What is the future of blogging and niche selection in 2022?

What is the future of blogging and niche selection in 2022?

What is the future for blogging appear to be in 2022?

Is blogging going to die in 2022? Or are we about to embark on a new period of record-breaking blog profits? It’s both. The blogging landscape is evolving. The potential for monetization is growing, and the competition is also increasing. To make it in the future in blogging, you must create top-quality content, show your niche’s authority and establish a solid brand and use multimedia and multi-channel strategy.

Let us pick up some niches and analyze what is going to happen in 2022. You have to remember that it’s a content campaign first and foremost ere anything when it comes to blogging. One’s content quality decides which blog is better, and it’s not solely on marketing alone.

Health niche blogging in 2022

A healthy lifestyle is at its peak of popularity. So you can effortlessly get a couple of thousand browsers by writing about nutrition, Covid 19, sport, and mental health. But Google in 2022 is expected to be more strict on new blogs in this niche. However, established blogs will still do great. We are still into Pandemic. Therefore, we will expect the established sites to do well. I don’t want to discourage anyone. But if you have choices, better to avoid the niche in 2022.

Finance niche blogging in 2022

There’s one also popular topic: cryptocurrency/ Bitcoin, its place & prospects in the modern world. Ask only one question like “Will crypto replace the USD in 2022?” and you will see what a real battle is. However, finance is an evergreen topic. However, most of the keywords are taken. That should not discourage you from picking it up as a new blogger. People always find a way to increase their earnings. And if you think you have something to add on, it will be successful. However, try to avoid telling people where to invest and what return they will get. It will fall under YMYL, and you might not see success as a new blogger.

Graphic Design niche blogging in 2022

Don’t be afraid to dive into a new world! Tips and tricks for newcomers will bring you as many readers as crypto subjects. Try adding some media, images, videos, gifs, and not simple texts in this niche.

Architecture niche blogging in 2022

This topic doesn’t need many exhibitions. Its popularity will last as long as humans live. However, the problem is, you need to know the subject well. You have to give lots of examples and 3d structures and models inside your article.

SEO niche blogging in 2022

SEO was a hard subject in 2020 and 2021. It will be even harder in 2022. I love to use tools like moz.com, Semrush.com, or Afrefs.com. However, I would always avoid competing with them for the same keyword.

Personal blog niche in 2022

Do you have some great followers on Social media? Then the game is a bit easy for you. You don’t have to wait to rank on google. Bloggers and influencers community is still taking shape. So it’s an excellent time to join it. You can write about anything that makes you happy and keep your readers engaged.

Science and technology blog niche in 2022

People live when they learn. After Covid 19, we are in a different world. You don’t require to be Nicola Tesla to write about science and technology. Choose the subject you are engrossed in and go ahead. There is a great future for this niche. But try to give something new to the readers.

Travel niche blogging in 2022

One more topic where you can use all of your imagination. It’s up to your creativity! You can write straight about everything from the most beautiful hidden places in the world to tips and tricks for travelers. However, the decision is tricky. It all depends on COVID 19 situation in 2022. It means, if the world eases restrictions, we will see lots of travelers. And definitely, they would read blogs to decide upon destinations. However, if the restrictions are still pursued, this niche will not do great. But as we know, it takes 8-10 months to rank in Google; this is the perfect time to start a travel niche. By the time we see some movement in google, hopefully, people already have started traveling.

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How will Google interact with your website in 2022?

We have to expect more Google core updates in 2022. Crazy backlinking will cost you pay a hefty penalty. Don’t get a bite from The “Google Zoo creatures comprising Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird. The Google Zoo is Google’s algorithm that determines where websites are placed on the search results page. Each animal has distinct functions that could impact your site’s ranking in various ways. For instance, Panda’s role is to eliminate content that is not of high quality from search results. Penguin is responsible for removing websites that have been hacked, and Hummingbird determines if the web site’s content is appealing to readers to read. Expect all of them to be more vigilant in 2022.

How influential will be Google’s Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird in 2022?

