Best Mobile App Marketing Automation Tools in 2022-2023

Best Mobile App Marketing Automation Tools in 2022-2023

Best Mobile App Marketing Automation Tools in 2022-2023

For the best mobile app marketing automation in 2022-2023, you need a tool that automates user interactions and identifies patterns. MMA is an algorithm-based virtual assistant that tracks users’ activity, hours on the app, and actions. It can segment users based on these factors, sending relevant messages to each group based on what they’ve done. The tool can even trace users to relevant campaigns, which is ideal if your app has an extensive following.


With its SMS text messaging and SMS marketing tools, you can send unlimited messages to your customers. You can also add subscribers manually or through a CSV file. Textedly allows you to personalize text messages, upload CSV files, and set desktop alerts for important messages. Its affordable pricing plans are flexible and offer a variety of features. To learn more, read on. Let’s dive into some of its most important features.

You can import your contact list easily from other applications. The software offers you the option to link keywords, but the maximum number of keywords is limited. You can also have trouble canceling your account with Textedly. Textedly’s dashboard provides you with information on your plan, total messages sent and delivered, and unsubscribed subscribers. You can also view statistics about recent campaigns and new subscribers.

If you’re interested in SMS text marketing but don’t know how to get started, Textedly is the right solution for you. It offers many features, including mass group texting, customizable auto replies, and link-shrinking. The free version of Textedly allows you to send unlimited texts, and you can start sending out texts to your subscribers for just $0.02 per message. And the best part is that it’s cheap – the lowest plan is only $0.05 per message!

Apart from mass texting, you can also use this software for business-to-business and internal communication. You can view your contacts and add new ones, view messages you’ve sent and received, and create new messages. You can create welcome messages for new subscribers, and opt-in users. Moreover, you can set keywords that allow people to opt-in or out of your service, or opt-out of future messages.

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Dialog Tech

The DialogTech for Display solution enables marketers to improve call conversions through their display advertising campaigns. This solution allows users to customize the call conversion experience based on a variety of criteria, including audience targeting, click-to-call display ads, and view-through attribution for any call conversion influenced by display. The solution integrates with LiveRamp, one of the leading data connectivity and onboarding companies. With this integration, marketers will be able to increase revenue, lead generation, and customer satisfaction through their display advertising campaigns.

Consumer research has been transformed by smartphones. The DialogTech for Vodafone Business platform enables marketers to attribute calls and improve their strategy and messaging. It can integrate with Google Analytics and Ads, enabling marketers to measure ROI and optimize ad spend. Furthermore, it can collect and analyze call conversion data to improve audience targeting and prove return on ad spend. Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500 company, DialogTech can help you improve your marketing efforts.

With its voice-based marketing automation tools, DialogTech helps businesses maximize ROI. These tools automate phone interactions and provide powerful features such as keyword call-tracking, conversation analytics, geolocation routing, and phone surveys. They also offer voice broadcasts and SMS, and can help you track customer reactions to keywords. The DialogTech platform also helps you increase the number of customers who convert into paying customers. There’s nothing quite like a live person who knows exactly what you’re looking for and will deliver the results you need.

Another useful tool in the DialogTech mobile app marketing automation platform is its KPI Metrics dashboard. This tool provides real-time analytics, and it tracks caller information such as device, entry page, and page. The app also tracks call duration. Users of the Vodafone Business premium account should authorize it. Once this is done, the app will compile and run in the simulator. If everything goes well, it’s time to launch your marketing campaigns.

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The Invoca mobile app marketing automation tool has many advantages for marketers. The software’s live call routing feature allows you to track and personalize conversations with your consumers. It also provides cross-platform integration, which helps you share data with other platforms and increase efficiency across campaigns. This mobile marketing tool was launched at the same time as the DialogTech marketing automation software. Its features include a conversation intelligence platform and simplified integration capabilities.

With Invoca, marketers can track and measure campaigns that lead to call conversions, route callers to the right destination, and trigger the next best action. The Invoca marketing automation tool works with other third-party technologies, including Adobe, Salesforce, Google, Oracle, Marketo, and Salesforce. It also integrates with a wide range of CRM systems, including Salesforce and Marketo. It allows you to build a marketing automation strategy based on customer insights.

Invoca allows marketers to create personalized customer journeys and attribute inbound calls to specific email campaigns. Its powerful integrations enable marketers to integrate the software with other systems without writing code. Invoca’s integrations with social media and email marketing platforms are also available. It also enables marketers to synchronize their affiliate payouts and commissions. Then, if they want to use Invoca’s Conversational Intelligence feature, they can integrate it with their Skai account. This will automatically send the data into Invoca.

Invoca’s AI-powered call tracking and analytics platform makes it easy for marketers to take action based on real-time customer data. Its real-time call analytics allow marketers to take informed action and increase marketing ROI. With Invoca, marketers are able to deliver personalized customer experiences, which improves conversion rates and boost marketing ROI. The company has also received recognition from G2 Crowd and Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners.


If you’re looking for an easy way to promote your mobile app, consider the Marketo mobile app. With over a million downloads on the Google Play Store, this app has quickly become one of the most popular marketing automation tools for Android users. It is compatible with Android version 4.1 and higher, and is available for free. You can learn more about the features and benefits of Marketo’s mobile app marketing automation tools below.

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Whether you need to send personalized offers to new and existing customers, or need a professional-looking landing page, Marketo’s software has you covered. The drag and drop interface and extensive library of pre-designed templates make creating a professional-looking page easy. Whether you’re new to landing page design or an advanced marketer, the Marketo mobile app marketing automation tools can help you create the perfect landing page, or boost your website’s traffic.

The Marketo platform is designed to help marketers automate marketing tasks and measure their ROI. The software company was founded in 2006, but has since been acquired by Adobe for $4.7 billion. It’s primarily used by enterprise-level B2B companies, but has also attracted B2C marketers. Customers include CenturyLink, Charles Schwab, GE Panasonic, Roche, and several others. Depending on your budget and marketing needs, you can choose one or a combination of these tools.

Marketo’s marketing automation tools also provide insights on how users behave on different devices. It lets marketers customize and send emails based on actions, timing, and steps. This enables them to send emails that are tailored to the type of device being used, even if the recipient doesn’t own an iPhone or Android. In addition, Marketo is compatible with many popular email clients, including Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo Mail.