Rapier 5e vs shortsword in d&d | Martial Melee Weapons Table

Rapier 5e vs shortsword in d&d

5e Rapier vs shortsword in dnd: Martial Melee Weapons

The difference in damage between a rapier 5e vs shortsword is inconsequential for a rogue since nearly all your damage will come from Sneak Attack. What is more of an issue for an Arcane Trickster who would like to double wield is that you can’t cast somatic spells using a weapon in both hands, mainly since Arcane Tricksters can not use arcane foci and therefore, for S+M spells, they can’t even get around this with War Caster along with a Ruby of this War Mage. Use the short sword and maintain even more d6s. Give the d8s to the paladin.

The difference in damage is just 1 per hit. When making one Attack around for a rogue, it does not matter much compared to the harm of a Sneak attack. It is imperative to land your sneak Attack. So using the flip side dagger occasionally is effective. You could say it’s a (shorter) rapier but possess the mechanisms such as a shortsword. Or the other way around, take the short sword and say that it appears like a (shorter) rapier.

The Rapier in dnd 5e may provide slightly more damage at low rates because you’ll usually hit, you won’t constantly have a sneak Attack (although you usually need to ), and Sneak Attack is only 1d6. As the sneak Attack grows in damage, the significance of landing it will come quickly out scale the static one damage. The shortsword in dnd 5e becomes more effective as early as level 3 and at the latest by level 5.

Rapier 5e

Rapier vs 5e shortsword in Martial Melee Weapons Table

The Weapons table indicates the most Common Weapons used in the fantasy gaming worlds, their cost and weight, the harm they deal when they strike, and any particular Properties they have. A melee weapon is used to Attack a goal within 5 feet of you, whereas a ranged weapon is used to attack a target at a distance.

Martial Melee Weapons Cost In gp Weight in lb Properties Damage
Battleaxe 10 4 Versatile (1d10) 1d8 slashing
Flail 10 2 1d8 bludgeoning
Glaive 20 6 Heavy, reach, two-handed 1d10 slashing
Greataxe 30 7 Heavy, two-handed 1d12 slashing
Greatsword 50 6 Heavy, two-handed 2d6 slashing
Halberd 20 6 Heavy, reach, two-handed 1d10 slashing
Lance 10 6 Reach, special 1d12 piercing
Longsword 15 3 Versatile (1d10) 1d8 slashing
Maul 10 10 Heavy, two-handed 2d6 bludgeoning
Morningstar 15 4 1d8 piercing
Pike 5 18 Heavy, reach, two-handed 1d10 piercing
Rapier 25 2 Finesse 1d8 piercing
Scimitar 25 3 Finesse, light 1d6 slashing
Shortsword 10 2 Finesse, light 1d6 piercing
Trident 5 4 Thrown (range 20/60), versatile (1d8) 1d6 piercing
War Pick 5 2 1d8 piercing
Warhammer 15 2 Versatile (1d10) 1d8 bludgeoning
Whip 2 3 Finesse, reach 1d4 slashing
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Martial Melee Weapons Table

What are the best weapons early game for a rogue?

Rapier: Great alternative because it’s 1d8+DEX and Finesse. Therefore, if you plan on doing a single attack a turn, then it’s perfect. It is one strike a turn, and should you miss. You do 0 damage.

A 5e shortsword is an excellent choice if you plan on two-weapon fighting. 1d6+DEX and 1d6 a twist. If both attacks strike, you deal more damage on average then a 5e rapier. Besides, it gives you two attacks a twist, so two chances to Sneak Attack get a slightly smaller expire. Hedging your bets for any harm instead of going for max damage.

Daggers get all the two-weapon fighting benefits of Brief Swords, and you can throw them. It is far better to get an attack or two at 20 feet, not to assault even if it’s 1d4+DEX. That is often the backup weapon for a Rapier Rogue. Since you get one free”draw” a turn, if you can not turn it into melee, you can draw and throw a dagger 20′ instead of not attacking.

Light Crossbow. It’s 1d8+DEX ranged 80′.

Hand Crossbow. 1d6+DEX using a god awful range of 30′ means it’s practically a melee weapon. Finding a magical hand crossbow in a module is all but impossible unless the module has Drow.

Shortbow. It’s 1d6+DEX outside to 80′. Inferior into a Light Crossbow in every manner until you get Bracers of Archery. It currently does 1d6+2+DEX or magical brief bows are more typical then bewitching crossbows in modules.

Longbow: why Elf Rogue is indeed common. 1d8+DEX out to 150′. In modules bewitching, longbows practically fall out of the skies.

