10 Best-Guaranteed Credit Card Approval No Deposit In 2022-2023

Best-Guaranteed Credit Card Approval No Deposit

Best-Guaranteed Credit Card Approval No Deposit In 2022-2023

If you have bad credit and need guaranteed approval of your credit cards, you don’t need to care about it. When you have a bad credit score, it can be challenging to find credit cards that guarantee approval. So, whatever credit card you choose, you should aim to use the new line of credit towards a strong credit profile. So, you can apply for better cards and loans in the future. Here, we discuss the best free credit cards that will be approved even without a deposit.

What is a Credit Card?

Credit cards are issued by bank or finance-based companies so that cardholders can borrow funds to pay for services with merchants that accept credit cards for payment. They have some policies which include that the cardholder will have to pay that borrowed amount with any applicable interest. However, the credit card issuer may issue separate cash to cardholders, making users borrow money in cash form accessed through ATMs or credit cards.

What is a bad credit score?

There are different parameters for bad scoring, and each lender may have a specific version as there is no exact number counting the threshold between “bad” and “good” credit. Generally, according to the FICO score below 580 is considered poor credit, while a score between 580 and 669 is considered fair credit.

You will avail of limited options if your credit score is low. If you have bad credit, you will get the opportunity to avail of only a secured card or card with average interest rates.

Causes of bad credit

Credit cards with bad scores do not happen overnight. It’s a slow process. When someone misses the payment and defaults they owe, they cause damage to the credit score. Filing for bankruptcy will also negatively affect your credit score. Many actions also lower your credit score, including making out your cards or making minimum or late payments many times.

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List Of Best-Guaranteed Credit Card Approval Which Requires No Deposit

Here we discuss the list of credit cards that are approved without deposit.

1. Green Dot Primor Visa Gold Secured Credit Card

It is a worthy credit card for several reasons. Firstly, they offer you an initial security deposit between $200-$5000. Secondly, it offers 9.99% fixed interest on purchases without penalty and hidden fees. Thirdly, if they report to all of the three credit bureaus, it will give you a chance to straighten your credit with the help of responsible financial management.

Lastly, there is no limit for credit card scores; whether you have poor credit or zero credit, there are guaranteed chances of your success.

2. Opensky Secured Visa Credit Card

Unlike most cards, it does not require a credit check before approval. You have to prove your income, age, and employment status. When you are above 18 and earn a regular income to cover the minimum security deposit of $200 and $35 annual fee, your approval is almost guaranteed.

When the cards report to all three major card bureaus, it’s a great option to repair or build the credit. However, keep that in mind. You have to put down a $1000 security deposit as a secured card if you want to enjoy the equivalent spending power.

3. Total Visa Card

Total Visa Card gives almost the guaranteed approval to the user, even if they have no credit history. If you have zero credit history, still there is a good chance for the approval of your application. The amount of the security deposit will determine the credit limit.

But there are a few things you should follow before signing up. Firstly, it has one of the unfavorable APRs on the market. You will need to commit an initial $89, with a $79 annual fee and $6.25 monthly fees from the second year. If you have no option left, the card allows you to create your credit rating.

4. First Progress Platinum Prestige Secured Mastercard

It has some useful features that are worth a lot. The main feature is its acceptance rate, which doesn’t require any credit history. And if you don’t have any credit history, they still consider your application. They secured your credit line by a fully refundable deposit of $200-$2000. When you pay your deposit, you will access 24/7 online account access. They have an excellent APR of just 10.74%. You have the option to get your deposit at any time.

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5. Wells Fargo Secured Credit Card

The main feature of this credit card is their credit line is equal to your security deposit. If you show responsible credit card use, there is a chance of upgrading credit cards. In the first three months, you can earn $200 cash rewards on purchasing $1000. It has a 0 % APR for 15 months.

6. Discover It Secured

For those who have bad credits, it would be a good option for those. Discovering it is secured offers some advantages to the cardholder. Additionally, it offers a credit limit in line with a security deposit. You can also get a 2% cashback of purchases on gas stations and restaurants and 1% cashback on all other purchases. In other words, it is good that cards with bad credit offer reward to their users.

7. Aeromexico Secured Credit Card

If you wish for equivalent credit, all you need is to put down the security deposit of $1000. By this, you will get some useful benefits. In addition, they offer you zero fraud liability protection, offers to replace your card, and favor of emergency cash.

8. Harley-Davidson Secured Credit Card

If you don’t have a good credit history, you still have a chance to get a Harley-Davidson secured credit card. The advantages of this card are online banking, automatic bill pay, card protection plans, no annual fees, and you get a chance to reestablish your credit rating. So, with all secured cards, security deposits determine the line of credit.

9. First National Bank Of Omaha Secured Visa Card

This credit card charges no annual fee. You can choose your credit limit between $300-$5000 by the equal return of the deposit ( can be returned in 11 months). It gives you the opportunity for a credit increase without any extra deposit after seven months. They have a reasonable APR of 20.24%.

10. First Progress Platinum Elite Mastercard Secured Credit Card

This credit card has some great benefits, including the chance to claim a credit line that is equal to your security deposit and the chance to re-establish your credit card rating. They give you an APR of 20.74%. There is no limitation of credit score.

How To Apply For Credit Cards With Bad Credit History

If you have bad credits and want to apply for credit cards, you should have an idea of your goals in acquiring credit cards and what is attainable.

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Secured Credit Cards

A secured credit card might be your choice when you are new to credit cards. Lenders hesitate to issue credit cards to those who are struggling financially. However, a secured credit card requires a deposit that can grab if your debt is unpaid. Each secured card has its minimum and maximum credit limits, starting with the minimum opening deposit from a few dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the card’s maximum limit.

Unsecured Credit Cards

If you are low on credit history and build your credit history to earn a better credit score, then an unsecured credit card is for you. There are several types of unsecured credit cards in the market. Unsecured credit cards for bad credits may come with sky-high APRs, which make them very expensive to sport a balance.

Credit Cards After Bankruptcy

After bankruptcy, it isn’t easy to start a financial career. You will apply for a credit card only when your bankruptcy is discharged. Once it’s done, you should apply for a credit card as soon as the bankruptcy process is completed. So, you have to start creating your credit fast.

Bankruptcy will show on your credit report for seven to ten years, depending on the type of bankruptcy you filed. There are some credit cards that you can get even with a bankruptcy on your credit report. However, you have to search for them.

How Do I Approve A Credit Card When I Have No Deposit Or Bad Credit?

Don’t worry; if you have a bad credit history, there is still a chance to get a credit card that is right for you. Probably the rewards you get are not as great as you want. However, you can improve your credit score in this way.

You should claim the secured card with less than perfect credit. With the help of a secured card, you can get a chance of having the line of credit equal to the security deposit. Many cards do not require a security deposit, but you have to pay annual costs, accounts fees, and very high-interest rates.


It is possible to get a credit card when you have no deposit. It would lead towards better credit habits. Always choose the right card for you, and it needs research to find out the best card for you. Choosing the right card for you depends on your financial history and financial goals.