Choosing between Wood Elf Magic feat 5e vs.+5 Dex Modifier dnd

Wood Elf Magic feat 5e
Wood Elf Magic feat 5e

Wood Elf Magic feat, or +5 Dex Modifier

When we speak about the d&d 5e wood magic feat, it has Elf as its Prerequisite. This feat allows you to learn the magic of primeval trees, which are often revered and protected by your friends. You can also learn one druid trip, depending on your choice. Even better, you can regain the ability to cast these spells after you have finished your long rest. Wisdom is your ability to cast all three spells. Although the feat is more challenging, the benefits of Dexterity are just as wide-ranging and subtle.

Suppose you are a wood-elf ranger, an adjusted beastmaster who focuses on ranged fighting. You currently have 18 dexes. You are torn between increasing it to 20 for the sweet +5 modifier (you use both a longbow & shortswords) or the Wood Elf Magic feat. If it were any other class, versatility goes a lot further than an additional +1 modifier. You may even  grab the DEX ASI, considering your current use. The additional initiative, AC to hit and possibly damage out classes. You can dip druid to get those spells if you need them. You won’t likely ever need them.

Wood Elf Magic feat
Wood Elf Magic feat

What magic does wood elves use in their feats?

A Spellsinger using Fey Magic. The Elves can manipulate the winds with magic with ease, grace, and flair unmatched by other races. Wood Elves are not an exception. There are many skilled practitioners within Athel Loren of their particular fey strands of magic.

Wood Elf Scout: Feat, +2 Dex

Let’s say your second-level wood elf rogue is an Archer. He will then become a Scout at the 3rd level. This party includes a melee barbarian and melee fighter, and a melee/ranged Light Cleric. Will you take a SharpShooter feat or get the +2 to Dexterity when you hit the 4th?

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It all depends on what your current Dexterity is. It all depends on your current Dexterity. If you are already 18 years old, I recommend taking the feat. However, if you are only 14-16 at the moment, I recommend the +2 to Dexterity. A +3 or +4 modifier for Dexterity (rather than just a +2) will make a more significant difference to your character’s initiative, attack rolls and damage. Sharpshooter won’t be very useful for you initially. Still, it will give you +1 to hit damage, +1 initiative, +1 AC and +1 to any Dex ability checks or saving throws.

Summary: Wood Elf Magic feat in 5e

Wood Elves have an additional bonus to disease and poison resistance, as well as increased maximum stamina. This racial skill is called Resist Affliction. Stealthy is the last racial skill. It increases stealth radius and stealth damage. Wood Elf skills are focused on stealth and stamina.

Source: Xanathar’s Guide to Everything

Prerequisite: Elf (Wood)

You will learn the magic of the primeval forests, which are sacred and protected by your people. You can choose one Druid trip. You can also learn the Longstrider or Pass Without Trace spells. Each of these spells can be cast once without needing to expend a spell slot. After a long rest, you can regain your ability to cast these spells. Wisdom is the ability to cast all three spells.