Damage Potential

If you attack with two weapons, then your damage potential increases by a lot. Think of it in this way. In case you’ve got a 50% chance of hitting something, your average weapon damage with a 5e rapier is 2.25, and your average sneak attack damage at level 3 is 3.5. If your chance of hitting something is 50 per cent, but you’re attacking with two short swords, your average weapon damage with your 5e shortswords is 2.625, along with your typical sneak attack damage is 5.25.

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You also receive the extra benefit of having another prospect of rolling critical damage. The real damage, accounting for critical hits, capability modifiers and everything else, is 7.8 average damage per round for your Rapier and 12 average damage per round for the two short swords. It’s not even close at this low a level.

Shortsword 5e

The secret lies in attacking twice, which you cannot do with two rapiers if you don’t choose the Dual Wielder feat. Two-weapon fighting permits you to attack with your off-hand weapon as a bonus activity if you are wielding weapons with the light land. Short swords are mild. Rapiers are not. So for one to attack with two rapiers, you would require the feat. Consequently, you could not be doing it till level 4 unless you’re a variant human. Should you have the effort, the usual damage per round is 13.1 with two rapiers.

Revenant blade feat

If you are taking a feat, though, the revenant blade feat is a whole lot better. It takes you to be an elf, and so you’d have to be level 4. You receive 2d4 damage instead of 1d8 for rapiers (an ordinary harm increase of.5 per swing). Still, you also get to put your skill modifier into the second Attack. That is where the actual damage increase comes in at this level. If your level increases to 4, then two shortswords are doing 13.7. One Rapier in 5e dnd is doing 9.1, two rapiers using all the accomplishment is doing 14.9. The revenant blade ninja is doing 17.7. Besides, you get +1 AC. It’s frankly a pretty ridiculous effort, but it’s RAW and RAI.


Choose the Attack action and Attack using a light melee weapon that you are holding in one hand. You may use a bonus action to strike using a different light melee weapon that you are holding in the other hand. You don’t add your ability modifier to the damage of this bonus attack unless that modifier is adverse. If the weapon gets the thrown house, you can throw the weapon instead of making a melee attack.
Therefore no, according to this, you can not dual wield rapiers as they’re not light. They are a Finesse weapon; however, they’re not light.

But with the Two-Weapon Fighting style, can you can dual wield?

NO, you can not. Both weapons fighting mode is worded similar to this. If you engage in two-weapon fighting, you may add your ability modifier to the damage of this next assault.
But we’ve got a feat called Dual Wielder, which will make you able to dual wield rapiers.

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It’s possible to use two-weapon fighting even when the one-handed melee weapons you are wielding aren’t light. So no, you can’t dual wield rapiers Unless you have the accomplishment Dual Wielder. But if you have it, then yes, you can. However, my questions WHY would you WANT to wield rapiers double? Someone double wielding rapiers would seem total useless.

Dual-wielding Rapier 5e and dagger may be a great option. Plus, it was also possible historically. It was a rather popular combination. You may even see and compare Rapier 5e vs shortsword, as it’s only a little more sized dagger. Or Rapier and scimitar would work without it looking absurd. And would be a much better combo because the scimitar deal slashing damage while rapier deals piercing. You are not entirely useless if facing something with immunity to piercing.

5e Shortsword 5e Rapier: Cost and weight

You may base them well a bit of realism such as Rapier 5e and dagger. There are not many instances where they did double wielding with two weapons that were too long. And that has been for a reason. It was not too great or compelling. There are a couple of instances, but these were frequently for the show in some way, not to get real practical use.

Dual wielding rapier 5e

Wielding 2 rapiers

If you do like the idea of wielding two rapiers and do not care that it could be equally somewhat unrealistic, and many would find it highly embarrassing looking, then proceed. D&D isn’t too realistic after all. Sometimes, it might be interesting to do something just since it is unrealistic and allows you to do things that will be a flawed idea in the best situation from a realistic point of view.

But also ask whether that increase from 1d6 damage from a shortsword or scimitar to some 1d8 for a 5e rapier in d&d is well worth it? On average, it’s one additional damage on each attack, and it is not even sure that it will do more harm. And if it does, it is a maximum of 2 extra damage if you don’t manage to crit, so it is possible to roll the harm die again.

Summary: Rapier 5e vs shortsword in d&d

Weapons Rapier 5e Shortsword 5e
melee weapon Sword, Martial Sword, Martial
Category Items Items
Damage 1d8 1d6
Damage Type Piercing Piercing
Item Rarity Standard Standard
Properties Finesse Finesse, Light
Weight 2 2

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