Best niche for blogging with low competition in 2022

Best niche for blogging with low competition in 2022

Best niche for blogging with low competition in 2022

Finding a less competitive niche in the current blogging market is a major task. Each page on Google is full of finance, technology, DIY guides to entertainment, or home remedies. Till now, I have kept my SEO skills within myself. These days, I am thinking differently. I can’t write about all niches. Therefore, I am sharing some tips to pick up the right niche for blogging with low competition for 2022. There are still some odd niche ideas that you could start your blog. Always remember, it is not about keyword research. Rather the primary goal is all about niche selection. Here are a few of them.

Renewable energy / Recycling waste (Competition : Low)

 The near future will bring a wide range of discussions on renewable energy. You can choose to focus on this subject. Firstly, the topic is not saturated. Moreover, you won’t find a lot of Forbes and big players writing about it.

Online classes, education business concepts (Competition: Low)

Since the COVID pandemic, the internet presence has completely changed. Every business is moving from offline to an online-based mode. In this scenario, you can create a blog that is related to the internet-based world. People want to learn. And suppose, you master something. That is something you can take it seriously to start your blogs.

Health-related micro topics (Competition: Medium)

It should not be medical tips where your website will fall under YMYL ( Your Money-Your Health). So it is better to include laser hair removal and yoga benefits, home remedies, freehand exercises, skincare, Foot treatment, etc. These topics will all be booming shortly. And you can easily excuse your site from YMYL. You can pick one of them if you are looking to create an online micro-site. Try to avoid diet, weight loss, healthy recipes as they are super competitive.

Teaching Language and Music (Competition: Low)

To become a successful blogger, it is important to write about something where others can’t. So teaching language and music is a niche where you will get less competition. It would be best to have a youtube, discord channel, and other social media assistance to share your content. This niche also has the opportunity to sell your ebooks.

Entertainment Niche (Competition: Low)

The entertainment niche deals with all things related to entertainment. It’s a great niche to create a blog about if you have a passion for things like TV shows, music, and sports. Many people in the entertainment niche earned their blog income through ad revenue. They featured products related to the entertainment piece. For example, suppose you write an article about The Walking Dead. In that case, you could become an affiliate for TWD products and feature them in your article.

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Additionally, many TV shows started recently. So all bloggers like you will write about the subject for the first time. There is no site, who can claim they have mastered the niche for the last four years. Entertainment sub-niches can be the following.

  1. TV Shows
  2. Movies
  3. Music
  4. K-Pop
  5. Sports
  6. Comedy
  7. Theater
  8. Magic
  9. Games
  10. Magic

To get quick success, try to avoid topics that are already there in the market. Choose the most recent TV shows.  

Food Niche (Competition: High)

The food niche consists of any topic related to food or culinary. It’s a great niche to blog about, especially if you have a passion for cooking or trying new foods in different places. However, it is a saturated niche. If I were you, I would avoid the niche. Many bloggers in the culinary side of the food niche sell recipe books or become affiliates for cookware and other cooking utilities. You can also link your blog to a YouTube channel and generate income from the Google Adsense program. 

Best niche for blogging with low competition in 2022
Best niche for blogging with low competition in 2022

Tech Niche (Competition: High)

The Tech niche consists of any sub-niche that’s related to technology and electronics. Choose this as your niche if you’re super tech-savvy and can see yourself writing about it! Most tech bloggers make money by becoming an affiliate for the products they write about. Popular tech blogs will often get sponsored by different brands to promote products to readers. You may choose some of the best Tech sub-niches:

  1. Electronics
  2. Computers
  3. Tech Support
  4. Virtual Reality
  5. Artificial Intelligence
  6. Robotics

 Science Niche (Competition: High)

The science niche consists of any sub-niche related to the study of nature and nature’s behaviors. You’ll attract an audience of curious readers who are looking to fuel their brains with new information. Science blogs have a huge readership and tend to generate a high amount of traffic. Many science blogs generate their blog income through ads programs. You may choose the following Science sub-niches:

