If you are a gamer, chances are that you have seen the game mount and blade Warband among the games that are usually displayed in the Xbox One game list. In case you are in a dilemma of whether you should play it or not, you might try to read this article and get a bit of information about it before you proceed and if you have played it and lost a few times, stick around and get some of the cheats and s for you to win your first or maybe the second time.

This video game was developed by TaleWorlds Entertainment and released on the 30th of march in 2010. It falls under the series of mount and blade and was published by paradox interactive, unfortunately, in 2014, the publisher, returned the game to the developer and ended the role of publishing the game. It’s more of action, strategy stimulation it’s Both a single-player and multiplayer kind of game. When in the game, you will see how the horse-mounted combat and orders being given to a gamer’s war band on the battlefield are a centre of interest.


Mount & Blade: Warband is very popular among gamers and hearing about it is not enough. Being good at it is better and by reading these skills, you learn a thing or two on how to improve your skills in case you want to play like either a single-player or with other players. Let’s look at some of those below;

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Don’t try to run away

Sometimes video games also need a little romance and in this game, it comes with consequences and it all depends on how good you are. Three situations will not be in your favour.

  • Refusal to get permission for her hand in marriage from her parents.
  • Not of noble birth.
  • Lastly, if you try to elope with the bride

You can only avoid these situations if you just make sure everything you do is within their satisfaction and if you are not a noble, make sure to engage in all the feasts organized. Introduce yourself to the characters which will further establish a good relationship.

Values vs own faction.

Before you even think of trying to start your faction, keep in mind that three things need to be at an excellent level. That is an honour, the right to rule and being renowned. You don’t want to look stupid in front of other rulers and be labelled rebellious by them. You will only gain a place at the table if you are at the same level. Just a tip, boosting their value to 50 could be a good save for your team.

Look into your controversy score

Set aside being in a video game, in reality, we usually encounter scenarios where we have to make decisions and later realize how controversial they get. In this game, you won’t be a stranger to controversies and the more decisions you make, it’s more likely that the controversy score will go up and this means more unfriendly behaviour from other factions. The best to be on a safer side is to always check it at all times and be on guard.

Strength comes first.

There is a score for strength and it needs to be at nine to be in full advantage of the game’s loot. The trick here is to make sure that score goes higher. There is so much to unlock, amazing weapons that could help you along the way so the higher, the better and stronger.

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A little speedup won’t kill

Yes, you can speed up the map and it’s really easy. The step is to hold Ctrl + space buttons and there you have it, no time wasted during the game.

Get more lords.

Even with an advantage and a disadvantage, it’s better to have more allies on your side than having none because this secures you more power in the game. Giving out land is a way to keep them satisfied and interested in helping you in your battles.

Mount & Blade: Warband cheat codes.

These are some of the cheat codes that you can use throughout the game to play good and win.

CTRL+F5 – AI will take over your character in battles

CTRL+H –  you become completely healed.

CTRL+Shift+H – if your horse is damaged, it gains full recovery

CTRL+F3 – Damage yourself

CTRL + ~ (then type in ‘nocheatmenu’ no ”) – Deactivate Cheat Menu

CTRL + space – Fast Forward waiting at the map

CTRL+X – selected party member gains experience.

CTRL+ X – Gives you 1000 XP in the character screen

CTRL+W – to enormously increase all of your weapon proficiencies

CTRL+X–  it gives you 1000 Gold in inventory

CTRL+Alt+F4 – Knock out all your enemy troops

CTRL+Shift+F4 – Knocks out all enemies zoomed into.

CTRL+Shift+F6 – Knocks out all of your troops

CTRL+F6 – Knocks out one of your troops

CTRL+F4 – Knocks unconscious an enemy after several presses

CTRL+T – Gives you a full view of everything except hideouts on the World Map

CTRL + L– Level Up

CTRL+Left – Click On the World Map, teleports your party to where you click

CTRL + F9 – Slow Motion (Press again to turn on or off)

CTRL+ F11 – Stop the time while on the battlefield.

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CTRL + Left Click – Upgrade all available units to that path.


After reading this article, you now have a few ideas on how to play the game easily, the setbacks that you need to avoid and in general, the cheat codes and how they can be helpful to you while playing. The skills may not be a whole page but at least it doesn’t leave you hanging for a first-time player. You can also introduce the game to your friends and family and maybe use the ideas stated and you never know, it could be a fun and winning moment for you.