Basic Techniques of Axe Throwing for Beginners

Basic Techniques of Axe Throwing for Beginners

Basic Techniques of Axe Throwing for Beginners

When you visit an ax-throwing venue, there are coaches present to guide you through the basics. They offer 10 to 15 minutes of instructions before you try the throwing skills. First-timers must gain knowledge about the basic techniques before they enter the ax-throwing arena.

When you searched for ‘axe throwing near me’ and found a great Axe Masters venue to plan your adventurous group event with friends and family there is also a need to know the fundamentals and techniques as a beginner.

Beginners throwing techniques

Two-handed technique

Follow the most basic technique in the start to acclimate yourself. It will allow you to concentrate on getting the axe stick on the board and feel less concerned about your stance.

  • Get a grip – The simple one to start with is the crossed thumb grip. Hold the axe handle at the bottom [just above the knob] with your dominant hand. With your non-dominant hand cover the dominant hand. Cross your thumbs and form an ‘X’ on the handle’s backside. Ensure the blade stays straight.
  • Stance – With a proper grip, it is time to form a stable platform for throwing. Focus on the target and step forward with the non-dominant foot, shift weight forward, extend arms headlong and point the axe at the board. Ensure the blade is straight.
  • Throw the axe – With a solid stance, it is time to release the axe. In a single motion shift weight on your back legs and bring the axe high above your head and way back between shoulder blades and instantly shift weight onto front legs to bring the head over the head. The axe blade has to be aligned with the target during this motion.
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Never allow the wrist to rotate. Bring the wrist over your forehead and release the axe from both hands at the same time with arms extended in the front. Never flick the wrist! It is not strength but technique. Start from the same position and fluidly move in the same until the end and follow through.

After you master the one-handed technique, you can ask the coach and expand your horizon. The next technique is a little complicated and suitable for exceptional throwers using basic techniques.

One-handed technique

After mastering the two-handed technique, it is time to get a little more involved.

  • Hold – With the dominant hand, hold the axe handle strongly. Grip it tightly at the handles mid-bottom. The throw will be underhand and single-handed. Put the hand down with the blade facing the target.
  • Swing back – Keep elbow and wrist locked, straight and swing the arm back. Check your stand to ensure that your posture is correct and your axe is in alignment with the target.
  • Release & relax – with locked wrist and elbow, Swing your arm forward, and as it gains your belt height release it. Don’t flick the wrist, just release and watch it fly towards the target.

Get friends in the mood to cheer as you are about to release. Even if the axe does not stick to the target smile and give a high five!