  1. Discovery
  2. Physics
  3. Energy
  4. Environment
  5. Astronomy
  6. Geography

Product Reviews Niche (Competition: High)

If you’re a consumer of many popular products, you can consider being a part of the product reviews niche. You’ll be able to write a review about a product based on your personal experiences. You could help a lot of readers make their purchases. Review bloggers typically earn their blog income by promoting products in the form of articles. They’ll review products and then include an affiliate link for readers to click on to purchase. Brands may also sponsor review bloggers if they have a huge audience. I never got success in this niche, and I will never start blogging about products. Another issue of Product review niches is that they never get natural backlinks. You always have to pay for link building. It is detrimental at times. Please read our blog about link-building risks in 2022. If you still prefer to go for, Product review sub-niches, you may choose between the followings

  1. Tech / Gadgets
  2. Makeup
  3. Clothing
  4. Books
  5. Vehicles
  6. Branded Products
  7. Cool Things

Expect 100 % success if you choose these low competition niches for blogging in 2022

Anime and Manga

It’s awesome! Many of these anime sites have had a ton of traffic. You will find a forum on Page 1 for every search term. It is not overcrowded! Make sure you find great animes, characters, and stories and improve your SEO. The great thing I love about the niche: It has a huge search volume and many forums on the first page of the SERP. That makes it an ideal area to focus on. The only drawback is that the RPM isn’t high. But you can get a ton of traffic. Traffic is motivational for new bloggers. With time, you will learn new tricks and techniques. But the sudden boost of traffic will help you to plan your game well.

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World Cup Football 2022

Sports are always being considered to be a fantastic segment. But it’s also extremely competitive. There is also a phenomenon known as a first-comers advantage. It is the best moment to research Qatar and the Qatari lifestyle and the football culture, stadiums and create a website around the subject. Don’t forget that once the World Cup is over, it is possible that you will not receive readers to your posts. Therefore, it is better to focus on a broader audience instead of exclusively on World Cup football 2022.

RPG & Table Top games

Do you wish to publish 300 words article and get 3000 visitors to your blog each month? RPGs are becoming more popular these times. So, quit Best X for Y. Explore something different. It’s not surprising that the COVID-19 epidemic helped propel D&D to an unprecedented level of popularity. Many people turned to game as the principal source to entertain themselves during lockdown processes, and online play on Wizards’ D&D Beyond platform has been exploding in the last year and one-half years. Third-party apps such as Roll 20 and Fantasy Grounds have also seen a rise in the number of players. Live play podcasts and web shows such as Critical Role have also greatly contributed to the rise in popularity.

In reality, it was the seventh year of expansion for D&D, and the game’s popularity has been on the upswing since well before the outbreak. For experts this all started with the release of the game’s fifth Edition in 2014.

“5th Edition brought the fun in the front and the rules behind and also opened the game to new players and audiences with a focus on discussion exploring, collaboration, and discovery,” he explained. “Add to that the streaming platforms that take a fun interactive, social and collaborative game and lets you show the game to millions of people, and you get a healthy cycle.”

Experts claimed that the virus only amplified the existing trends D&D had already experienced. With the advent of live streaming, Wizards focused on digitalizing their RPG game experience in 5th Edition using Beyond. Beyond platform. In the pandemic, which hit in the early part of 2020, the social aspect was spotlighted.

“During the time of social isolation and quarantine, D&D helped bring people together and connect the gap that Zoom calls can create and let groups of family members and friends be present and play fun, thrilling problems even though they might not be physically together,” Experts said. “Speaking from my own experiences that playing D&D was the primary method I used to stay in touch with my acquaintances.”

 More than the business side of D&D’s popularity over the past few years, It’s the unifying aspect of the sport that is regarded as the most significant achievement. 33% growth year-over-year is great, but there’s more to it beyond figures.

