme that he uses his Nen to control Killua to ensure he obeys his orders and survives.

Killua was raised by his father and Illumi to believe that darkness was the only thing that could sustain him. That joy came only from causing death for others. Illumi inserted a needle into Killua’s brain to ensure Killua could continue the family business. This forced Killua to flee from fights he didn’t know he could win.

It is not known how he developed this unusual friendship with Hisoka. Illumi once volunteered to help Hisoka as his double while Hisoka searched for Chrollo in the Phantom Troupe’s hideout. Hisoka then asked Illumi if it was okay if he kills Killua. Illumi showed a horrible side and asked if Hisoka would like to die right away.

Illumi takes care of most Zoldyck family members. Killua seems to be his favorite. Illumi is open to accepting Alluka’s Power even if it means his death. However, he has said that family members cannot kill during inner missions (a mission with internal conflict). He also implied that he would be okay with killing Alluka.

Tsubone implies that Illumi’s sinister ambition to control Alluka’s Power even caused him to stray from the path of an assassin.

Who would win, Feitan or Illumi Zoldyck?

Feitan, a cold, interrogating criminal, is a hard and manipulative one who uses torture and his physical prowess to speed up, use swordsmanship, and nen technique. He could destroy most of his opponents in sudden combat, especially in close combat without the rising sun. We know little about Illumi except that he is careful and calculating. He also chooses to kill or fight his opponents only when it is necessary. This is why he has been designated an assassin. Illumi is a master at manipulating his opponents with his needles. The long-term effects can also cripple most people. His needle men perform better if they have more than one. A trap or a plan could help illumi defeat feitan. However, feitan can be very agile, so illumi might need to plan before killing him.

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How strong was Illumi?

Illumi enjoys all the advantages of being a Hunter. Illumi is also a Zoldyck family member, which means he has many resources and talented underlings. The mere mention of his family name is enough to make anyone nervous. Illumi was trained from birth in assassination techniques. Hisoka gives Illumi 95 points for overall strength and Nen, which is significantly higher than other Zodiacs.

His training has given him rare abilities like strong resistance to poison and high tolerance to electricity. He also has excellent agility, strength, and advanced unarmed and armed combat techniques. He was single-handedly to wipe out a squadron of pro Hunters and rookies before anyone had time to press the emergency button. He can also impersonate well. Hisoka was told that he had superhuman control of his body and was going to bed for five days.

Illumi has an enhanced speed. Although the extent of Illumi’s physical abilities is unknown, he can run through crowds and stick his needles into multiple targets while not being noticed. He was able to kill several Hunters without their assistance.

Immense Tolerance to Pain: Illumi does not flinch when Gon breaks his arm; afterward, he exhibits no visible distress from the pain.

High Intelligence. Illumi can make accurate predictions about Alluka’s Power. He was able to understand how Killua wanted to grant his wishes without any further consequences. Assuring his high intelligence, he has foreseen Killua’s movements since he took Alluka to heal Gon.

Master Thrower: Illumi is a master thrower. He can throw multiple needles with great accuracy and hit the target with each one, even though they don’t appear balanced. It is possible that he can penetrate rock-hard materials using them. This may be due to the emitted Nen attached to the needles. But it could also be because of his strength.

In Hunter x Hunter, why did Killua kill Bodoro?

Illumi raised Killua as a killer and has influenced Killua’s thinking and behavior for years. He convinced Killua through his aura and manipulative skills (and others, as revealed in episode 94.) It was that he was not worthy of being loved or cherished friendships and that he was only a well-honed killing machine.

Essentially, this reversal of psychology drove Killua into an unstable state, unearthing his urge to kill and forcing him to act upon it again.

Killua was being manipulated by Illumi. He got a pretty huge shock and a strike of fear when Illumi told him that he would kill Gon, whom Killua considered his best and the one & only friend.

So he couldn’t move for a while, and then when he recovered from it, he didn’t realize that some time has passed, and Illumi isn’t on the ring anymore. After recovering, he instantly killed Bodoro, thinking that it was actually Illumi. He was so fast that he didn’t even realize it before killing him.

Is Illumi stronger than Hisoka?

It has always been a hugely under-looked question in HxH because Hisoka himself rated him a 95 (from what I remember), which puts him just below Hisoka in terms of ability. Still, it could be said the extra five points are simply due to Hisoka’s arrogance.

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It is a little more complicated than that. You can find out more here. Hunter X Hunter With skilled nen users, it is difficult to predict the outcome of a battle and that of other battle manga.

My opinion is that of Hisoka. He is slightly more substantial, as he gave Illumi 95 at 95 and considered himself to be 100. But I don’t think that this is the case. He would win 10 out of the 10 battles against him..

Fighting skills are required. Hisoka Might be stronger physically. However, he was 3rd of 13 in the Phantom Troupe arm-wrestling contest.

