Best Automated Crypto Trading Platforms in 2023


Best Automated Crypto Trading Platforms in 2023

Traders must ensure they don’t miss out on crucial trades owing to the cryptocurrency market’s volatility. They must therefore find a way to track the market as a result. Traders require assistance since they cannot respond quickly enough to capitalize on price movements that enable them to execute optimal trades. The answer to these problems is that traders now automate their trades using crypto trading platforms.

Platforms for trading cryptos are automated software that helps you time your purchases and sales. This software’s primary objectives are to boost profits while lowering risks and losses. You can manage all of your crypto trading accounts using these platforms.

Automated Crypto Trading Platforms

Platforms for digital trading currencies for one another are known as crypto-trading platforms. Another possibility is the exchange of digital currency for fiat money. In the last few years, there has been an increase in the number of trading platforms available on the cryptocurrency market. However, not all trading platforms are created equal and have the same quality.

There are many different sorts of automated crypto trading platforms that can provide you with an understanding of how crypto works. You must study the available crypto trading platforms on the market as a user of cryptocurrencies.

Platforms for trading cryptocurrencies have expanded dramatically during the past two years. Targeting particular user markets has also led to the emergence of cryptocurrency trading funds. Investors in these funds avoid investing directly in cryptocurrencies and tokens, leaving that to professional traders. Cryptocurrency funds are perfect if you wish to invest in digital assets without making purchases.

In this article, we have listed the top best-automated crypto trading platforms for you to use for your crypto trading in 2023.


One of the most well-liked automated crypto trading platforms available is Coinrule, which features the most preset trading techniques available. More than 150 trading templates are automatically carried out when market conditions match predefined conditions and let customers tailor their investments. Regularly, Coin Rule adds new templates to its platform, including ones for accumulating, stop-loss settings, and long-term holding tactics.

The number of templates you can access with free and paid programmes varies depending on your plan. While the free plan only offers 7 free template strategies, the subscription package includes advanced charting features, unlimited template usage, and even one-on-one trading training and lessons.


A crypto trading automation platform combining mirror trading and portfolio management features is WunderTrading. With TradingView PineScript, users may build fully autonomous cryptocurrency trading bots, follow highly talented traders to make passive income from cryptocurrency trading or execute manual trades using the advanced Trading Terminal.

WunderTrading stands out from its rivals thanks to its wide range of trading options. On the WunderTrading platform, you may use the Trailing-stop and Swing-trade features. You may also employ more sophisticated trading tools like Take-profit and Stop-loss to enhance trading tactics. The TradingView integration enables you to include a wide range of trading algorithms and technical indicators in your bots. They can also leverage their unique built-in Terminals to create DCA and Spread strategies.

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You may manage multiple trade accounts using WunderTrading from a single dashboard. After adding your exchange accounts via API, you can replicate trades across all accounts with a single click. For traders to monitor profits and execute trades more successfully, the platform offers detailed information that is calculated and displayed on the Dashboard.


Access to automated crypto trading platforms and strategies is provided and designed by Napbot’s team of professional quants. Allow strategies to do the task, and keep an eye on everything via your Dashboard.

One of the first sites of its sort, it provides users with access to cryptocurrency trading techniques created by a team of inside professionals. Users have access to all information about strategies, how they operate, and their performances thanks to Napbots’ broad platform and helpful content.

Napbots’ automated trading methods and indexes combine years of experience with AI & machine learning to give you the hedge you require. You have access to several different types of strategies, including Hourly, Daily, Weekly, or Long Only trades.

Link your exchange(s) using API keys, then pick your strategies. Now that it has been finished enjoy accurate reporting and let strategies do the work.

The cost appears reasonable: free for trading budgets under $200; €2 for every $100 allocated (€500 monthly fee maximum); after that. Users can also get a free 15-day trial to learn about Napbots.


Since its launch in 2016, it has constantly added functionality and received updates, turning it into a stable piece of software that completely automates the cryptocurrency trading requirements of more than 25000 active customers.

Gunbot is simple to use, quick to set up and includes various customizable strategies for all types of traders and risk profiles. You may even get free, effective “plug & play” solutions in their marketplace. Gunbot routinely holds tournaments, giving its customers the chance to make some extra money on the side.

For just $9.99, you can start trading with Gunbot. Gunbot operates with a one-time purchase rather than a monthly subscription, unlike many of its competitors.


You have free access to 12 different training bots on Pionex, a cryptocurrency exchange with built-in trading bots. You may automate your trading plan with these bots, eliminating the need for regular market monitoring.

This instrument is an excellent choice for traders who are on the go and do a lot of business. Even though it offers manual trading using crypto-to-crypto conversions, Pionex’s core product is its collection of trading bots. Without human intervention and under predetermined market conditions, this bot executes buy and sell orders from traders.

Pionex uses a maker-taker payment system. In other words, you only pay when your placed trades “create” the market with liquidity while also “taking” liquidity away from the market. You must pay the maker charge if your transaction is not immediately matched by standing order in the books. You are required to pay the taker fee if your order is matched.

