Best Fashion Digital Marketing Agencies in Australia 2022-2023

Is Fashion Digital Marketing in demand in Australia

Best Fashion Digital Marketing Agencies in Australia 2022-2023

You can make it easier for customers to find your brand among all the noise by investing in digital marketing services. Digital marketing for fashion should be a core component of your business strategy, whether it’s having a significant social media presence to interact with your customers or working with bloggers in the field to promote your clothing.

We’ve included EGPR, Made, SAVV DIGITAL, and Zenith. Each one offers a unique combination of creative and strategic approaches, and we’ve listed their top features in order of importance.

Demand of Fashion Content Creators in Australia

Fashion is part and parcel of what advertisers want to sell. A fashion blogger, for example, can be a digital outlet for an advertiser looking to promote a new clothing line.

Fashion bloggers and other people who share their fashionable style on social media can provide companies with the perfect way to advertise their products. The fact is, if you see someone wearing your dress or your shoes in the mall, you might be tempted to buy it too!
Especially in Australia where there are many creative industries that thrive online such as fashion design or architecture firms that need stylists and photographers as well.

Some people who have success in their work may be able to earn a comfortable living from it, so it’s not surprising that these kind of businesses can be very successful. As an example, a fashion influencer could earn between $2,000 to 6 figures, per post related to fashion or lifestyle.  Earnings depend on

How to get started as a fashion blogger?

  1. These are all the basic things that you need to start your career as a fashion influencer.
    A camera or mobile phone that can shoot good picture quality pictures. This is essential if you want to get the go ahead from brands and design houses or even your friends or family members in your social network.
  2. A good laptop or a computer with access to the internet.
  3. A good editing software like Photoshop, Illustrator or Photoshop Elements
  4. An artsy background picture for your blog
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The founders of SAVV DIGITAL could not meet their expectations of a fashion digital marketing agency and decided to work with a more prominent firm. Although the firm focuses on advertising, content marketing, conversion optimization, and digital strategy, SAVV DIGITAL also provides lead generation services for a women-focused jobs platform. The company needed a digital marketing agency that could blend in with its internal team, and this was no small task.


EGPR is a boutique Australian PR and digital marketing agency that specializes in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. They combine cutting-edge creativity and long-standing media relationships to position brands and develop a direct dialogue with consumers. Their team has extensive experience and focuses on content and design, offering a full range of communications solutions. They also develop creative, strategic campaigns. To get started, sign up for a free trial of Flaunter to see how the agency can improve your business.


One of the top digital marketing agencies in Australia is Made, and their Sydney-based team can help you make your brand stand out. They focus on custom graphic design and branding for clients and are capable of both online and offline coordination. Made has a long history of working with Australian and international brands, and its team of dedicated creatives is ready to make the perfect vision come to life. Their approach is holistic, focusing on the whole brand.

Founded in 2012, Made is an agency specializing in fashion and lifestyle brands. They combine PR strategies with seasonal range planning consultations to make brands stand out. Their team of PR and influencer experts develops campaigns that are fun and unique while also building relationships with a variety of media. For its clients, Made uses Flaunter software and social media tools to create effective digital marketing strategies. Listed below are some of their most impressive campaigns.

Made is an Australian communications agency that specializes in fashion and lifestyle brands. They have extensive connections with macro and celebrity influencers and have a four-step process to ensure a successful campaign. The agency’s team combines the best of traditional advertising, branding, and marketing with the latest technology. Ultimately, their mission is to help clients grow and become more successful. They strive to be the best. Make sure to consider Made for your next campaign.

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You’ve probably heard of fashion and retail marketing agencies. But what exactly do these companies do? They use their expertise in e-commerce and fashion marketing to create strategies that appeal to your target audience and make you stand out in their eyes. Below, we’ll go over some of the most important benefits of fashion marketing agencies and what they can do for you. Then, contact one of these agencies for more information. We hope these agencies can help you grow your business.

Due North is an end-to-end digital marketing agency based in Brisbane and Melbourne. They specialize in data-driven performance marketing and building profitable customer relationships for brands. Their highly-skilled team of engineers and systematic thinkers use their experience to create a strategy that delivers results in the most efficient way. They’re proud to successfully pioneer projects for brands around the world. Due North Interactive and Made in Australia fashion brands are just two examples of reputable Australian digital marketing agencies.


TIA has developed a reputation for working with Western Australian influencers, including micro-influencers with a following of fewer than three thousand followers and famous names with more than 50,000. They represent a range of niches, including food and drink, fashion, travel, and lifestyle. Influencers with a strong following in Australia include Loved by Emily, Sherlock Diary, and Perth Foodies.