How Sharpshooter 5e feat dnd interacts with Hunter’s Ranger volley?

Sharpshooter 5e feat dnd

Sharpshooter 5e feat dnd

You have comprehended ranged weapons and can create shots that others discover impossible. For Sharpshooter 5e feat, you will gain the following advantages:

  1. Striking at long range does not impose a disadvantage on your ranged weapon attack rolls.
  2. Your ranged weapons overlook half cover as well as three-quarters cover.
  3. Ere you make a ranged attack by a ranged weapon with which you are an expert, you may choose to take a -5 penalty on the attack roll. Suppose you take so, and the attack hits. It will deal with a +10 damage.

What does Sharpshooter 5e feat do in dnd? How good is it?

Sharpshooter enables characters to swap -5 to strike for +10 damage. Many gamers unite it with Crossbow Expert, which allows a character wielding a hand crossbow to exchange a bonus activity for an additional attack.

This informative article reveals how to construct Sharpshooter to make personalities capable of dealing with the most damage. Before you perform with these figures, consider if they match your gaming team.

If your team enjoys pitting optimized personalities from a dungeon master who believes that the Remorhaz creates a suitable first-level foe, these assemble match.

If you wish to showcase your min-maxing abilities, forget the Sharpshooter. Such simple builds will fail to impress.

The second variant

Is it true that the taste of your effort matches a personality shooting a toy crossbow using all the manic speed of a Benny Hill clip? I guess a few gamers fancy a character who looks like a genre-bending gunslinger. Still, I suppose that the construct’s enormous damage brings more gamers than its taste. (In the 2nd variant, the maximum harm came out of muscle-bound characters projecting darts. No one played for taste )

In classes interested in roleplaying and mining, players may not mind allowing your sharpshooter showboat throughout the conflicts. Or maybe other people in the group feel satisfied in functions aside from damage dealing. Perhaps the bard and magician both enjoy their flexibility. The druid enjoys turning into a monster and soaking harm. No one minds letting you complete encounters on the very top of around 1.

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Before playing an optimized Sharpshooter, ask your group.

Construction of a sharpshooter in 5e

The Sharpshooter feat is vital. It makes every attack deal excessive harm in exchange for a manageable punishment on to-hit rolls. And with a single slip attack per turn, rogues wish to make sure to hit. Taking a -5 to-hit penalty increases the chance of dropping a sneak attack. A ranged rogue can frequently lower the danger by attacking out of hiding to obtain a benefit. Still, Sharpshooter creates an incredible feat to get a juvenile, not a powerful one.

Picking a race

Many players interested in enjoying with a sharpshooter opt to get a human personality. Bring the Remorhaz!

However, amounts 1-3 go quickly, so an aspiring sharpshooter can decide on another race without enjoying too long using a just balanced personality. An elf can more readily attain a 20 Dexterity while shooting Sharpshooter at par 4, then Elven Accuracy at par 8. Whenever you have an edge on a Dexterity assault, Elven Accuracy allows you to re-roll among those dice. For many characters, this creates a weak advantage. However, a fighter that selects the most Samurai archetype generally attacks with benefit. (But please devise an intriguing backstory.)

Crossbow Wielding Sharpshooter

To get a crossbow-wielding sharpshooter, select a human. (The speedy improvement to level 4 signifies that a brief wait for the two feats.) At rates 8 and 12, boost your Dexterity.

Require Sharpshooter to your very first feat, then focus on raising Dexterity into 20.

Constructing a fighter sharpshooter

Fighters can unite the Archery fighting mode with more additional attacks than any other course. Action Surge allows fighters to unload a further round of strikes. Such concessions allow sharpshooter-fighters to kill mythical monsters in a twist and direct the rest of the celebration to wonder why they showed up.

Conventional wisdom indicates that ranged attackers commonly suffer feeble defenses, but maybe not fighters. Ranged fighters bypass protection, but they’ve all of the hit points and armor competence of an overburdened soldier.

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Fight masters gain four or even more Superiority Dice they can invest in battle maneuvers. The conflict master’s Precision Attack move helps create your sharpshooter strikes hit despite any penalties. “When you create a weapon attack roll from a monster, you can expend one superiority expire to incorporate it to the roster.”

Samurai profit three or more applications of Fighting Spirit. “As a bonus activity in your turn, you can provide yourself an edge on weapon rolls before the end of the turn.”

Gain from Fighting Spirit aids your Sharpshooter strikes reach despite any penalties. On the other hand, the feature requires a bonus action, making it a poor fit for a crossbow expert.

To get a longbow-wielding fighter, then select a person or elf. Require Sharpshooter to your very first feat, then focus on raising Dexterity into 20. Elven characters may then elect for Elven Accuracy.

“Suppose you choose the Attack action in your turn and also have benefit in an attack roll against a few of those goals. You can forgo the benefit for this roster to generate an extra weapon strike against that goal, as a portion of the identical activity.”

Construction a 5e ranger sharpshooter

Rangers can unite the Archery fighting mode with an excess attack at level 5 and much more strikes at higher amounts. By way of instance, at level 11, rangers using all the Hunter archetypes utilize the Volley feature to start strikes against each goal at a 10-foot radius.

All these rangers gain an excess attack on the first turn of battle and add 1d8 to that attack damage. By degree 5, a person having a hand crossbow may begin every struggle with four sharpshooter strikes. Having only a tiny chance, that sums to 80-some points of damage. Just how many foes will reside in the next round? Gloom stalkers may also add their knowledge to their initiative, therefore inquire, “Just how many foes will live for their flip ?”

“After on all your turns when you miss using a weapon assault, you can make another weapon assault as part of the identical action.”

How can the Sharpshooter 5e feat interact with all the Hunter ranger’s Volley features?

Before attacking with a ranged weapon you’re proficient with, you may opt to have a -5 penalty to the attack roll.

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For much more on the gap between “the Attack activity” and “an assault.”


It’s possible to use your actions to produce a ranged attack against numerous creatures within 10 feet of a stage to see inside your weapon’s scope. It would be best if you had ammunition for every goal, as ordinary. You also make another attack roll for every purpose.

That clarifies”an attack.” Therefore Sharpshooter could use every attack roll (or even not2). You take the Multiattack actions (maybe not the Attack actions ), which entails many assault rolls, all of which might be useful together with Sharpshooter.

This justification relies on the generic information given from the PHB (p. 194):

Making strikes

If there’s no question if something you are doing acts as an assault, the principle is straightforward. If you are making an attack roll, then you are making an assault.

1 The definition of “an assault” concerning some Hunter Ranger’s multi-attack is perplexing. Inside this Q&A, it appears that Sage Advice has stated that Multiattack is one assault that has many attack rolls. But if that is true, it raises the question asked; does Sharpshooter use then? Hence in this instance, I have drawn attention to the fact that Sharpshooter is setting”an assault with a ranged weapon,” which I must imply among those assault rolls over the Multiattack” assault.” From that, I conclude that Sharpshooter applies to every attack roll, not only the Multiattack activity.

2 To expand this response to take under account the excess question. There is nothing regarding the text of Sharpshooter that suggests it has to influence every attack made with this flip. Still, instead, it applies to “an assault.” I read this to mean you get to select before every attack you create as a portion of your Multiattack: Volley actions or your Attack activity (with Extra Attack). As applies to this whole query – nothing regarding Sharpshooter states it applies for your turn or move. It is only “an assault,” any assault (it could apply to an attack you create as a response to your switch ).