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A cloud-based trading bot named Tradesanta can help you save time by carrying out trades on your behalf. It is simple to set up, enables you to automate trading on many exchanges, and lets you select your favourite setting when building a bot. You can create as many bots as possible to use Tradesanta to scale your trading.

Features Include

  • Futures and spot markets are both available to TradeSanta bots.
  • Risk management strategies include stopping loss, trailing stop loss, and taking a profit.
  • Grid and DCA techniques.
  • Without investing any real money, demo trading allows you to evaluate your technique under actual market conditions.
  • Telegram notifications and real-time tracking allow you to keep track of your bots’ activities at all times.
  • Another helpful feature of TradeSanta is the option to quickly close all trades and transfer all of your assets into USDT or BTC. It can be pretty helpful when you have to act quickly, such as when the market is about to crash or you need to fix your earnings.


You need to go no further than Superalgos if you’re a trader or developer trying to create effective crypto trading bots with your techniques.

A robust and expandable platform, it offers free crypto trading bots.

Additionally, the open-source cryptocurrency trading bot is available on Github, and by helping out with the project, you may earn Superalgos (SA) tokens.

With the help of Superalgos’ AI crypto bots, you can focus on creating intelligence rather than wasting time on infrastructure problems. The free trading programme can manage coordinated data deployments and trading duties across several machines in networks; superalgos were developed to possess power.

For instance, downloading raw market data from exchanges, local processing of data into custom and standard indicators, visualizing data over the built-in charting system, visualizing the design of strategies using a professional framework, and various trading sessions, such as backtesting, paper trading, forward testing, and live trading, all of which produce visual simulations over the charts that you can find and fix immediately, on a visual level.

Superalgos is a free crypto trading platform, but not everyone can install it and start using it right away. Although learning the software will take time, the tutorials and documentation will assist you in getting started. The programme releases the power, which you must eventually master if you want to maximize it to the utmost extent.

Additionally, there are benefits to employing Superalgos as a free crypto bot. For instance, you have the opportunity to receive free bitcoin by subscribing to the program.


With the help of this automated crypto trading platform, you can manage all your crypto trading easily, helping you save a lot of your time. You can design and control your trading bot, which doesn’t require coding knowledge.

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What are Bots present on the Automated Crypto Trading Platform?

Automated tools called crypto trading bots to help you do your trading and carry out transactions utilizing various technical indicators. Your cryptocurrency trading bot can be configured to carry out trade orders on your behalf by specific requirements.

For instance, you could instruct your bot to purchase a specific coin for $15 and to repurchase it at $12. Depending on the bot provider you pick, you can choose from various supported coins and account choices.

Unpopular trading bots are present in the cryptocurrency market. Some believe it shouldn’t be allowed, while others believe it has some benefits.

Here are some of them,

  • Bots help automate trading on a  platform so that traders can spend their time on other activities like jobs, study, and other interests.
  • Investors use them to profit from the cryptocurrency market, which operates nonstop worldwide daily.
  • Bots have a significant edge over manual trading since they react to the market faster.
  • A sort of bot known as an arbitrage bot exploits price differences between various exchanges.

How do Trading bots Function?

Some traders have begun utilizing trading bots, while some investors are still discussing whether or not they should be permitted in the bitcoin sector. Each bot has a unique set of hardware and software needs. While some bots are free to operate, others need a substantial subscription charge.

Typically, after finding a bot that will be useful to them, traders will download a code from the bot’s developer. Following the instructions, the trader will now set up their bot on the exchange they choose to use.

Even though trading bots can be helpful, you still need to decide when to purchase and sell. A cryptocurrency trading bot is not a quick way to get money. It’s not a tool that, once you have it, will guarantee success in every trade you make. To succeed in your trades, you must still work hard and invest the necessary amount of time, effort, and knowledge.

Advantages of Using an Automated Crypto Trading Platform

Trading on the crypto market demands putting feelings aside. If you cannot control your impulses and find that you often purchase and sell, you might want to consider utilizing a trading bot.

Here are a few advantages of utilizing a crypto trading bot on a platform.

  • A cryptocurrency trading bot provides an automated trading and investment solution that might help you avoid making rushed trades. If a trader is not employing a bot, FOMO buying and selling can also result in financial loss. Using a trading bot, you can avoid all of these potential money-losing causes.
  • Crypto traders can execute trades quickly and effectively thanks to trading bots. If you trade manually, it could take minutes or even hours to complete a single trade. However, using a bot gives you quick speed and helps you spot possibilities more quickly.
  • A cryptocurrency bot can assist you in trading on the cryptocurrency market every day of the week. So you are always available in the market, without being active.


As the cryptocurrency market receives more attention, it has become simpler for traders to use bots to improve their trading approach. Even though automated crypto trading platforms can help traders with trade execution and allow them to profit from price differences between exchanges, a successful trading strategy is still necessary on the part of the trader themselves.