The Next Year Will Bring New Challenges in Research Paper Writing

The Next Year Will Bring New Challenges in Research Paper Writing

The Next Year Will Bring New Challenges in Research Paper Writing

Doing research is an activity that you will need to do, especially during the years you spend in college. It is a crucial challenging task that requires in-depth knowledge of a specific subject matter, a lot of planning, and hard work.

Because of the technicality of this task, many students find research paper writing to be a challenge. As we enter the new year, the challenges that you might face when assigned to write research papers may vary. This depends on how proficient you are in this task.

Not knowing where or how to begin

Students who study in universities often face many challenges, especially when tasked with writing academic papers. It may be a minor consolation to know that even students from higher levels also find difficulties when assigned such tasks.

If this is your first time, you won’t know the standard format for a research paper and how to start writing it. This is the case when you haven’t formulated a plan before you start researching. You need to make it clear from the start what direction you plan to take when writing your research paper.

Poor structure

The year 2021 is already coming to an end. But many students are still having difficulties with writing research papers. Students usually stick with a common structure. But when you have a poorly-constructed structure, your paper will come out the same way. This may still be a challenge in 2022 unless you do something about it. Remember that each point in your paper’s structure has to attract the reader. It should also flow smoothly from start to finish.

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Focus on your target audience so the structure of your paper will be on point. Your paper must also follow the different rules of in-text citations, the proper referencing style, and the appropriate academic language.

Research paper help available online

Writing research papers is one of the biggest challenges college students face. But this task is a part of your education and you have to somehow master it along with the other students in school. But if the deadline approaches and you feel stuck, you have the option of buying research paper at Studyclerk. This is a reputable writing service for students all over the world. With it, you can focus on learning more about other key aspects of the subject you are studying and also focus on extracurriculars.

The Next Year Will Bring New Challenges in Research Paper Writing

Low confidence, high procrastination

As a student, you should know that fear can affect your confidence. Therefore, feeling fear could result in a paper of poor quality. This is another huge challenge for students that you need to overcome. The thought of knowing that your paper will be part of your final grade might cause you to have a fear of failing. Once your confidence dissipates, you will succumb to fear, stress, and procrastination.

In 2021, many students procrastinated, then submitted their assignments late. One of the most significant causes of procrastination is the lack of information and time. This trend may continue in 2022. Sadly, many students eventually give up trying. They turn off their devices and postpone their writing for the next day. But continuously postponing will lead to a loss of time. This, in turn, will lead to late submissions or poor-quality research papers that students have rushed through.

The issue of plagiarism

Another major challenge in 2022 is the issue of plagiarism. This is especially true when they don’t fully understand the importance of avoiding plagiarism. Often, it’s difficult to integrate researched content into your own style of writing. This is something that could also suffer if you aren’t proficient in English. To overcome this, you can consider taking research paper writing courses at Udemy. Then you can learn the common mistakes like directly quoting sources in your paper – this is already considered plagiarism.

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An important skill that you should develop is to paraphrase text well. Mastering this requires ongoing practice and commitment. You can also avoid plagiarism by using a thesaurus or dictionary to find alternative terms. You can also rearrange phrases, condense, or lengthen the original text. Using a referencing system like APA is also very effective, although this would take more time to learn and master.


When you’re assigned to write research papers, you may encounter challenges, especially if it’s your first time. But this is a part of your education. Most of the time, you would meet these challenges at the early stages of your project. But with the right help, you can power through and complete your research papers successfully.

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