Home decor & Lifestyle | Guest Posting sites promoting ” Write for us” 2022

Home decor & Lifestyle | Guest Posting sites promoting

Home decor & Life style | Guest Posting sites in 2022 promoting ” Write for us”

When you want to start your career with guest posting, it is advisable to get started with free guest posting approval sites specialized in Home decor and Lifestyle. Choosing the right platform for the instant approval of guest posts is very important. When you choose the right platform for guest blogging, it will give you a lot of benefits.

Why do you need Home decor and Lifestyle guest posting sites?

Guest posts will build strong links, authority, and a good relationship with their audience. However, if you want to create brand awareness and attract traffic towards their blog, guest posting is considered an ideal platform. It will be so beneficial for you and your brand awareness. Guest posts are simply the articles written for other websites. Most people get in touch with instant approval and high-quality guest posting sites to get backlinks.

Here we discuss the leading platforms where you will help a lot in publishing your guest posts for instant approval of guest posting.

What Is the meaning of ‘Write for us’ in Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is publishing or writing a content article or blog on someone else’s website. Guest blogging will give you backlinks and huge traffic to your website. Some websites use the term ” Write for us”. The term means these sites are looking for bloggers who are interested in submitting guest posts.

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The backline will give you the advantage of a high ranking of your website, and in return, you gain more search engine traffic. However, some websites offer you to register and submit your guest posts, while some of them require you to contact the website administrator for your guest posting. But, choosing the right option for a guest posting website is somehow simple, but it is time-consuming.

After submitting your guest post, it will be reviewed by the website administrator. So, if your guest post meets the required guidelines, your post would be approved. However, every website has different guidelines for guest posting. So, you should check out their submission guidelines before choosing the website for guest posting. But, make sure that you always produce unique and unpublished content. Your content should be SEO-friendly. If your content is copied from another article, it will be rejected, and the website admin will block your account.

Sites That Accept Instant Guest Posts in Lifestyle & Home Decor and used the phrase, ‘Write for us’.

It isn’t easy to choose the right website for your content. Here is the list of sites that give instant approval to your guest posts.

1.   Webnew21.com

Webnews21 Instant approves the guest post if your article meets its guidelines. This website has more than 400,000 monthly. So, if your post is approved as a guest post for webnews21, it will give a lot of traffic to your blog. They accept guest posts on every topic related to Home decor, lifestyle, food, education, finance, current affairs, and many more. You can choose the topic according to your niche. Your content should be research-based, unique, in a proper format, and have more than 1,000 words according to their guidelines. Guest posts will give you backlinks and engage more content to your blog. If you want to submit an instant approval guest post to webnew21, you can contact them here at webnews2121@gmail.com

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2.   TheGuestBlogging

This website instantly approves the guest posts in all niches. However they spelize in Home decor and lifestyle. Their guest posting is completely free. You can publish your content on their website to attract more traffic. Before sharing your article on this website, make sure it is not copied and has unique content. The domain authority of this website is high 60. The word limit of the article is 1,000 words. Your article will be approved if you follow their guidelines.

3.   LiveGuestPost.com

This website accepts the guest articles from the guest writers and instantly approves them. LIveGuestPost.com is a growing blog, and its preference is to publish quality and unique content about digital marketing, SEO, word press, google analytics, and many more. They will approve your guest article if you fulfill their criteria. Firstly, the length of the article must be within 700 words. They will not accept your guest article if your content is repeated or already published. An article must be easily understandable and user-friendly. They prefer Home decor and Lifestyle niches.

4.   GoogleDoodle.in

You can share your content here on the instant approval guest post site. Suppose you are in search of a website that approves the guest posts. Before sharing, make sure to follow their guidelines. If your content is against the website’s guidelines, it will reject your article. Article length must be within 800-1200 words. Make your content attractive, unique, and easy to read.

5.  Mainstreethost.com

This website is paid and only accepts lifestyle & Home decor related content on the website. So, before you share your guest article on this website, make sure to follow their guidelines. The domain authority of guest posts is very high on this website. So, you can share your article here to attract a lot of traffic. This website needs fresh content. However, if you use already published content, then your posts will be deleted by the website. Words limit should be restricted to 800-5000 words.

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Purpose Of ‘Write for us’ section in SEO

Guest blogging will help you build links, engage traffic and create new content. You can use guest blogging for SEO purposes and link building. However, the main purpose of guest posting is to increase the domain authority of sites. Moreover, to succeed in guest blogging, you should produce high-quality content within your industry line. A section (Post or Page) saying ” Write for us” indicates the guest bloggers to submit theor posts there.

So, the easiest way to start guest blogging is to search for a platform in Home Decor and Lifestyle. Furthermore, find new opportunities and websites and give them ideas to write posts for their website.

How To Get Maximum Benefits From Guest Blogging in Lifestyle & Home Decor niche?

There are many benefits of guest blogging in lifestyle & Home decor niche. However, it is an ideal way to get your message out. It aids you to engage more traffic to your blog. So, if you have a good relationship with your audience, it will increase your credibility. It will happen if your content is relevant to the needs and interests of the audience. Hence, there are also many benefits, including:

  1. Guest posting helps you to increase authority.
  2. It will help you to grow your blog.
  3. Guest post increases your credibility.
  4. It is an effective way to create a network between you and the audience.
  5. It is helpful to promote your brand.
  6. Guest posts will help you a lot to gain recognition.
  7. The guest post increases your creativity and expertise.


In conclusion, if you want to promote your brand and gain people’s interest, guest blogging is an ideal way to do so. No doubt, it is one of the best ways to promote professional connections and build relationships. However, guest blogging with the right platform will increase your authority, credibility, and expertise.