Kokushibo (Upper moon one) of Demon Slayer and his unique sword

Kokushibo (Upper moon one) of Demon Slayer and his unique sword

What makes Kokushibo (Upper moon one) of Demon Slayer have such a unique sword?

It’s evident that this decision will be based on manga since Kokushibo has yet to demonstrate his sword skills in the anime. Kokushibo’s sword differs from other swords in the Kimetsu no Yaiba series. one of the reasons is that it isn’t made of metal. Chapter 169 of the manga Kokushibo discloses that his sword is made of his flesh. That is the reason sword looks similar to has eyes and veins.

How did he accomplish this?

Demons are blessed with Flesh manipulation ability that permits them to change shape like the hand demons of the final selection angle. Kokushibo with two extra eyes is another illustration of this ability. With the same skill, he snatched a portion of pieces of flesh and then turned it into a Katana. That is what makes it different from other swords in this series.

The sword has some unique characteristics like enhanced strength: Since it is made of the flesh of a demon, the sword is more powerful and more durable than normal Nichiren blades that slayers use.

Shapeshifting: A sword could be transformed into a demon appearance to increase the power and effectiveness of attacks.

Regeneration: In fighting with the stone pillars in the arc of the castle infinity, Kokushibo’s sword is broken but, after a while, it heals, and damages are eliminated.

What is the reason Kokushibo wields swords?

Kokushibo is armed because the character was Michikatsu Tsugikuni, who was the older sister of Yoriichi Tsugikuni. Yoriichi was a talented swordsman and was the person who invented his Breath of Sun from which all the other Breathing techniques employed by members of the Demon Slayer Corps are descended.

Their relationship was complex. Michikatsu had a profound sadness on his brother. The latter (in addition to being the youngest child and not being the father’s heir title) was a disfigurement. It was a bit odd, clinging to his mother and generally acting in ways that were not suitable for a samurai and were shunned due to the behavior. Michikatsu did everything to aid Yoriichi and risked being punished by their father by doing this.

But when it was found out that Yoriichi was an innate prodigy when it came to swords. Michikatsu was in awe of his brother’s amazing skills. The situation was further complicated when their mother died due to an unknown illness. Yoriichi was able to leave and renounced his title as the heir to the title of their father to Michikatsu whom Michikatsu later discovered Yoriichi’s journal describing his understanding of the Transparent World (a form of hyper-sensory perception) and also that he’d been clinging to their mother’s side to support her since he was aware of her condition long before others did.

Despite his jealousy, Michikatsu was a great fan of his brother. It later was a part of the Demonslayers with his brother. After it was found out that no one could duplicate the techniques of Sun Breathing well enough to be able to master them, they were modified to fit the individual, resulting in different basic Breath techniques. Michikatsu was able to create his version, Moon Breathing.

After a long time, Mickikatsu met Kibutsuji Muzan, who enticed him into his services with the promise of advancing continuously as an indestructible Demon to outdo Yoriichi.

The sword Michikatsu wears in his new form as Kokushibo, also known as Upper Moon One, is an extension of his own and refined to use his talents and the “new” Demon Blood arts.


Demon Slayer Sword Colors: All 13 Colors and Their Meaning

Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) is a fictional world where a set of demon-slayer groups protect their homeland from demons that emerge after sunsets. Each Demon Slayer has a special weapon called Nichirin Blade. It’s a clone of a rare mineral that can absorb sunlight and is a key drawback of demons.

Each Blade is distinctive. They can be adorned with various colors when their owner initially wears them. The sword is painted in a variety of colors. Each color gives certain characteristics for the great spiritual weapon. This article will discuss the colors of the swords in Demon Slayer and what they reveal about them.

1. White

The first sword color is white. It represents mist. Muichiro Tokito represents one of the Mist Pillar within the Demon Slayer Corps. The Nichirin is the white Blade that is the symbol of demon Slayer Muichiro Tokito. Breath Of Mist is a style and inspiration from the Breath of Wind.

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Muichiro is usually very agitated. He’s prone to lose himself with his thoughts and then lose sight of the things that matter. His personality is ideal with his Breath of Mist style as well as the blue Nichirin Blade.

2. Gray

The Demon Slayer Corps’ Stone Support is a gray sword that symbolizes stone. Stone’s symbol politely emulates Gyomei’s robust and powerful personality. While Gyomei is a soft and serene massive man, he is the threat of his existence. While he’s quiet and emotionally, he’s an active and powerful demon slayer in the current.

