Best Guest Posting Services | Sites for Digital Marketers 2022 in Pakistan

Best Guest Posting Services | Sites for Digital Marketers 2022 in Pakistan

Best Guest Posting Services| Sites for Pakistan Digital Marketers To Target USA Clients, 2022

Content marketing is the most powerful way to increase your business visibility online. SEO experts always want to receive backlinks or mentions from high DA websites. However, free guest posting is a common practice to achieve search engine growth. Although, it may take some time to publish free guest posts. Guest bloggers or aspiring new web admins, finding free guest posts is a nightmare. Most importantly, in this blog, I will share the best guest posting websites to target the niche of USA.

What Is Guest Posting/ Blogging?

Simply put, guest blogging is writing and publishing articles on other websites. Your guest posts include your signature and are often highlighted by “guest authors” by the editors of this website. Depending on your website or postings, you may or may not be rewarded for guest posts. Some publications offer non-monetary rewards for your posts, such as social media accounts or links to your website. In addition, it allows you to drive traffic back to your website. However, running a guest blog allows you to create an expert profile in your niche. Moreover, you can also grow your brand and increase your audience in social media followers, followers, and more.

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What Are The Benefits Of Guest Blogging?

Certainly, writing this post without mentioning the main benefits of guest blogging is a crime. After all, you don’t write articles for third-party websites just because you have the time. You want to sound like a philanthropist by publishing an article, but deep down, you expect something in return. For instance, good referral traffic or increased brand awareness.

1.      Reach a wider audience

Meanwhile, posting your work on an external website allows more people to see your work. Imagine if you post your article on Forbes, tens or hundreds of thousands of people will read your article, and people will come back (often directly to your site) if the topic is directly related to what you do.

2.      Generate quality referral traffic

Thousands of people who view and read quality posts are more likely to generate high-quality, targeted referral traffic. In other words, you know what it can lead. Yes, more impressions and more sales.

3.      Build long-term relationships

Unless you’re just a guest post about a link, you’ll be posting multiple articles on the same blog. This post strengthens the relationship with the blog owner and can lead to further partnerships.

4.      Increase your website’s authority

People are more likely to trust and buy from reputable brands online. If your product gets good reviews on the Next Web, will people trust you more by purchasing it? Obviously, it will work.

5.      Increase brand awareness

Just like increasing your website’s authority, guest blogging can expose your brand to a much wider audience.

6.      Inbound Links (Backlinks)

Should I explain this? Good. You can also get high-quality and strong backlinks from your profile bio. Most sites allow you to add one or two links to your signature, usually displayed at the bottom of every post.

Top Well-Known Sites For Guest Posting Services to Target USA Clients in 2022

Here are some of the best guest posting sites we highly recommend submitting your posts to. These are all the best sites, and all of them are in the top 100,000 on Alexa, so they will help increase organic traffic for your blog.

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1. is the best guest posting service, providing daily news updates and how-to guides on finance, entertainment, style, technology, and politics. Most importantly, it is a handy resource used by many and can help you find reliable leads for your business. This website has high DA and D.R. that draws monthly traffic of around 400,000 visitors. They produce only well-written, high-quality work and have no intention of hosting guest posts that damage the reputation they currently enjoy.

Insights: 400,000 views per month

Core Themes: Finance, Essay Writing, Games, Entertainment, Fashion, Technology, Investment.

2.      Business Insider

Business Insider covers a variety of topics, including technology and entrepreneurship. They also have a reputation as a trusted resource for advice from people in all industries. Most importantly, make sure you can get expert advice before posting here.

Global Ranking: 326

Core Theme: Investment, Financial Insight, Media, Healthcare, Entertainment

3.      Social Media Examiner

The Social Media Examiner is very strict about guest posting, as it only publishes well-thought-out details. Please be patient and leave a guest post here. Despite all of this, you must prove your writing skills and experience.

Global Ranking: 5,862

Core Theme: Content marketing, business insights, social media marketing strategies

4.      HubSpot

Hubspot is a website that provides software, services, and resources to help with digital marketing. Moreover, it is a great place to showcase your marketing expertise through a guest blog. One of the best guest blogs right now.

Global Ranking: 519

Core Theme: Sales and Marketing Strategies, content marketing, Search engine optimization, Web designing, and email marketing

5.      CMO

It is one of the best guest posting sites to connect with people in your niche. Meanwhile, it will help you generate leads and increase website traffic. Moreover, this is one of the best guest posting sites to reach out to people in your niche. In other words, you can generate reliable leads and increase traffic to your website. Website content includes interviews, how-to guides, tips from industry leaders, and valuable research resources. If you think you can contribute to one of these categories, try CMO.

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Global Ranking: 5124

Core Theme: Online Marketing, Entertainment, Healthcare, Team Management

6.      Moz

Moz is a website that publishes content about tools to measure, track and evaluate the SEO level. Furthermore, they also share our marketing and social media knowledge and how-to guides on our blog.

Global Ranking: 1326

Core Theme: Search Marketing tactics, SEO Expert Strategies,

How To Execute A Guest Blogging Strategy as a Digital Marketer?

Best Practices for Becoming a Guest Blogger:

1.      Become an expert in your field

It would be best if you differentiate yourself from your competitors. Moreover, gain experience in your field and create exclusive content that will add credibility to your blog.

2.      Create effective presentations

Create your position in the market. However, to show trust and knowledge, know who you are reaching out to, including your website’s blog and audience.

3.      Appreciate Networks and Relationships

Publications may reject offers for your guest posts, but you can still network and maintain relationships, so other posts you create may be accepted in the future.

Guest Posting: Verdict

Although guest posting can be an effective way to engage and build brand awareness, trust, reputation, and connection. Consequently, it’s paramount that you adhere to best practices and don’t violate Google’s guidelines.

I hope you enjoyed this great article. We’ll update this list as much as possible, and if you notice anything strange (possibly mistaken), please comment down. If you are looking for Guest posts, email us on