Google alters its algorithm hundreds of times a year. And it would be best if you kept up-to-date with the latest updates to improve the rankings of your website. It is also important to ensure that your site is designed to work most effectively with each algorithm in 2022.

Panda examines the quality of every post that you publish on your site. It will determine whether you’re adding relevant content instead of putting up an excessively huge word count. To maximize the benefits of Panda, be sure to stay clear of keywords-driven content that doesn’t seem natural. Also, do not duplicate content from another site.

Penguin also devalues sites that are not of high quality. However, it is looking at different factors. While Panda examines the content you have, Penguin looks at how your site was promoted. Suppose your website was promoted by spammers like spiders and bots or linked by various untrustworthy websites. In that case, your rankings are likely to drop. One thing to remember concerning Penguin is that not every site can be believed to be top-quality just due to its address. That means extremely popular websites or part of .edu domains are automatically deemed top-quality by Google’s eyes.

Hummingbird is quite different from the other two algorithms. Instead of focusing on the actual quality of your site, it’s more focused on the information you’re providing to your visitors. The Hummingbird examines what’s happening on your site or blog and decides whether it is relevant for the user who performs a Google search. If you don’t provide relevant information or are pertinent, you might be overlooked in the search results.

What is the future of blogging and niche selection in 2022?

Follow best practices for Google Algorithms in 2022

Working with Google Algorithms to Improve Your Rankings will be crucial in 2022. One of the most important steps you can adopt to apply these algorithms to your advantage is to steer clear of these mistakes.

  • Don’t increase the frequency of your updates while sacrificing your content’s quality.
  • Every update should be relevant and well-organized. Be careful not to overdo it with irrelevant keywords to boost your site’s ranking.
  • If you decide to hire an SEO firm to boost your rankings, ensure that they’re trustworthy and only use quality recommendations.
  • Because Panda is constantly updating its algorithm, you must be aware of the most recent modifications.
  •  Many tactics that were once useful, such as exactly matching domain names, are now deemed unsuitable by Google. Suppose you’d like to make sure that your content stays in the good books of Panda and not cram your updates by using keywords. In that case, you should publish content that has been thoroughly informed and researched. Furthermore, your website should be user-friendly, which means you must be a mobile-friendly site for users on tablets and smartphones.
  • Suppose you’re worried that you’ll be adversely affected by Penguin or other search engine results. In that case, you need to conduct an audit that examines the suspicious or unreliable links you’ve utilized before. If Google doesn’t consider high quality has linked you, ask them to delete all links to your website. If that doesn’t work, you may file the “disavow linkst” using Google Search Console. That means Google blocks all backlinks on the offending website which are directed at you.
  • With Hummingbird, Your best chance is to cover a broad spectrum of topics relevant to your field and keep the information current in 2022. Consider all of the potential users’ needs and issues that you can address on your website. Your objective is to make your site the first choice for all things relevant to your industry.

Utilizing these algorithms, you’ll be able to dramatically increase the likelihood of being found on the Google keyword.

How will Bloggers do in 2022?

Social Media will have more compelling content. Youtube will have better videos. New ai softwares will keep on coming to the market. Blogging on the website will be challenging in 2022. But there will be some great news for bloggers. Many times, a well-described set of words are required to explain a process. So what should you expect in your blogging journey in 2022?

1. Profits will grow even more

At the end of 2005, Darren Rowse published the major announcement that he had become a successful blogger earning six figures. The time was when this was the talk of the town. Darren demonstrated that earning six figures blogging was possible.

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The most popular blogs are earning millions of dollars each month. Although it’s still an impressive feat earning six figures annually from a blog is no longer newsworthy. Blogs are being sold for millions of dollars on Empire Flippers is a frequent appearance. In addition, blogging for a full-time job is now a popular career choice.

Example of Profitability for Blogs:

It’s important to remember that the figures come from two sources. The methodology used to calculate the figure could not be identical. The exact figures should be taken with some caution. Be aware that this is all about getting an idea of the size and direction.

The first thing we notice is the amount of income that is huge. HuffPost was predicted to earn one-half billion dollars by 2020. The second reason is that there is an evident upward trend. The estimates of income on 70% of blogs have been increasing. The total income of the ten blogs has risen by $266.5 million to $739.3 million.

