Best Holiday Destinations For 2022 on budget with family

Best Holiday Destinations For 2022 on budget with family

Best Holiday Destinations For 2022 on budget

Heading on vacation can be a wonderful way to escape the busy pace of life and set out to explore a world of endless possibilities. There is no better way to beat monotony than by immersing yourself in a brand-new culture and traveling to brand new destinations you have never seen before.

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All you have to do is decide on where you want to go. Discover the best holiday destinations for 2022 and get ready for your next adventure!


Best Holiday Destinations For 2022 on budget with family

Known for its gorgeous geothermal terrains, magnificent lava fields, and obsidian seashores that form into entirely new landscapes, it is safe to say that Iceland is one of mother nature’s best creations. Otherworldly mountains and gorgeous glaciers run hand in hand with endless opportunities for whale watching and bathing in deep blue lagoons. With glaciers babbling and splitting the Earth, and creating new hot springs whenever they please, the opportunities for sightseeing are endless. Make sure you bring your camera, as being surrounded by such immense beauty, you will be able to capture National Geography worthy pictures with the snap of your device. Iceland is one of the top travel destinations for 2022 as this is no better place to immerse yourself in the beauty and grandeur of mother nature, from a remote location where social distancing will be simple and easy!

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Best Holiday Destinations For 2022 on budget with family

Home to over 20 national parks covering about 42,000 square kilometers, Tanzania is a natural paradise filled with beautiful landscapes and endless opportunities for picture taking. This is the perfect place to plan your next safari adventure as the grounds are roaming with wildlife, which makes this an incredible place to search for the Big Five and see other exotic animals in their natural habitats. Take in the breathtaking views of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain peak in Africa and the tallest free-standing mountain in the world, rest and relax on the beautiful white-sand beaches of Zanzibar, or search for Africa’s greatest predators with endless game viewing opportunities. Between the flaming pink flamingos of Lake Manyara, the exotic animals and endless plains of the Ngorongoro Crater, and the Great Migration of wildebeests in the Serengeti, a trip to Tanzania will be full of fascinating adventures you will never be able to forget.

Costa Rica

Best Holiday Destinations For 2022 on budget with family

If you are looking to escape to a tropical paradise that is both beautiful and affordable, Costa Rica is a wonderful option. From rich and widely unexplored jungles to powerful waterfalls and splendid seashores, Costa Rica’s landscapes are incredibly beautiful, diverse, and filled with opportunities for adventures — which makes this the perfect place to try your hand at skydiving, ziplining, white water rafting, and plenty of other activities that will get your adrenaline running. While the culture and landscapes are exotic and include many aspects of Latin American traditions, many locals also speak English and are incredibly friendly, so they will be ready and willing to help you find your way if you are ever in need of directions or recommendations.

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Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Best Holiday Destinations For 2022 on budget with family

Between the powerful palaces and exotic temples of Abu Dhabi, the shimmering skyscrapers and mega-malls of Dubai, and the unique customs and fascinating traditions of the Arabic cities, the UAE is a wonderful travel destination if you are interested in learning about an entirely new and unique culture. You can find a wide range of fascinating contrasts within the cities ranging from shimmering skyscrapers, ancient mosques, and bustling bazaars, for the perfect mix of old and new. Head on a ride through the Arabian Desert to learn about the traditional ways of life, where you can camp under the stars and listen to the tales of the Arabic traditions, or head on up the Burj Khalifa to uncover breathtaking views of Dubai from the top of the world’s tallest building. See the beauty and grandeur of the Emirates Palace from up close or try your hand at shopping in the Dubai Mall, the largest shopping mall on the planet.

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Best Holiday Destinations For 2022 on budget with family

Oman is an extremely underrated yet slowly rising travel destination that is filled with rich history and incredible beauty! This fascinating country is filled with vast deserts and rugged mountains surrounding the cities which are known for their grand forts, traditional dhows, magnificent mosques, and dazzling souks. A trip to Oman in 2022 will make for a fascinating adventure to discover the beauty and magic this hidden gem has to offer before the crowds of tourists fill the cities! Why not mix Oman and the UAE with this unforgettable tour? Take the opportunity to get the full Arabic experience filled with ancient history and fascinating futuristic sites that will leave you feeling educated, open-minded, and culturally enriched!