Best Amazon Sales Tools in 2022

Best Amazon Sales Tools

Best Amazon Sales Tools

If you want to sell more on Amazon, you’ll want to try a few of the best Amazon sales tools. Here are some of our favorites: RepricerExpress, SellerLegend, and SourceMogul. Each one offers unique benefits and has different uses. We’ve included a short review of each of these tools to see for yourself how valuable they are. Read on for more information! Listed below:


RepricerExpress is a powerful repricing tool designed for the needs of Amazon Featured Sellers and FBA sellers. It provides automated repricing, restocking, and a multi-channel global dashboard. You can choose three plans to meet your individual needs, including a free trial. These features are offered at a low cost, with prices ranging from $55 per month for the lowest-priced plan to $249 per month for dealers selling up to 50k SKUs. This repricer software is powered by SellerEngine, a platform developed by Amazon.

RepricerExpress allows you to customize the pricing for your products and apply them to a group of products or bulk listings. You can set minimum and maximum prices, filter out competitors, and even exclude certain sellers. It includes all factors needed to earn high profits and minimize error margins. It is a highly effective and flexible repricing tool that works on 11 Amazon marketplaces.

If you are an Amazon seller, you should use the tools created by Seller republic. These tools have a strong reputation for being reliable and affordable. They help you improve your listings and prices, and they offer alerts and refund management tools. The cost of your products is arguably the most critical factor in your business, so make sure that you find the sweet spot between the two so that you can reap maximum profits.

You may be wondering why repricing software is essential for your business. Amazon sellers have used RepricerExpress for over ten years. It is a cloud-based solution and allows you to create ten automated pricing schedules based on specific dates. Its free trial period lets you test it out to see how it works for you. Its pricing rules allow you to create custom instructions for each product listing. It also helps you minimize error margins and automatically updates currency rates.

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SellerLegend is a potent tool that lets you track your Amazon sales. The software pulls data directly from Seller Central, giving you accurate metrics and daily deals. It’s also 100% ToS compliant because it uses an Amazon-approved MWS API. Moreover, the tool’s dashboard features many user-selectable widgets and tools that can be placed wherever you want.

The software also helps you manage your multiple merchant accounts and PPC advertising. In addition, Seller Legend also lets you import data directly from Seller Central, giving you accurate daily sales figures. Its customizable analytics dashboard helps you make the right decisions about your Amazon business and prevent losing your Amazon ranking. That is a great way to get valuable insights quickly. You can also use Seller Legend to manage your inventory.

Another great feature of Seller Legend is that it can create detailed graphs and charts to show you how successful your product is. You can better understand your customer’s purchasing habits and improve your products with this feature. You can even automate management and reporting tasks with Seller Legend. Moreover, the software also has built-in PPC performance tracking, which is perfect for assessing the success of your pay-per-click campaigns.

There are four tiers of pricing for SellerLegend. The starter plan costs $50 per month, the Advanced plan costs $60 per month, the Professional plan costs seventy dollars, and the Enterprise plan is $100. The top-tier package allows you to handle up to 50,000 orders per month and nearly ten thousand SKUs. The three most extensive programs allow for 1.5-year order history, and every tier has unlimited seller central accounts.


There are many great things about using SourceMogul to sell on Amazon. Its intelligent filtering helps you find the cheapest products, and it even weeds out the ones you don’t want. However, the tool only has about 500 US and UK websites, and the categories offered are limited. It is working on adding more sites and features, and you can already use it to find cheap products.

Source Mogul is a popular tool among newbies selling on Amazon FBA. It allows you to scan over 80 million listings and check products for discounts from other retailers. It also lets you track product niches and monitor keywords. It can generate a list of potentially profitable products daily. It can even process wholesale lists and flag items that Amazon doesn’t allow. And it’s free!

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SourceMogul offers a free trial, and its premium membership allows you to browse all 183 US and UK stores and find the best deals. The service also provides detailed competitor info, fees, and sales history charts. This software enables you to automate your emails and upload product listings to eBay. This tool is excellent for small businesses and can increase your income by up to ten times!

It allows you to scan retail and wholesale sites to find the best prices. You have more ‘wiggle room’ to set a lower selling price by doing this. Besides that, it also helps you price out your competitors. SourceMogul has an easy-to-use UI and an excellent selection of sites. Users can also download lists of products and use a Chrome extension to search for them. You can even try the free trial for seven days.


One of the best ways to maximize your profits on Amazon is by using a repricing tool. RepricerPro is a popular tool that works on 11 different Amazon marketplaces. It helps you make decisions about your pricing strategy by filtering out irrelevant competitors. This tool allows you to upload spreadsheets with product pricing data and compare them to your competitors. You can also apply the same pricing strategy to groups of products. It offers many features, including price optimization automation, profitability analysis, and multi-store management.

Another useful Amazon sales tool is Repricer. The software automatically updates prices when specific rules are triggered. It also gives you various insights into your competitors’ products and listings. Plus, the tool is relatively affordable, starting at $69 per month. If you are serious about using a repricing tool, it’s essential to understand how Amazon prices work. For more information, visit the official website of RepricerPro.

RepricerPro can also help you set margin protection prices and customize pricing strategies. You can import and export your products with this tool, and it also offers a free trial. The program also includes a robust customer help desk system. You can get a 14-day trial of RepricerPro before you decide to invest in the software. And if you’re not sure, you can always try it out for 15 days for free!

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Besides being able to set a schedule for the repricing process, RepricerPro can also help you control the Buy Box by automatically adjusting your prices based on your competitors’ actions. It also gives you valuable reports about competitors’ prices, listing ranks, and price trends. This Amazon sales tool is an essential part of any ecommerce business, and you should give it a try. It’s possible to make money on Amazon by maximizing your profits by using this powerful tool.


One of the most valuable tools for Amazon sellers is the CamelCamelCamel program. This software synchronizes your Amazon Wish lists, sending you emails as soon as prices change. You can also set alert thresholds and receive an email every time the price of a particular item drops below a certain percentage. You can set up the program in various languages, including English, German, and French.

This powerful tool is also highly mobile-friendly, allowing you to monitor Amazon deals from any device. You can even sign up for email alerts if prices go down significantly. It helps you determine the best price and the lowest price for products and gives you an insight into the competition’s pricing. CamelCamelCamel can be added as a plugin to your website or mobile app, making it even more convenient for your customers.

Another helpful tool is Keepa. Like CamelCamelCamel, Keepa allows you to see the historical sales of products on Amazon in various countries. It also provides you with some product information, such as the number of people who have tracked the price. It helps evaluate competitors’ products and prices and enables you to choose the most profitable ones. These tools also help you determine the right product category for your niche.

Price history charts are another feature of CamelCamelCamel. The graphs display price changes for products on Amazon, with low, high, and average prices shown. You can also use this tool to monitor the pricing of derivatives on external sites. The price history chart of each product is updated every six hours, so you can check and adjust your prices accordingly. If you don’t like the current price of your product, CamelCamelCamel can help you fix it.