He employs a hand-ax with a thrash with spikes attached to the hilt with a lengthy chain, different from the Nichirin Blade. The weapon Gyomei employed was an imitator. It was created using a more advanced method than its predecessor, the Nichirin Blade but the same distinctive ore.

3. Yellow

Zenitsu Agatsuma owns one of the yellow Nichirin Sword, which is used to signify Thunder. Zenitsu may appear to be an anxious cat and suffer from low morale. However, when he is asked, he’ll show his true strength at lightning speeds. Zenitsu’s true power is as powerful as lightning simultaneously.

The majority of Nichirin Swords come with the color band running across to the edge. However, Zenitsu’s unique coloration is quite different. It is a kind of lightning bolt and replaces the design that runs across his Blade. While it’s not clear what made the Blade appear in this manner, it makes an amazing sword.

Kokushibo (Upper moon one)

4. Indigo-Grey

Nichirin Blade Nichirin sword with indigo-grey color is ideal for taking out demons. The color signifies the monster. The boar-head and tiresome Demon Slayer is the only one with two indigo grey knives. He developed certain abilities that resembled beasts after having spent his entire existence in the masses. He has an emotional mess and is very proud of his accomplishments. He was always prepared to fight monsters, even more, powerful than him.

Only after he had lived among the hills could he progress through The Breath of The Beast. Inosuke’s breath-taking style is the consequence of his Breath of Wind technique. It improves his perception of touch, as well as a better trace.

5. Pink

Mitsuri Kanroji’s Sword is Pink, which comes as not a surprise. My view is that the color pink Nichirin blade symbolizes love. It is also a symbol of love style and is a means to breathe. Mitsuri Kanroji has the honor of owning this distinctive Blade, the Love Support of Demon Slayer Corps. She’s a sensitive and passionate woman but shy and also sparkles.

One of the interesting things about the Love breath technique is the fact that she created it herself. It is her only elegant yet powerful style. It is due to her unique body structure. Affirm and flexible. She has an incomparable strength due to her muscles being eight times denser than the average, yet they do not lose speed.

6. Light Pink

The pale pink hue that the Blade has is symbolic of flowers. Kanae Kocho, as well as their sibling Kanao Tsuyurii, utilize the Blade. The style she uses is built on agility and quick reflexes. She is very discreet during battle.

There are seven variations in the Breath of Flowers style. The swords are light pink due to their character and skill. The result makes the entire planet slow down.

7. Green

The green-colored sword that symbolizes breeze is included on the list. Sanemi Shinazugawa is the fierce Wind Pillar of Demon Slayer Corps uses the sword. Sanemi is equipped with his green Blade and a blast of fury at any demon he comes across.

Sanemi’s speed and lively breathing allow him to unleash a storm upon those who have the misfortune of facing Sanemi.

8. Red

Kyojuro Rengoku wields the terrifying sword of red, which is a symbol of flame. The glowing, bright Flame Pillar is stunningly attractive and, at times, a bit odd. His wisdom is unwavering, and the force of a great fire ignites his determination to take down demons.

As Zenitsu’s sword, Kyojuro had the shape of an exclusive blade color. The red color of his sword is highlighted by the form of a flame pattern that runs along the length. The combination looks stunning when combined with the Breath of Flames technique.

9. Blue

The color of this sword is related to water and is also the initial Nichirin Blade in the series. Giyu Tomioka wears the Blue Blade that he uses to carry out the Breath of Water style. Giyu Tomioka is also the Pillar Water of the Demon Slayer Corps, making it one of the toughest demon Slayer Pillars.

Tomioka’s ferocious personality is like water’s aggressive nature is very similar. He can move like a liquid and can effortlessly battle demons. Rui and his spider-demon father, Lower Moon Five, were defeated by only one fluid movement.

10. Purple

The Upper Moon 1 Kokushibo utilizes a unique breathing technique known as “Breath of The Moon.” The color of his sword is purple. In Japan, purple symbolizes royalty.

This shade reflects Kokushibo’s regal appearance.

11. Amber

Amber color is that of Tengen Uzui’s Nichirin-cleavers. They are also known as The Sound Hashira. It is the color associated with the bold and energy.

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Tengen is brave as well as proud of his style. Tengen makes use of his sound “energy” to take down his adversaries. Therefore the color is an excellent illustration that of Hashira.

12. Periwinkle-Purple

Periwinkle-purple color is that of Insect Hashira Kocho Shinobu’s Blade. It fluctuates between light blue and lavender, which is why a periwinkle is an excellent option.

