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How to fix Xbox one that keeps turning itself on.

Our devices have moments where they don’t just want to work with us. For example, turning themselves in without command. You know when something keeps happening more than three times, it’s a pattern and that means there must be a problem that needs your attention and there are some causes as to why you are facing that issue on your Xbox one console. This specific issue is concerning when are asleep and then wake up to your Xbox console on, it can be irritating and for the first time, really scary but you don’t need to worry so much about it because they can be easily fixed. We will see some possible causes and solutions that will align with them.

The issue with the Xbox one controller.

Something obvious is the fact that you can turn your Xbox one console using both it’s the power button and the controller. If there is an issue with your controller. Let’s say, it is acting up due to expired or old batteries, then it will turn the console on. If the batteries are the problem, then you can always buy new ones but if it’s not that, then check the buttons on the controller to see if any of them is stuck.

The issue with the power button

Xbox One consoles come with a touch screen kind of sensitivity, meaning that they react to your fingers by turning on, the moment they sense the finger instead of a physical button that you can just push and turn a device on. In this case, you might accidentally have touched the button thus turning it on. Another thing is that the Xbox One console will also react to things that are placed on it. Make sure to clean it always because it also reacts to dust and debris which could affect the way it acts. Use a soft cloth in case you want to clean it so that it doesn’t have any issues.

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Systems need updating.

Usually, devices give notifications in case they need updating and some just update automatically without letting the user know and if the Xbox One console hasn’t been updating lately, it means it’s trying to update and that’s the reason it’s turning itself on and you might want to check it out. Another thing for future purposes, you can always disable settings that lead to it automatically updating.

The voice commands.

If you have Kinect and it’s connected to the Xbox One console, you usually say “Hey Cortana” and “Xbox on” for it to power on and this happens like what you see with Alexa and Siri, which is a very productive way for people who are lazy and don’t want to stress their bones but it comes with its con and that is you might accidentally say the command and have it turn on. Another way to avoid this is by disabling the settings. And you do that by following the steps below;

First things first, Open the Xbox Settings and click on Power and startup.

Finally, go to the power mode to disable the wake-up option by saying her Cortana and you could be on the safe side.

Power connection issues.

Where the console is connected could cause issues that will lead it to turn on by itself, you can try and check the power outlet and if need be, change it to another side for example the main socket and check if it’s still having the same issue.

Check the HDMI- CEC

What you need to check among all other issues is if you have a device like a Samsung television, it could affect how your Xbox one console turning itself on. The moment you power your television on, the Xbox one console will automatically turn on because it comes with the HDMI-CEC. It will be good for you to check because that’s where the issue might lie.

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If at all this happens, try to disable the HDMI-CEC option on the TV. It will stop the game console from turning on by itself. When you buy a new television, you could go through the instructions and learn how to turn off the HDMI- CEC. Every electronic device comes with a manual so don’t be too tense about the issue

The issue is the instant-on mode.

Xbox One has an instant-on feature that makes the device enter a low power mode, which allows it to power on more quickly. It also enables you to perform automatic updates or turn on with voice. This advanced feature, however, can also be an issue that is turning itself on now and then.

If this goes on more than three times then the instant-on mode could always be a problem and you need to  follow the steps below to turn off the instant-on feature:

First of all, check for the Guide button on your controller and press it.

And then choose System, then navigate to Settings.

On the settings, Select Power & startup and then click Power mode & startup.

Navigate to Power mode, then select Energy saving.

Reboot your console.

Once your console is rebooted, check if the Xbox One remains turning on randomly. This is the last option to solve the issue

Professional help.

This is when all hope has gone down and you need to find where the issue is from a professional. It could be from your local electronic shop or contact Microsoft to have it fixed and if you have a warranty, chances are it will be either repaired or given a new one.


After reading this article, there is no reason to be spooked out. Just try and check what the issue is by trying to follow all the steps in the article and by chance you might one out of them that works for you and your nights of having to wake up and switch off the Xbox One console will be behind you.

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