What To Pack In A Hospital Bag For Baby: The Complete Checklist

What To Pack In A Hospital Bag For Baby: The Complete Checklist

What To Pack In A Hospital Bag For Baby: The Complete Checklist

Labor and delivery can be an emotional and physically exhausting experience. One of the most important steps in how to prepare for childbirth is making sure you have all the right items with you when you arrive at the hospital.

But what should you pack in your hospital bag for baby, mom and dad? Here are a few items you should consider adding to your list:

What To Pack In A Hospital Bag For Baby: The Complete Checklist 2021

Most births happen between 37 weeks and 42 weeks pregnant. Only 4 % are born exactly on their due date. Most women have earlier labor than the expected due date. You feel strong contractions 5- 10 minutes apart when you’re in labor. So when it happens, everyone around you is panicking, and you are in pain. There is no time to prepare all the things needed. So having your pregnancy hospital bags already being prepared is essential during this kind of moment.

When we speak of pregnancy hospital bags, it means all the items needed for childbirth are already inside and organized. That is why this article will help to guide you on what to pack in your pregnancy hospital bag, especially what to pack in hospital bag for baby and mom.

Items to Pack

Your pregnancy hospital bags should have the items for the mother, the baby, and even for the father who accompanies the mother during labor.

Packing the pregnancy hospital bag for some people is like they’re going on a trip. Because of the excitement, some may overdo things, and there are chances of overpacking, and sometimes, we pack the non-essentials more than the essentials in our hospital bag. To help you in your preparation, we have a list to make sure you won’t miss an essential item for childbirth.

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Clothes for Moms

Hospitals and birth centers provide a gown for labor and delivery. They are functional and convenient to wear. But some mothers want to wear their clothes of choice, that makes them comfortable and stylish. There are already delivery gowns available in the market that fit during labor, delivery, and post-partum. You must also prepare your going-home outfit and flat shoes.  And your going-home outfit should be in a 6-month maternity size.

Pajamas or Robes for Moms

Most mothers prefer to wear maternity pajamas and robes that give comfort and easy access when feeding their newborn postpartum. Delivering a baby is exhausting, and changing into new clothes may be tiresome for new moms. Wearing a robe instead saves energy. It is also convenient if there are visitors. You don’t need to change. Instead, you just have to wear a robe.


We want to look and smell good after an exhausting event. In addition, when you are expecting visitors, you do not want to look haggard and exhausted. So self-care is a must after the delivery of the baby. Toiletries include a toothbrush, face wash, shampoo, lotion, deodorant, lip balm, etc.

Personal Items

Do not forget your essential personal items like your identification card, birth plan, etc. If you are wearing eyeglasses, do not forget to bring them or contact lenses. Put your cellphones, charges, or any portable materials that you need in your hospital bag.

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Baby Gear

It is unnecessary to bring too much baby stuff because the hospital or birth center will provide the baby’s needs during childbirth like baby bottles, diapers, baby wipes, and breast pumps. You only need a going-home outfit, hat, and warm blanket. You can prepare baby clothes in different sizes to make sure it fits your baby.  You can also prepare socks and booties because newborns  can get cold easily.

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Hospital Bag Essentials

What are the other essentials to pack in a hospital bag for baby, mom, and dad? Here are some items you may think are not that important but are needed during childbirth.

  • Maternity bras and nursing pads for moms
  • Ponytail holder or headband for moms during delivery
  • Socks and slippers for moms during labor to prevent cold, especially during a long labor
  • Hospital bag essentials for dads like pillows, snacks, changes of clothes, items for entertainment, money, cell phone and charger, and toiletries.
  • You also need to prepare for C-section essentials for moms in case of emergency C-section delivery. Items needed are compression sock, stool softener, High waist postpartum mesh underwear, and belly band.

Bonus Tip

When hospital discharge is on the way, the hospital will notify the family to bring an infant car seat. They will check and approve the infant car seat. Choose an infant-only car seat, not an ordinary car seat.  It is a rear-facing seat only, and its carrier that connects to a base installed in the car can be removed.


Childbirth is another phase in a couple’s life. The joy your newborn brings to the family is tremendous. But also childbirth is unpredictable and unexpected things can happen no matter how careful you are during your pregnancy. The most important thing you must do is be prepared in order to have peace of mind and be ready for everything. Preparing for what to pack in hospital bag for baby, mom and dad is not a hassle and time-consuming preparation.

If you have a list, you won’t waste your time thinking about what to bring. When you already prepared your pregnancy hospital bag ahead, you would only think about how to prepare yourself physically and mentally for the new event of your life.