Best Alternatives of Monumetric for Publishers in 2022

Best Alternatives of Monumetric for Publishers in 2022

Best Alternatives of Monumetric

While there are many similar services to Monumetric, a few differences exist between the two. While Mediavine and Monumetric require a certain amount of traffic to become eligible, the latter has a lower requirement. Monumetric’s minimum traffic requirement is 10,000 monthly pageviews while Mediavine requires 25k monthly sessions. Moreover, Monumetric’s tiers allow you to unlock more tools for display ads and will work closely with you as your blog grows.


In case you’ve been thinking about switching to another ad network to promote your website, you’ve probably come across Monumetric. This network is specifically for blogs, and offers cost-per-click advertising. However, you may not be thrilled with their low conversion rates. Fortunately, there are alternatives to Monumetric that provide a more personalized experience for your visitors. We’ve listed a few below, and we hope they can help you choose the right one for your website.

First, Infolinks is an advertising platform that helps web publishers monetize their content. You can choose from a variety of ad formats and earn up to 65% of the revenue generated from ads. You can also choose to display mobile ads or contextual video ads. This platform doesn’t require a minimum traffic threshold, and payouts are processed through PayPal, ACH, or Bank Wire Transfer.

As far as in-text advertising programs go, Infolinks is a leading player. They have 200,000 publishers worldwide and index your website for relevant keywords. Since they focus on hyperlinking text, they’re an ideal alternative for those with a strong SEO strategy. They also offer display ads in the sidebar, expandable ads within content, and banner ads in headers. These ads look natural and do not interrupt the content of your website. Furthermore, they’re quite lucrative.

Another alternative to Monumetric is BuySellAds, a platform that helps publishers list their ad inventory. Its ad network that focuses on mid-sized websites. It offers research-backed ad campaigns and pays you per thousand impressions. You can also manage your ads using the Monumetric dashboard, which gives you an overview of their performance and earnings. However, before you sign up with either, you should have a website with at least 10,000 page views per month.

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If you’re a publisher, you might be wondering if Mediavine is a good alternative to Monimetric. Mediavine offers many of the same features, but it also offers a community of more than 6,000 publishers. You can ask questions and receive advice from other publishers, and you’ll be able to get answers within 24 hours. Plus, Mediavine provides helpful content for publishers, like a Facebook community.

The main difference between Mediavine and Monumetric is that the former measures user engagement more accurately. You need to have a minimum of 50,000 sessions to be accepted. This may be high for some publishers, but if you’re struggling to make even the minimum amount of revenue, Mediavine is probably a better choice. This is because it looks for long-form content, which keeps readers on your website longer. That means you’ll be able to earn more money with the latter.

Although the minimum traffic requirement for Mediavine and Monumetric is similar, the latter’s tier system is more generous. Mediavine requires that publishers have more than 25k monthly sessions, whereas Monumetric’s minimum traffic requirement is just 10,000 pageviews per month. Both platforms are worth considering for beginners and intermediate bloggers, but there are certain things to keep in mind. While Monumetric doesn’t bombard your website with irrelevant ads, it’s still worth looking into.

The downside to Mediavine is that you’ll have to sign up for an annual exclusive contract with them. However, it is worth mentioning that the ads on Mediavine tend to load slower, so you may want to avoid them altogether. The good news is that they have recently improved web page speed. Despite this, Mediavine is still a great alternative to Monumetric. It may even be the better choice for your site.

Another difference between the two programs is the way Mediavine pays their clients. Mediavine works by allowing different advertisers to bid on your site and ad space. This allows for a larger payout. Additionally, Mediavine is a Google Certified Publishing Partner. That means that they have exclusive relationships with both Google and other companies. It optimizes its customers’ earnings for their websites. It does, however, exclude blogs with low traffic or newer ones. Compared to Monumetric, Mediavine is a better choice for beginners.

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Monumetric is a program that allows you to purchase advertising space on websites. But what about BuySellAds? This company allows publishers to sell ad space on their sites without the risk of bots and automatons. In addition, BuySellAds offers a brand-safe placement system, which means that your ads will reach a highly qualified audience.

The main difference between Monumetric and BuySellAds lies in their methods. Monumetric is a publisher-focused program that works with a network of quality advertisers to match publishers’ websites with relevant ads. It was founded by publishers, who know the struggles that publishers face in maximizing their ad revenue. The system works by matching the content of websites with relevant ads, which not only results in higher ad revenue for publishers but also a more personalized experience for website visitors.

While Monumetric is a full-service ad revenue partner, it has its flaws. Its payout percentage is low and it requires 35 days before receiving payment. It pays through PayPal or check after 35 days. Monumetric has a higher payout percentage than its rivals, and the company’s CPI model makes up for lower click-through rates. However, if you have a blog that focuses on content creation and relevant ads, BuySellAds is the best alternative to Monumetric.

While Monumetric is an excellent ad platform for publishers, it requires a minimum of 10k monthly page views to earn a commission. This means you need to be confident that your site can drive 10k page views each month. This will allow you to make a good income from your website. The minimum payout amount is $20 with PayPal. Besides, the other features are similar to those of Monumetric.


One popular alternative to Google’s AdSense is Adthrive. The company works with a network of high-quality advertisers to place targeted ads on your website. It was founded by publishers who experienced the difficulties of maximizing ad revenue. Ads on a website are targeted to the content, resulting in higher ad revenue for publishers and an improved user experience for site visitors. However, Adthrive has strict requirements for publishers. For example, a site must attract 100,000 unique visitors a month to be accepted.

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While AdThrive may be a good option for bloggers with large followings, it is not suitable for sites with low traffic. AdThrive’s approval process is manual and stringent. In addition, a site must generate at least 100,000 unique monthly page views. Another AdThrive alternative is Mediavine. Mediavine is a complete ad management platform for publishers. It offers a full-service option to thousands of publishers. It is free to sign up and no set-up fees.

The AdThrive network has a similar payout formula to MediaVine, but there are some differences to be aware of. AdThrive works with high-quality ad partners and has a higher RPM than MediaVine. It’s possible to earn more per thousand page views with AdThrive, but you must be aware of its requirements. However, AdThrive is worth a try if you’re looking for a high-quality advertising alternative.

While Mediavine requires you to have a high-quality blog and at least 50,000 monthly visitors, AdThrive accepts a wider variety of niches and topics. If you’re running a blog in the US, AdThrive will pay you every month through direct deposit. The site also has a large active community. If you’re a beginner, 100,000 monthly views is an enormous amount.

AdThrive is a high-quality ad network that focuses on lifestyle publishers, blogs, and advertisers. It offers guaranteed payouts and a creator-first mission. It also targets US-based traffic. Lastly, AdThrive uses revenue-sharing mannequin for its affiliate program. This revenue-sharing program guarantees a minimum of 20% of earnings. This is a great option for newbies and publishers looking for a high-quality ad network.