This color is a perfect match for Shinobu’s story. Her serene eyes hide the anger she feels at being deprived of her sister from her. The color symbolizes peace as well as eternal love and peace.

In her efforts to honor her sister in all aspects of the way she lives, her radiant smile and cheerful personality are a testament to her undying affection.

13. Black

Tanjiro Kamado Tanjiro Kamado, the hero and the main character, holds the most powerful weapon of all the swords: the black Nichirin blade. The meaning behind the Blade isn’t well-known. It is among the rarest of all blades. Black demons who wield swords tend to be more likely within a short time.

There are many theories among fans regarding the Blade’s black color. The most well-known is that it symbolizes charcoal, something Tanjiro traded before becoming a major Demon Slayer. The theory is that he has sun-like breathing, as every breathing technique originates from charcoal.

Demon Slayer Sword Colors: All 13 Colors and Their Meaning
Demon Slayer Sword Colors: All 13 Colors and Their Meaning

What Is the Rarest Sword Color in Demon Slayer?

Black Nichirin swords that are scarce are virtually unobtainable. Though the significance of the black color remains unknown, some theories and hypotheses could be drawn from the available fragments and pieces. Based on one hypothesis, black is the symbol of charcoal and references Tanjiro’s previous work. Some people believe it’s known as the Sun Style, an original style that’s almost gone. The color black absorbs the most sunlight. That is a demon’s weakness.

Why Did Tanjiro’s Sword Turn Black?

While the reason behind Tanjiro’s sword becoming black is an unanswered question, a variety of theories and hypotheses could be drawn from fragments of information. Logically, Tanjiro’s weapon should be black since he uses the very unusual Dance of the Fire God (i.e., the Sun Breathing style).

What are the Swords Made of, and What are Their Purposes?

The swords of Tanjiro look stunning. It’s not just because they’re normal blades. They’ve had an extra thing added to the blades. The “Nichirin Blades,” as they’re referred to, are produced under extremely special conditions since the beginning. Scarlet, crimson sand, and iron sand are only two rare minerals used to make Nichirin blades. These rare minerals are only found at extreme altitudes, allowing them to be illuminated throughout the year.

The Demon Slayer Corps’ primary weapon is the Nichirin blade which makes them a vital weapon. It allows the ore to get infused by sunlight. That is the only weakness that demons suffer from. It’s a part of the Demon Slayer’s training to acquire the ore to create their weapon. The Nichirin blade swords absorb sunlight, and once formed, they are impervious to the attacks of demons.

Nichirin blades with crimson red are a viable alternative weapon to the one mentioned above. This Crimson Red Nichirin blade is superior to the standard Blade because it permits demons to be destroyed on the molecular level. It means that wounds and amputations resulting from this knife won’t heal as quickly. That is done by raising your temperature on the sword, hitting two Nichirin blades properly, or applying the proper style of Blood Demon Art.

Why Do the Swords Take on Different Colors?

The term “Color Changing Swords” is also applied to Nichirin blades. The reason for this is that blades appear to take on an alternate hue when drawn by the Demon Slayer. This transformation of color isn’t required as it is not required. Demon Slayer must be skilled enough to initiate the transformation. That makes it more unique and is an indicator for the time the Demon Slayer starts to grow in strength.

The Demon Slayer’s personality, skills, and overall energy can be seen in the color change. The Demon Slayer with a strong and determined character may have their sword change color into red, orange, or yellow. Likewise, the Demon Slayer who is full of love might be gifted a pink blade. These colors permit the swords to be used as an extension that reflects the demon’s character and values.

The unique handguard that guards the sword against harm is a different aspect of the distinctiveness of each sword. Tanjiro’s black-colored handguard is the look of a wheel. Other handguards, however, like Mitsuri’s and Shinobu’s clover- and flower-shaped handguards show their Hashira art. While these guards don’t possess any specific powers, they are in the control of the sword owners.

Have All of the Sword Colors Been Discovered?

There are more than 12 Nichirin-blade colors discussed in the manga of Demon Slayer. However, this isn’t the limit of possibilities. Demon Slayers come with their unique strategies, and there are numerous variations. There were minor color changes within the series, for instance, indigo-gray against amber, light pink, and yellow. A new color will likely be identified before the blade colors that are important to know have been recognized.

Most Powerful Swordmen of Demon Slayer

Most Powerful Swordmen of Demon Slayer

Here are the strongest swordsmen from Demon Slayer.

Tanjuro Kamado

The father of Tanjiro is first on the list. There have been glimpses of Tanjuro in flashbacks, and Muzan has suggested that he’s Tanjiro’s father.