Hisoka is far more skilled than Illumi at actual fighting, as Illumi has spent his life assassinating people. We have not seen him in a lot of fights. We don’t know much about his tactical skills and what he fights. Hisoka can block pins with bungee gum, dodge, or dodge. But, I am sure he has many tricks, and Togashi has not shown too many of them.

Silva’s belief that Illumi shouldn’t continue the Zoldyck family line is a huge factor. This could indicate that Illumi may not believe that Illumi should. This factor is quickly thrown out because Silva may be interested in Killua’s future potential, and Illumi has already achieved his own. Or, it could simply be that Killua looks and acts more like his father than his mother.

It’s challenging to say the outcome, but I would place my money on Hisoka. This is especially true considering recent events in the manga that show how Hisoka grows and becomes more fearful and powerful over time. As far as his fighting abilities go, we can only guess at Illumi’s as yet elusive nature. We haven’t seen him use Nen strategically or tactically so far.

Why was Illumi Zoldyck obsessed with Killua in Hunter x Hunter?

Illumi may have a particular type of sociopathy or even psychopathy. Illumi does not associate with emotions and may not even feel them. He does not understand pain, suffering, and love. He only understands possession. Killua is, to him, a scarf that he loves.

Irrationality is the fact that people have desires and wills of their own, which are unlike objects. They are not as decisive as illumi. His obsession is part and parcel of his bizarre disorder. Killua, in his mind, is his. He is his, and he should do as illumi tells him.

It’s first because he is his little brother. He wants to protect him and shape him into a good person. He is always there to protect him.

Second, he wants Killua to become an assassin just like his family. He believes Killua is the best assassin in his family. He wants Killua to choose his path and to force him to follow it. He wanted Killua to abandon him because of this. He tries to get inside Killua’s mind and is usually successful.

Third, Killua has control over Alluka, his younger brother, who can control the entire world. Killua can grant any request as long as you make three requests. These three requests are often gruesome and can sometimes kill before you get to the third. But not Killua. Alluka is fearful of everyone except Killua, so he gets what he wants. Illumi wanted to control both assets. Credit to Alexsander Tamari for reminding me about Alluka.

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Illumi loves his brother even though this is the truth. Illumi is highly protective, especially when Hisoka joked about killing Killua. He nearly tried to kill Hisoka. Killua is also told to run when the enemies become too powerful. While some may believe it was part of his training Killua as an assassin, I think it could also mean that he didn’t want to see his little brother suffer.

Hunter x Hunter
Hunter x Hunter

Why is Killua the heir of the Zoldyck Family, not Illumi or Milluki?

Illumi, being the first child, could have gone through training to be the next heir. Killua was born after the third child was. Silva and Zeno were attracted to Killua because:

  • Killua inherited his white hair from Silva and Zeno.
  • Killua also happens to be a transmuter like Silva and Zeno.
  • Killua showed seemingly more potential than Illumi or Milluki.

I’m sure that Silva isn’t stupid enough to hand over the family business to someone like Illumi.

Milluki? Well, I don’t think I need to tell you that much. He can’t eat for more than a minute, and he will run for one minute straight to exhaust his air supply.

Killua is the best choice for his physical and psychological abilities. Killua was trained from birth and has displayed inhuman skills even at a young age. Killua is one of ten million!

It’s just because of the potential difference and nothing else. It doesn’t really matter if you have blue eyes and white hair. Although illumi is more compatible with personality, killua’s enormous potential makes him more attractive. Zeno said that killua is the Zoldick family’s greatest asset. You had seen Gon as an adult and how powerful he is. You can easily estimate Killua to be no less powerful than Gon. (In the present, he is more robust than Gon, and in the future, he may even be more potent than Gon.) Now match adult killua and illumi, and I’ll understand why killua is not the heir. Milluki It is not necessary to describe how he views food and games. He is way too lazy for an heir, and I believe he has even less potential than Illumi.

10 Most muscular Hunter x Hunter Characters.

This list will be based solely on the characters in the anime. It will only include people who have shown their abilities and fought to estimate capability correctly, not hearsay from other characters.

  1. The Chimera Ant King – Meruem
  2. Chairman of the Hunter Association – Netero
  3. Killua’s Grandfather – Zeno Goldyck
  4. Ant King’s Guard – Pitou (hard to say for sure, though, as she didn’t fight any of the below – mainly Chrollo and Feitan).
  5. Ant King’s Guard – Youpi (Once again, not sure how he would have done against Chrollo and Feitan).
  6. Hisoka was ranked higher than Chrollo, but he lost the fight due to his inability to try. If he had tried really hard, I believe he might have won. ).
  7. Phantom Troupe Leader – Chrollo Lucifer
  8. Killua (He doesn’t last too long in a fight but is extremely deadly when he has stamina and can dominate both Youpi and Shaiapouf).
  9. Feitan (His ability is quite impressive).
  10. Kite (I think that if he hadn’t suffered heavy losses from the ambush, he would have done quite well in his fight with Pitou.