While hundreds of millions of dollars in yearly blogging income may only be achievable for big corporations, individual bloggers are also making seven-to-eight-figure incomes.

The above list is only a tiny portion. Numerous other bloggers earn quite a decent income too.

However, the majority of bloggers don’t publish their income when they begin to make a profit. That is why it’s so difficult to gather accurate information, and that’s why we have only estimates of the most profitable blogs.

Google core update

But the information available to us suggests that huge profits are earned through blogging, and the earnings seem to be increasing.

The Monetization of Blog Traffic will become Much Easier

One of the main reasons behind the increase in income is that the monetization of blogs is becoming easier to do as the purchasing of goods and services shift to online platforms. Covid-19 has also helped increase this trend.

As per the US Department of Commerce, US retail sales online in the quarter beginning in 2020 have been up 15% over the last year. The total sale of retail (including those that are not online) increased only by 2%.

Some niches are seeing rapid growth online:

  • Shopping for groceries. The grocery shopping market is starting to take off online. As per Supermarket News, US online grocery sales increased to 22% by 2019 and, aided by COVID-19, are expected to grow by an additional 40% by 2020.
  • Food bloggers to have their ingredient lists shoppable using tools such as Relish and earn affiliate commissions.
  • Fashion. The fashion market is expected to increase by US$528.1 billion at the beginning of 2019 to US$829.6 billion by 2024 (Statista). Fashion bloggers will benefit. That means it’s easier to endorse clothes or accessories through affiliate programs or even market their fashion line.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS). This SaaS market has experienced huge growth in recent years, increasing from $5.56 billion in 2004 to $157 billion by 2020 (Statista). In part, thanks to COVID-19 substantial growth is likely coming. Software as a Service is highly profitable for affiliate marketers and has helped bloggers earn a lot of money. A good instance can be seen in Adam Enfroy, who took his blog about business software up to more than $80,000 monthly income (May 2020) within 18 months of its launch.
  • Online education. Based on Global Market Insights, the online education market exceeded $200 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow to $375 billion by 2026. I have two websites in the field of online education, and I can confirm that it’s an excellent area to work in. Commissions on affiliates are extremely high, and you can offer your information products with even better profits.
  • Online gaming. The market for online gaming was estimated to bring in revenues of $68 billion in 2018 and is expected to hit $286 billion by 2027. With in-app purchases increasing, gaming companies will offer bloggers lucrative affiliate commissions as well as ad rates.

2. The Classic SEO Technique Will Decrease in Value

As technology advances of AI, Google recognizes great content in line with the user’s expectations. In the end, traditional SEO methods will become less and less efficient.

The days of keyword filling and mass-building spammy backlinks are over. But, quality backlinks are still an important element in Google’s algorithm.

I am anticipating that as Google grows smarter and more sophisticated, it will rely less on individual backlinks to pages to find reliable quality and reliable content. Instead, it will improve its ability to determine which quality content is worthy of ranking it in 2022.

Therefore, creating top-quality quality content can be the most likely way to be successful shortly of blogging.

3. Authority Will Triumph

With the E-A-T and the YMYL algorithm updates, Google has started to focus more on the credibility and trustworthiness of domains and authors.

E-A-T is a reference to “Expertise,” “Authoritativeness,” and “Trustworthiness.” It is a sign that Google is looking into the author of an article and whether or not the author is a reputable expert in his area of expertise.

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YMYL is the abbreviation to mean “Your Financial Your Life.” The term is used to describe specific areas where misinformation could cause a significant impact. For instance, legal or medical subjects. But, Google seems to be expanding the categories they consider as YMYL. As per section 2.3 of Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines, YMYL is now also encompassing “news and current happenings,” “shopping,” and even a category that they call “other.”

In YMYL niches, E-A-T is particularly important. That is not surprising when you think about the type of content a user is looking to be high on Google. We would all prefer to go through a legal piece composed by an attorney rather than written by a high school student.

In determining E-A-T, Google will examine the writer and  the article. Are they regarded as experts in the field? That’s why links to the website (not necessarily to the specific page) as well as a solid author profile will help.

