7 Best Dating Sites & Apps For Men from 40-60 years old in 2022

Best Dating Sites & Apps For Men from 40-60 years old in 2022

The Most Popular Dating Sites and Apps For Males 40-60 years old men

As you enter your 40s, there are many changes, but not as drastically as you believe. In your 40s, you’ve seen enough. Your thoughts regarding the universe and your role in it do not just stem from your family, education, or the information you’ve received. You’ve gained a lot of knowledge and developed your views about the world. So choosing the right partner is different. This article will cover the best dating sites & apps For men from 40-60 years old.

As a mature man, you’ve also become accountable for your existence and happiness, and it means that the people you’d like to establish relationships with will change as well. If you’re wondering what 40-year-old men look for in a woman who is different from younger males, the answer is a lot.

What do 40+ men seek from life, women, and dating sites/apps?

  • It’s easy to form assumptions about what men in their 40s are looking for in women.
  • Although most of what men are looking for is similar, there are some essential differentiators between men 40 years old and the other age groups.
  • Men in their 40s need someone loving, caring and generous.
  • Younger men are more likely to mention an attractive smile or an attractive personality. Older men often present a compassionate, loving, and gentle character when they talk about what they would like to be.
  • In their 40s appreciate their intelligence more highly than men of younger years.
  • For those over 40, intelligence ranks 16th as the most favored attribute. For those over 50, it rises to the 13th most popular characteristic. Incredibly, males in their 30s do not mention intelligence frequently. Instead, they employ the term intelligent when discussing the women they’re interested in.
  • Everyone loves a good sense of humor.
  • Maybe this is because it’s fun to be around. However, males of all ages cite humor as their top quality trait. Also, women who can have a burst of enjoyable laughter are well-known.
  • 40-year-olds want someone trustworthy.
  • In contrast to other age groups, those in their 40s are loyalty the most desirable trait. Perhaps due to several heartbreaks, or since they’re searching for someone who will be an ally in their lives and be with them.
  • Males in their late 40s are looking for happy, positive, and positive partners.
  • Another common trait of all men is being cheerful. Although it wasn’t on the top list of different age groups, males in their 40s seemed to be interested in being with a partner who’s positive as well.
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When you look at the things that guys in their late 40s desire, there are some key points to remember:

Men of all ages seek an honest, loving person with whom they can enjoy a good time and have fun. But, men in their 40s say they emphasize being reliable, easygoing, and optimistic.

They’ve lived long enough to appreciate things they might not have appreciated and are looking for the person they can talk with.

7 Best Dating Sites & Apps For Men from 40-60 years old in 2022

1. POF.com

Plenty of Fish (POF) is undoubtedly among the top viewed free dating websites, and it has a staggering 55% of the members over 40. A majority of the features are completely free. You don’t need to upgrade to make or receive messages or check out who’s viewed your profile.

The pool of users is vast, and you’ll want to make use of the advanced search options on the site. Like any other free website, you’ll encounter many fake profiles, and it could take longer to hook the right women you’d like to know more.

2. The League

The League dating app/ site is exclusive to men 40-60 years old. It is the best platform to meet attractive women, but it’s not just for everyone. There’s even an acceptance committee that will examine your credentials to determine whether you’re worthy. The League waiting lists are just one of the obstacles to negotiating if you want access to their exclusive dating pool.

In your 40s and beyond, you may trust The League to connect with genuinely excellent females. The League is practically an absolute must. The League is only available in 60 cities across the USA and has a strict screening process for gaining admission. However, throwing your hat into the arena is worth it because the standard is exceptionally high.

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You can download the app for free. However, it will only allow you to select three matches every day. And a premium subscription will cost around $30 per month. There are different levels of service available based on the number of daily matches and other benefits you’d like to enjoy.

Spending time and effort on your profile is vital to making it a top-quality dating app. So, look at these suggestions to be off the waiting list faster instead of later.

3. Elitesingles

Suppose you’ve had a bad experience due to money-related disputes or work-ethic disagreements in the past. Or simply, you are looking for a partner with a similar lifestyle. In that case, EliteSingles’ emphasis on money and careers lets members match with those they’d be confident sharing a financial account. Looking for an established community, EliteSingles offers a mature platform for ambitious individuals to meet without being shy when discussing the goals of their careers or finances. That will help your future relationships begin with a solid foundation, without surprises in the workplace.

4. Match

It’s the largest and most well-known paid dating app/site. It has a pool of beautiful women in their 30s and beyond. The monthly fee for membership helps filter out women who don’t want to commit to getting together. It means there won’t be as many fakes or flake-like women as you will on a free site, such as OkCupid as well as POF. To draw the gorgeous women, you’ll need to create a profile that distinguishes you from your competition. 

5. Hinge

The majority of users on Hinge are older than 30, so if you’re looking to meet a woman who is in her 40s or 30s, it’s an excellent choice.

It is no wonder that users on Hinge are primarily looking for something that falls on the more extended range of relationships. Features such as “Most Compatible” and “Standouts” offered curated matches. And Hinge’s interactive “comment on a question or photograph” structure makes it simple to initiate an exchange on Hinge.

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Hinge is free. However, there’s an upgraded version that comes with many valuable perks. Beginning at $19.99 for a month, you can “like” any profile you like every day. You can access all possible match criteria filters and glance over every person who has “liked” your page.

6. Silversingles

It’s best for divorced males who are 40 – 60 years old. Many people don’t want to search through the younger singles to find a mature companion to settle down with. That’s the reason why SilverSingles is a great option. SilverSingles was explicitly designed for fifty-year-olds and over to allow them to meet an ally to share their old age with. You might discover SilverSingles slightly less attractive than other dating sites. Still, it’s as straightforward to use compared to other modern dating websites and apps listed in this article.

7. MillionaireMatch

Suppose you’re an older, successful man around 40-60 years old. And you are looking to meet an attractive young woman. In that case, MillionaireMatch is the perfect site specifically for you. It’s not a traditional sugar daddy website or SeekingArrangement, and it’s a dating website specifically designed for professionals who are accomplished and gorgeous women.

MillionaireMatch is a popular choice for established women and young hot girls that are sure to make your friends jealous. MillionaireMatch has the most gorgeous and responsive women.

Millionaire status isn’t an obligation. However, passing through this “millionaire certification” process could send your response rate to the sky. Sending and receiving messages is a matter of upgrading to Gold membership ($35-70/month according to the duration of your membership) However, the women you’ll meet are worth the investment.


Covid 19 has put lots of barriers in our daily activities. Continuous lockdowns, social distancing, and Facemask are not desirable for people seeking a partner. When you are 40-60 years, you are much more composed and don’t have time to try and test different sites or apps to get the best match for you. I hope this article will serve that purpose.