Lifestyle blogs

The niche of lifestyle is popular, and there is no rule. It covers anything that has related to the everyday lifestyle. Suppose you’ve got incredible information that can enhance your own life or you have an interesting life that you believe people would like to learn about. In that case, this could be an ideal blog topic for you. For example, take this article. I am not an SEO expert. Still, I am writing about blogging. The next article may be about something completely different. I have some readers who only visit just to read what I write.

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Suppose the blog you have created is well-known. In that case, you may get rewarded with brand sponsorship, affiliate earnings, and income from providing services for other people. You may be spoilt with the choices of Lifestyle sub-niches, which includes but are not limited to:

  1. Hobby
  2. Fashion
  3. Travel
  4. Beauty
  5. Parenting / Dad or Mom
  6. Bodybuilding / Fitness
  7. Weight gain ( Not weight loss)
  8. Personal Development/Self-improvement
  9. Professional Development
  10. Life Hacks
  11. Religion
  12. Culture
  13. Relationship Assistance
  14. Health awareness for mental health

You may start writing about all of these on the same website. Remember, does not have a specific niche. Still, it is getting 400k traffic every month.

Art & DIY

The art field lets you express your creativity and your imagination to a wider audience. The art world is everywhere, and there’s always a plethora of people seeking ideas from bloggers. If you’re a gifted artist and have a lot of experience, you can offer tutorials for other bloggers. Many art bloggers make as well as sell copies of digital versions online. They also offer commission-based services to their customers. They may also advertise the art-related products they are using and earn affiliate income. Art & DIY sub-niches may include the followings

  1. Calligraphy
  2. Painting
  3. DIY Crafts
  4. Tutorials
  5. Woodwork
  6. Sewing/Knitting
  7. Photography
  8. Videography
  9. Watercolor
  10. Design Tutorials

Tattoo Niche

The tattoo industry is an intriguing one. At first look, there doesn’t appear to be an abundance of offerings in this area. However, the more we look, the more you’ll find a particular strategy we can employ to earn a significant amount of passive earnings by selling evergreen materials. Let’s have a look. There are a few varieties of products within this category; however, it’s not as diverse and intricate as the other niches we’ve examined. You may write about the following.

  1. Aftercare for tattoos
  2. Removal of tattoos
  3. Needles, Tattoo equipment, and power sources
  4. Tattoo inksets, gels, and soaps
  5. Supplies for tattoos like chairs
  6. Training for tattoos
  7. Software for tattoos

Is there a most profitable micro-segment for blogging that will help you earn more in 2022?

As a new blogger, it is important to work for traffic rather than money. It is possible to discover various opportunities to earn money online once you have organic traffic. Still, blogging may be the most reliable method for these opportunities. There are many myths about earning money blogging and that you need to be extremely hard at work. However, suppose you imagine earning money over many years of the midst of a hard job. In that case, there’s a variety of methods to help you achieve your goals. One option is to create micro-blogs from the selection mentioned above.

How shall you start your blogging journey in 2022?

In English, there’s a saying that says, “the jack of all trades is the master of none is “who has all the knowledge. However, nobody is skilled in any one of them.”Writing or creating specific niches on various topics will drive more traffic to your blog. 

Why choose Low competition niches?

I have changed my blogging style in the last year. It may seem insurance, credit card, etc., have a great ROI. I don’t find it inspiring to rank on page 10 or 11 every time I publish. Let me inform you that blogs are written on a low competition niche rank higher on Google’s search results. Writing original and authoritative blogs on an under-served topic will get an excellent rank among its top blogs. 

The best way to go.

  1. Write on underserved topics.
  2. Make atleast 3-4 articles on the same keyword. Cover different aspects.
  3. Make the title a question. Answer the question in the entire article.
  4. Don’t go after diet, weight loss, insurance, finance. They are supersaturated.
  5. Write on evergreen topics rather than trending issues.