List of 10 Best Health & Medical Guest Posting sites in USA & UK 2022

List of 10 Best Health & Medical Guest Posting sites in USA & UK

List of Best Medical & Health Guest Posting Websites in USA & UK | Sumbit Guest Post

Everyone strives to be on Google’s first page. Backlinks are one of the most important ranking criteria. Do you work in the healthcare business or have clients that work in the health-related field? Are you attempting to build some high-quality, long-term backlinks to your website? In this regard, posting health blogs on health guest posting websites is an effective approach to growing your audience. You can also increase the domain authority and backlinks in the health market through this approach.

Are you looking for a platform to facilitate you with a list of the finest health guest posting websites in 2022? If that’s the case, let’s get down to business. This article will provide you with useful information about the finest websites that accept guest posts. Moreover, about key SEO metrics to assist you in evaluating the prospects.

What Are the Guidelines to Approach Health Blogging Websites?

To reach out to these folks, use the Guest blogging template for the healthcare business listed below:

  1. Must connect the content to the topic of health
  2. Unique and high-quality content is required
  3. Must include the benefits and suggestions for the readers in the content
  4. Do not republish the same post elsewhere after it has been submitted
  5. However, the length of a blog or guest article should be between 750 and 6000 words
  6. At least one image relating to the product must be provided
  7. It’s best to stay away from spinner content
  8. Must include the keyword and a hyperlink in the content
  9. In 100 words, the author should introduce himself
  10. Moreover, plagiarism should be strictly outlawed

What Is The Mail Template For Health Guest Blogging Websites?

Hi, I am Jack, and I partake in your blog’s substance just as the information you show your readers. I appreciate perusing your articles and might want to contribute some top-notch health-related content. Moreover, I comprehend the significance of well-informed content and invest wholeheartedly in making all-around designed visitor posts that do an amazing job. Although, I have perused all of your guest posting guidelines and guarantee to keep them to write a successful article. Please let me know if there are any good post ideas I might suggest for your blog. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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What Are the Greatest Sites For Guest Posting In The Healthcare Niche?

Follow the below-mentioned list to boost your keywords ranking:

This website provides us with daily health maintenance and fitness-oriented blogs to keep you healthy. It attracts more than 5 million readers monthly due to its unique and research-based content. To submit your guest posts, follow the submission rules set by Here you will come across investment, finances, education, and entertainment. only accepts original guest articles. Guest submissions must have a word count of at least 1000 words. It is welcome to use SEO keywords or backlinks, but they should be kept to a minimum and relevant to the topic you are writing about. Contact Webnews21 with pitch ideas to submit your guest posts. It’s an excellent option for guest blogging and posting in the healthcare field.

This website provides you with a daily health and fitness blog delivered to your mailbox. Moreover, the target audience for this health and fitness blogging website is young, intelligent, and social. Your work must be brief, fun, relatable, topical, and of good quality, for it to be accepted.

Follow the right rules for content submission and email their SEO staff; they will contact you shortly. This site is reliable in providing you with information about the advantages of various healthcare items.

Medical bloggers are welcome to contribute to this site. It would be best if you were passionate about writing about health and science-based Medicine. Contact one of the editors with your content suggestions before submitting them. Read the key posting criteria before waiting for more information.

The master cleanses, also known as the lemonade diet, is a processed drink commonly used for rapid weight loss and health wellbeing. Read through the website’s blog page to get a sense of the themes covered.

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You must also adhere to the guidelines for a guide on the types of articles they publish. After carefully reading the guidelines, fill out the form on the page. After you’ve published three posts, you’ll be able to connect back to your website.

This website contains valuable evidence-based medical and healthcare content. Additionally, the information on this site is not intended to be an auxiliary for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Follow the posting rules; for example, content must be health-related and no fewer than 1000 words. In your author bio, you are permitted to include one do-follow link. Additionally, you may find more information on how to submit a guest post here.

This website accepts articles that affect readers’ health and fitness decisions and provides highly engaging advice. You’ll want to obtain as much exposure as possible on hot health themes for submission purposes. However, you must produce roughly 500 words of material. Moreover, include up to two author bio links in your post. Ping the website and the article submission page for additional details.

This website publishes articles that will help you uniquely live a better life. Additionally, it has a page rank of around 3.0. First, create an author account on the website to submit an article. Then, to submit an article, you must first obtain the article submission guidelines. It will assist you in determining the type of content they accept. Include a short bio of roughly 45-50 words.

It is a mission-driven organization dedicated to changing healthcare by leveraging patient leaders’ experience, talents, and ideas. Moreover, contact Amanda if you’d like to contribute as a guest writer to this site. Her email address is present on the page. Attach the content you’d like to write about along with a link to your work.

This website publishes health-related and supplement-related articles. After reading the entire instructions, you can submit your industry-related article. Additionally, to obtain trustworthy backlinks, you can forward this webpage to your friends. This website delivers a seamless experience throughout the membership journey. It delivers from recruitment and onboarding to engagement and retention. Additionally, it helps to improve outcomes and reduce costs by personalizing interactions on a single, intelligent platform. You can submit your guest posts by sending them an email.

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The lupus guru is a website dedicated to people who have had serious hand illnesses. It publishes several articles about disability, healthcare, and other chronic disorders. Moreover, you can email the author and send your content along with a link.

Guest posting on health blogs is extremely beneficial for people who wish to develop a wonderful report. However, healthcare bloggers acquire high-quality backlinks and traffic to their websites.

Final Thoughts

One of the keys to increasing your online presence is finding a business blog that allows guest posts. Guest posts not only provide an opportunity to build valuable backlinks but can also make your business more prominent. It helps to build your reputation, enhancing your overall digital marketing presence. Great guest posts can improve search engine optimization, increase website traffic, and broaden your expertise and unique understanding. In principle, the higher the domain’s authority, the more complicated the editor selection process.

Important things to keep in mind before starting guest posting

Content marketing is a hot pie on the market right now, and guest posting is key. Also, guest posting is not as easy as it used to be. Now helps you connect with your target audience and promote your services among them, not just improving your search rankings.

Choose the right blog host. Authors and content types can make a guest posting cycle, so choosing the right guest poster and blog is just as important. So, before becoming a guest writer, ask about the potential content blogs cover. Additionally, stay away from content that isn’t in your own (and your) niche.

So, what’s the takeaway?

Simple! Don’t spam by posting bullshit content on crappy sites. In other words, sites don’t accept bullshit (if you’re a guest post recipient) articles. It is advised to don’t use guest blogging as your only SEO strategy. Moreover, don’t follow the content spinning processes, posting to unrelated websites, or posting the same article on multiple blogging websites. Instead, focus on the long-term benefits of writing authentic, reliable, high-quality content and publishing your work on third-party websites. I think I can draw a line here. I hope you understand the difference between a low-quality guest blog and a high-quality blog.