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Muzan is the one who sends Yahaba as well as Susumaru for Tanjiro at the moment he encounters them for the first time. He is enraged by Tanjiro’s Hanafune earrings, as they are reminiscent of Tanjuro. Tanjuro was once an apex in his Demon Slaying Corps, the highest-ranking swordsman. However, his battle fatigue began to take its toll, and he was forced to settle with Tanjiro’s mother.

Tanjiro Kamado

If we compare the strength of Tanjiro to the strength, he’s displayed in the anime. It will be compared the strength of Inosuke and Zenitsu. Tanjiro is likely to become one of the strongest swordsmen globally, considering everything that has transpired in the manga and the development that Tanjiro has seen. Through Tanjiro’s Water Breath Style and Dance of The Sun God, along with the line of opening/interval and the ability to see Through, It is evident that he’s an experienced swordsman. Tanjiro has the ability and methods to shine shining. Kamado, the name of Tanjiro’s family, has roughly translated to “stove or furnace.”

Giyu Tomioka

The man was the one who told Tanjiro about the history that he had heard about The Demon Slaying Corps. He also introduced Tanjiro to Urokodaki. Giyu, apart from his appearances with Tanjiro, is usually distant, unfeeling, and dismissive. Giyu is currently fighting with Tanjiro in the ongoing manga series. It’s widely known to everyone that Giyu is the most powerful Pillar. I’ve never seen him fight, but it’s evident that all the other Pillars are aware of his power.


We’ve seen very few sworders, but we know some who are masters of sword skills. It’s not surprising to see Mist Pillar Muichiro Tokito, famous for his ability to be a genius, could be another instance.

It’s surprising, but we’ve witnessed Muichiro fight and wrestle for a good portion of the manga. While his thoughts and focus disappear, the only twin who is left is truly enveloped in fog. However, he appears to be consumed by a strong hatred for the demon type. He is adept with the knife and has tried all 7 Mist forms.

Gyomei Himejima

Gyomei has been a person that we haven’t seen enough of. That is a shame. While this is among the most intriguing Pillars but it hasn’t been given enough consideration. Gyomei is a monk who was blind has become one of the main Rock Pillar to The Demon Slaying Corps. He was calm and peaceful.

He even ran his orphanage. As many Demon Slayers did, tragedy hit him and his family. He discovered that he was tough and astonishingly strong following the experience. Gyomei is a teacher of Tanjiro Full Focus breathing techniques is among the strongest members of the group.


Kyojuro Rengoku, an animated character who is distinctive and captivating. The glowing and vibrant Flame Pillar was going to be the most attractive of the Pillars. Kyojuro is a firm moralist who has made him one of the most powerful Pillars.

He was not quick enough to compete against Upper Moon Three and was “out of commission.” He’s not more powerful since he retired before reaching his peak.

Mitsuri Kanroji

Kimetsu No Yaiba is home to a group of incredibly powerful and independent women. Nezuko, Shinobu, their apprentices, the Sound Pillar Uzui’s wives, and Mitsuri are all out there kicking it. This bottle of sunshine is known as”The Love Pillar. Mitsuri is a bubbly, confident romantic who is hopeless and desperate for love. Mitsuri also is eight times more amount of muscle than an average person. She can consume a large amount of food at once and can defeat demons with their whip-like sword. She attempts to balance these traits by adding a touch more “feminine” charm.

Shinobu Kocho

“The Breath of the Insect’s name is an allusion to Wisteria Flower poison, which can kill demons. The thin, slim woman is identified as having an infirm physique and has said that she can’t behead demons. Shinobu can’t take down demons the traditional way. Still, she can take them down by using her deadly stinger-like Katana.


The boar-head-wearing maniac is the only member who is not a Pillar. Inosuke is war-mad and impatient. His strength is continuously growing, and he is blessed with an uncanny ability to feel and react. He even developed his style to Breath combat, known as the Breath of the Beast. The swords that he used, intentionally hacked to cause the most pain while cutting, contribute to this wild and violent method of fighting. Inosuke is an innovator and madman whose potential is greater than anything one could have imagined.


The boy, who is extremely bright-colored, was among the few who passed the entrance exam for Tanjiro’s Demon Slaying Corps. The fans of anime may not be aware of how he accomplished it.

Zenitsu can perform all of the extremely challenging training that he learned through the Thunder Pillar after he has passed out. Zenitsu did not master his Thunder Clap Flash, but he did master how to breathe with Thunder. It is still awe-inspiring how far he progresses further on.