To be successful with the E-A-T portion that Google’s algorithm uses, you must prove to Google that you’re an expert on the topic you write about. One way to demonstrate this is by acquiring high-quality, authoritative backlinks relevant to the subject of your expertise.

Based on this E-A-T, in light of the E-A-T and YMYL trend, I believe that the model of running 15 different affiliate websites and having an army of unpaid writers write the content for these websites is likely to die out in the coming years gradually. These kinds of websites have been hit with recent Google updates. They are being beaten by niche sites backed by experts who have knowledgeable writers about the topic.

4. Multimedia posts will replace (Some) Long-Form Content

For a long time now, the use of long-form content has been the trend. While bloggers were doing great with posts of 500 words back in 2005, an posting of 1500 words is considered to be short nowadays, and lengthy blog posts could be greater than 10,000 words.

The keyword here is “correlation.” Correlation does not cause anything. One reason is the release of data that shows a connection between more content, longer backlinks, and higher Google rankings.

I expect the “long-text trend” to slow down in the coming years’ blog posts.

Google is determined to provide the best user experience for users. However, long texts do not always offer the same. Based on the need to be addressed, a table, visual, or a video could be more appropriate than a long written explanation.

5. Multi-Channel Content Marketing will become even more prominent

In the beginning days of blogging, attention was focused on Google, and websites were written and blogs.

Nowadays, it’s dispersed all over Google, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, TikTok, Spotify, Amazon, and many more platforms.

If you solely focus on creating a blog and driving traffic through Google, then you will) never have a chance to grab some of the focused pie,) you will be in no position to create the same amount of branding and engagement when you take a multi-channel approach and c) make a business vulnerable that depends only on one medium or source of traffic.

In short, a one-channel method will not be effective shortly of blogging.

However, the future of blogging is paying attention to the user and embracing the multi-channel approach.

That may sound daunting initially, but it’s not necessary to think of new content to be used on all the different platforms. It is possible to take similar content and adapt it to suit the needs of any user wherever they are.

For instance, you could write a blog article and then record a video about the same subject. The music in your video could be your podcast. You can highlight certain parts of your content by creating infographics or images to use on Instagram or Pinterest (which are, to be fair, shouldn’t be the same thing – pictures that are good for Instagram tend to not work well to Pinterest and vice the reverse).

6. Branding is a must

With higher blogging earnings awaiting as an incentive, the competition is growing. Large media companies have been a long-time player in the blogosphere and are spending huge amounts on content. I’m talking about companies such as InterActiveCorp, which owns magazines like The Spruce and The Daily Beast. In 2019, it recorded $4.76 billion in revenues.

If you’re a small or independent publisher and competing with large corporations in terms of domain rank or content quantity of content can be a challenge.

It is much more effective to leverage your reputation as an expert that produces high-quality content within a particular niche.

The process of creating a brand is much easier for you as an individual

As a person, you are naturally more relatable to others than a large company. Many prefer receiving their information from someone they trust and know rather than an unnamed business.

Imagine yourself as a cheese vendor at your local market. Your cheese is different and better than what you find you can buy at the grocery store, and buying from your stand gives the buyer a different experience.

7. An Effective Brand Synergizes Multi-Channel Content Strategy

In addition, the importance of branding is in line with a multi-channel strategy for content:

Multi-channel marketing can help you with the branding effort. If customers can interact with your brand in various ways, they’ll get more familiar with it.

In the same way, strong branding can make the multi-channel strategy better. Suppose a person gets in her vehicle early in the morning and contemplates what she will listen to during her drive to work. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to think about your blog? It’s only possible if you’ve employed branding to establish a position in her thoughts.

In a nutshell, In the end, a huge amount of money can be made in 2022 in blogging. Because of this, there is a rise in competition. The blogging industry has become more professional and is expected to become more professional shortly.

Suppose you’re looking to be an important player in the coming years of blogging. In that case, you’ll need to create high-quality content and establish yourself to be an expert in your field, and, in the ideal case, use multimedia and multi-channel strategy.