Purple Dragon Knight 5e build from Thauglor & revised Martial Archetype

Gentle Repose 5e

Who was Purple Dragon Knight 5e in dnd?

Purple Dragon Knight 5e was the officer and warrior elite of the Cormyrian army. The bulk of that was called the Purple Dragons. Being awarded knighthood within the Purple Dragons has been a great honor for anybody in the Forest Nation. The Purple Dragon knights fought along with the War Wizards to conquer the enemies of Cormyr. The Purple Dragons and the knights within distinguished themselves with courage and honor several times from the past.

The knights’ title came from Thauglor, an early black dragon who previously dominated the area encompassed by the present kingdom. Since Thauglor matured, his scales faded out of ebony to violet.


Since knights of the crown, members of the Purple Dragons place their honor before anything else and wouldn’t bend it for any purpose. The order had high ethical standards for each of its initiates. As such, Purple Dragon knights were servants of legislation and good, though not always of both.

In return for this particular devotion, Purple Dragon knight 5e were well rewarded. The training of the Purple Dragon knights was legendary as their subject. Purple Dragon knights were excellent soldiers by some measure, with intense martial prowess that exceeded nearly all enemies they were likely to confront. But more significant than their physical strength has been their ability to command. Purple Dragon knights were not only the best soldiers at Cormyr’s support. But its most striking leaders too, and leadership capability proved to be a significant aspect of the training that a knight receives.


Since knights of the crown, members of the Purple Dragons place their honor before anything else and wouldn’t bend it for any purpose. The arrangement had high moral standards for each of its initiates. Therefore, Purple Dragon knights were servants of law and of fantastic, though not always of both. But no matter a Purple Dragon’s individual feelings, all were expected to do what was best for Cormyr. And they also serve justice, giving no rest to evil nor corruption.

In return for this dedication, Purple Dragon knights were well rewarded. The training of the Purple Dragon knights was as legendary as their discipline. Purple Dragon knights were excellent soldiers by any measure, with intense martial prowess that exceeded most enemies that they were likely to face. But more important than their physical strength has been their ability to command. Purple Dragon knights were not just the best soldiers in Cormyr’s support. Still, its most impressive leaders and leadership capacity proved to be a significant facet of the coaching a knight receives.

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Purple Dragon knight 5e training enabled members to acquire several unique abilities that served them in battle. New initiates into the order learned fast how to make the best of a bad situation, pulling themselves together when bloodied and bruised so they could hit their foe once again. This aura of confidence motivated others to do the same, providing them further resilience against all of the ills which may befall them in battle.

Purple Dragon knights gained access to several valuable exploits, many of which were based on their role as the commanders of their fellow soldiers. By shouting out an excellent rallying cry or carrying a decisive final stand in battle, purple dragon knights motivated their troops, providing them a strong edge in battle.

By letting out this war cry while striking into their foes, Purple Dragon knights could rouse the allies’ spirits.

Many Purple Dragon knights also declared an oath, once every day, to destroy a lone enemy in battle. This oath gave confidence and strength of resolve to the knight so long as they were engaged in combat with this opponent. Their morale stayed powerful, and they were more potent in conflict.

Is Purple Dragon Knight 5e overpowered?

To determine how Purple Dragon Knight (PDK) piles up, let’s compare it to a fighter archetype from the PHB. Since we’re worried about PDK being underpowered, we have to locate one already accepted archetype it is comparable. We’re going to utilize Champion because it’s broadly similar, and its skills make for easy evaluation. Additionally, we’re only going to look at natural ability vs. ability since the”sense” of an archetype in play is too subjective.

Level 3

  • Champion: Improved Crucial for a few occasional (1/20) bonus harm.
  • PDK: A (fighter level) group cure once/short remainder as a bonus action.
  • It is a judgment call, but I’d say they are about equal at this level. Improved significant may or may not come up much based purely on chance. Still, a few excess group healing is always convenient.

Level 7

  • Champion: Half proficiency with some skills they may already have. More running jumps.
  • PDK: Extra ability proficiency. Double proficiency with Persuasion.
  • It is About equivalent. Both archetypes pick up some skills.

Level 10

PDK: When you act, surge among your allies makes an extra attack. It goes up to two strikes from allies at level 18.

