Best Medical Guest Posting Sites in 2022

Best Medical Guest Posting Sites in 2022

Best Medical Guest Posting Sites in 2022

Drugs recommended from unreliable websites may be of subpar quality at best or dangerous at worst. Your safety could be in danger if you receive medicine in the mail that is fake, subpar, or has not been approved.

Health guides and advice should always be taken from reliable websites like With hundreds of guides on medical issues, is making its way into the medical niche. Other sites like and are also reliable. 

As a rule, posting something informative and full of relevant information is best. While getting your name out there is a nice bonus, it cannot be the only goal of your article.

This website offers daily fitness- and health-related blogs to keep you healthy. Currently, receives over 300,000 views per month and is rapidly expanding. Globally, the traffic conversion ratio is relatively high.

Only original guest articles are accepted at Word counts for guest submissions must be at least 1000 words. Although SEO keywords or backlinks are acceptable, they should be used sparingly and only when they are pertinent to the subject of your writing.

The majority of visitors to the website come from TIER 1 nations. Sixty percent of all traffic in the country. Ten percent of traffic comes from the United Kingdom, 10 percent from Canada, 7 percent from Australia, and 13 percent from the rest of the world. The following are some methods of communication with us.

Likewise, you can buy premium guest posting services for a reasonable price. We also cover various topics, such as economics, tech, money, food, and health.

  • To submit your guest post, you can contact us here.
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The best option for your writing will be to submit it for publication to if you have an important or exciting story to share that deserves a little bit more attention than what it would receive on our blog. Also, if you have any pitch ideas for guest posts, contact Webnews21. It’s a great choice for posting and guest blogging in the medical industry.

  • To submit your guest post, you can contact us here.
  • For live chat and other queries, click here. is a reputable blog site for articles on health and fitness. It offers writers various categories, including dreams, family, money, business, and health. is the best place to start if you want to advertise your product in the healthcare niche. With more than 20,000 visitors from Tier 1 countries, it is the best site to boost your product on a tight budget.

  • To submit your guest post, you can contact us here.
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OT Potential

You should submit your articles to various medical guest posting sites to make money as an OT. You can make money by writing articles about health-related topics your target audience is interested in. Just remember to keep the articles informative and not promotional. There are several rules and guidelines for medical guest posting, so follow these rules carefully. Once you have found a few sites that will allow you to submit your articles, you’ll be ready to begin.

Before submitting your articles to various medical guest posting sites, you should analyze your competition and find the best niche. Health-related guest posting sites will allow you to showcase your expertise and expand your professional territory. Before starting your guest posting campaign, carefully analyze your competition’s content to identify websites with the highest content quality. Remember that Google favors sites with quality content and topical relevance, so choose them wisely.

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Pink Oatmeal

If you’re considering writing for a medical guest posting site, consider a resource known as Pink Oatmeal. Its purpose is to promote motor development and physical activity. To that end, the site has a wealth of resources for pediatric therapists. Its resources include motor planning ideas, printable materials, and research on important topics. The site also offers information on strength and motor development. There’s even a video to help you navigate its vast library.

To use Pink Oatmeal, you can either post a link to another website or post a blog or review of its products. As long as it’s not spamming, you’ll be fine. However, you may not post links to your site or products without their consent. The site is free to join, but membership is restricted to EU residents. Once you join, you can download and print its materials. But make sure your PDF reader is current. Outdated PDF readers may result in poor printing quality.

Before downloading Pink Oatmeal resources, you must sign up for a membership. After purchasing, you’ll get access to all downloadable printables, digital games, and other resources. You’ll be able to download all of the resources after creating an account. The site will also provide instructions on how to use the materials and how to use them. This way, you’ll be able to save time and money.

Lupus guru

Suppose you have chronic lupus and wish to find ways to improve your quality of life. In that case, you may consider becoming a medical guest blogger. You can earn valuable backlinks by providing reliable and helpful information to fellow lupus sufferers. The following are three websites that are ideal for this purpose. They feature posts from experienced writers, provide detailed information on different types of lupus, and can be found easily through search engines.

All the sites listed here require that the article you submit be original and contain a minimum of 400 words. In addition, the article must be health-related and contain at least one do-follow link at the bottom of the article. Those who submit their guest posts should be aware that they are allowed to include a link in their bio. The guidelines for guest posting are as follows:

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Guest blogging is a great way to enhance search engine rankings, establish an online presence, and generate more traffic and backlinks. Guest posts published on high-quality websites will provide you with valuable backlinks and increase your website’s traffic. Besides, publishing articles on these sites will help you broaden your knowledge and expertise to become a medical expert online. 

To find out which health blogs accept guest posts, visit Effective Business Ideas. The list includes health blogs with MozRank, Google PageRank, and AlexaRank. Guest blogging on health blogs is also encouraged because it can increase your visibility and authority.