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The fighting styles do not offer you much synergy. The excess fighting mode is very likely to provide a bonus to the fighter’s backup weapon or simply +1 AC. A once a short rest extra attack to your allies is expected to do more harm in an ordinary day; near sure to after level 18.

Level 15

PDK: Bonus conserves for allies a couple of times per long rest.

Champion may be better at that level, but it is a judgment call. If you appreciate survival clutch, additional conserves for your team are excellent.

Level 18

Champion: Quick healing

PDK’s large finisher is only a slight improvement of the previous ability. That is pretty sad. At and after 18, PDK is just too severely hampered by its lack of an archetype-capstone ability. Fortunately for PDK, most efforts are performed nicely below 18, making this a less likely issue.

While the book says the Inspiring Surge upgrades at par 17, that’s apparently in error. This tweet out of Jeremy Crawford claims that it ought to be 18th level.

Martial Archetype: 5e Purple Dragon Knight Revised

It is a homebrewed change over Green Ronin Publishing’s Purple Dragon Knight 5e martial archetype for fighters presented in Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide. It provides for you to be the supportive knight or banneret or charismatic and encouraging that the primary intended.

Restriction: Knighthood

Banneret serves as the generic name for this particular martial archetype in other campaign settings or modeling different warlords.

Rallying Cry

Beginning at the 3rd level, suppose you utilize your Second Wind feature. You can choose numerous non-hostile monsters up for your Charisma modifier (minimum of 1) within 60 feet of you that will see or hear you. Each regains hit points equal to your fighter level. Any remaining hit points which would recover are turned into temporary hit points, which last for 1 minute.


Banner Save DC = 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Charisma modifier

At the 3rd level, the next turn, you choose a long rest. You can craft a banner or use an existing one to represent your order. You are displaying or holding your banner, and you aren’t incapacitated. All allies inside 10 feet have a +1 bonus to saving throws against being fearful or charmed, provided they can understand your banner. In the 7th and 15th levels, the bonus increases by +1, and the range increases by 10 feet.

Although you’re holding the banner, then you may make a unique action to make a speech to inspire your allies and fearful, hostile creatures. Each partner within the range of the banner aura adds your Charisma modifier to Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma saving throws. These effects continue for 1 minute, you expire, or you are not holding your banner. Creatures who neglected the keep may try the rescue throw, after all, their turns.

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You must finish a very long break before using this exceptional action again.

If your banner is either lost or destroyed, you can earn a fresh one with 50 gp in raw materials along with a skill check with Weaver’s Tools over an hour or a short rest.

Royal Envoy

At 7th level, you gain proficiency in the Persuasion ability and fluency in two languages of your choice. If you are already adept in Persuasion, you obtain proficiency in one of the following abilities of your option: Animal Handling, Insight, Intimidation, or Performance.

Your competence bonus is doubled for almost any ability check you make that uses Persuasion. You gain this benefit regardless of the competency achieved from this feature.

Starting at 10th level, suppose you use your Action Surge feature or score a crucial hit on a monster with a weapon strike. You can quickly choose one allied monster within 30 feet of you that can see or hear you. That creature can make one weapon attack using its reaction.

Beginning at the 18th level, the range and quantity of allied creatures you can goal are doubled.


Starting at the 15th level, suppose you utilize your Indomitable feature to reroll a saving throw. And you are not incapacitated. You can immediately choose one allied monster inside your publication’s range that may see or listen to you who neglected the same effect. Both you and the creature reroll the saving throw and must use the new rolls.


 I don’t know if it’s blatantly obvious by now. However, I will get to provide the Purple Dragon Knight a big fat Underpowered. Other courses outclass all its skills. It does not deliver anything new or unique to the table. It merely buffs the core class skills in a way that isn’t useful to the fighter. Can you create an interesting character with the Purple Dragon Knight 5e? Absolutely.

Can you do the same with any other subclass? Absolutely. It makes me sad to see that the Warlord didn’t make it into the Fifth edition. It makes me even more miserable that this is the closest thing that we get to such an incredible class. Sorry for the negativity. This subclass makes me so sad because of what it might have been. Maybe we will write a post eventually about it.