How no niche blogging & SEO mistakes made me a successful blogger?

No Niche Blogging and mistakes

Where will No niche blogging and SEO mistakes take you?

It was just a year and a half back when I decided to start blogging one fine morning. I was always a chef and spent long hours in the kitchen. The pandemic strikes the globe, and luckily I did not lose my job. But business reduced. So it gave me a lot of time to spend on myself. I had no clue about blogging. I did not know what wordpress is or how to rank a website. In this article, I will share 5 Blogging mistakes ( As Digital Marketers say) and how I overcame them to bring 200k visitors to my site. In this article I will analyze how no niche blogging and so called blogging mistakes made me a successful blogger.

If you have landed on or, it was not a paid promotion. You had a search query, and that landed you on my page. 

Let me go through one by one what Digital marketers say and what I did instead. This article is not about degrading digital marketers but the lesson I learned in the last 1.5 years.

What Digital marketers and blogging experts say: Your Domain Name Matters

“Domain names are an element of your brands like your business logo or name. Even if you’ve got it right with your brand in every aspect, if you have something about your domain that turns off potential customers, they’ll likely go to a different site.

It’s the same for reverse. If your website address is accurate and enjoyable to use, users will want to visit it and spread the word about it. First impressions are important, and your domain is the first impression users have with your company.

It’s not as easy to alter your domain’s name once your website is up and running. You can try it. However, it’s lengthy and has consequences. It can result in a reduction in traffic and inefficient interruptions. Also, your life will be more enjoyable when you take the time to think about it now and think of an idea you are happy with.

Avoid Hyphens And Numbers

Remember that your domain name must be simple to pronounce and spell? Hyphens and numbers make it even more difficult. Imagine the possibilities of explaining Facebook using a hyphen or a number.”

What I did: Your Domain Name Matters

Web news does not reflect any brand. I already bought a domain name with a number (21). So it has 0 brand value. When I learned it, it was late. I can’t go back to Namecheap or GoDaddy and ask then free returns or replacement. It simply does not work. The way I see it today, why do people have to remember my site address? They have queries in life. They type in google, and my site pops up.

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Blogging tips
I am ranking on this keyword and got the featured snippet. I did not follow any Digital Marketing strategy

What Digital marketers and blogging experts say: Choose keywords with search volume and CPC

Look for keywords which has search volume. There are tools like Google Trends, Adwords, Ahrefs, and some chrome extensions. I use Keyword surfer. When you go back to the image, you find the monthly search from the USA is 0 per month. However, choosing the keyword a year back was based on the CPC it was offering. It was $180 per click. Ahrefs say the keyword gets 900 searches per month.

Search intent with high CPC
I targeted the keyword looking at the CPC. I ranked on this term but never got that kind of CPC

What I did: Choose keywords with search volume and CPC.

I wrote the article and ranked 1 in the USA. I never got a CPC of $180, even though I get more than 1500 page views per month only on that keyword. I also learned CPC does not work the way I used to think. I also learned never to target keywords with high CPC. Rather look for low-hanging fruits. I am currently working with private ad networks and realized they only look for 50000 to 100000 monthly visitors to approve. It does not mean I discourage keywords with purchase intent. But I prefer the low-hanging fruits either.


How to start blogging
I get 1700 visitors from this keyword. However ahrefs and keyword surfer showed different statistics on the same term.

What Digital marketers and blogging experts say: Build Backlinks to rank in SERP

“Linkbuilding, also referred to as backlinking, is an important element of an effective SEO (SEO) plan. It is the act of getting links from other websites which direct visitors back to your website. Alongside controlling the flow of internet traffic, backlinking may be a crucial factor in Google’s assessment of your website. It is why having quality backlinks can aid your company or organization increase its rank and visibility in the search engine pages (SERP).

How Generating Backlinks Can Boost Your Site

A well-constructed link can improve the visibility of a site and credibility, authority, and authority. If a link is posted on a website that is not your own, Google often views this procedure as an acknowledgment.

Suppose a website can accumulate an array of backlinks from authoritative websites. In that case, Google will begin to consider the page (and the website in general) as an authoritative source in the field. In turn, other websites might seek out your site for backlinks, and prospective customers could look up to you because of your status as a trustworthy authority on the subject. This kind of circularity could help increase business growth and build an ecosystem of beneficial backlinks.

Link building is among the numerous factors Google employs to determine the websites featured on its result page. In some instances, the difference in ranking between 3 or 4 may be due to the number of links each page can get.

Avoiding Low Quality and Harmful Links

While high-quality hyperlinks can assist your website in ranking higher within the Search Engine Results Page, the link that comes from websites that are not trustworthy or spammy can harm your digital web presence. In some instances, links from an untrustworthy website could signal Google that your website is not trustworthy.

Such and other unauthentic link-building techniques like mass buying links can create much more damage than positive for your website. Obstacles will eventually follow the short-term gains in the long run or even penalties. That’s why it’s vital to be honest, and only build genuine backlinks. If done correctly when done correctly, link building can improve your brand’s recognition in terms of ranking, visibility, as well as your overall digital presence. A comprehensive SEO strategy should encompass various ways of acquiring these links naturally, either by utilizing quality media and community building.”

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What I did: I never built links

Initially, I did not know my future in blogging. I just nailed keyword research and quality contents rather than creating backlinks. Honestly, the SEO companies charge a lot of money for link building. I was not ready to spend a single $ for link building. When I started ranking, I learned that how some companies fool bloggers and website owners. I have watched many youtube videos that claim their expertise in link-building strategy and keyword ranking. Finally, they have a product to sell. They care about their business rather than yours. Look at the keyword where I rank #1 spot without building links. The 9 links you will see here were from someone who liked my article and decided to link me. I never paid for this. There is no second thought regarding natural links. And believe me, Google understands that.

Guest Post
I ranked #1 position without any paid links. The 9 links are natural. You may see the other other sites who believe in backlinks could not rank 1. Therefore stop making backlinks. If backlink is the answer, the site with 211 links and DR 73 ( against 38 of mine) should have beaten me long back.

What about Guest posts? It means, suppose your business is about selling dog food. If you get a guest post published on another website that writes about HD Webcams, it does not pass any link juice. It only helps if the website is writing similar topics and not a guest post site. Every day, receives more than 100 guest post requests. ( Yes, we made small progress and have a small team now). We write about different topics, and therefore links from our site do the magic. You may email us at for Guest Post requests. However, you need to ensure our multiniche website has similar topics written before.

What Digital marketers and blogging experts say: Build an authority /niche site. Don’t write on anything and everything.

Authority Sites are Designed for Long-Term Success. “It’s easy to slap up a ten-page blog and make money from organic search traffic.” That is one of the benefits of creating niche websites. Once you’ve learned the procedure, you’ll be able to “slap up” site after site while the profits come flooding into. It makes niche site development the ideal option for those who are new to Internet marketing. “It takes time to build an authority site.”

Niche websites don’t require much time to create and rank the same way as authority sites do. Authorities sites are longer-lasting, and the learning curve for developing a profitable and successful site may be a lot longer.

 The best thing about niche websites is that you can quickly determine when a niche will be profitable as well or not. It’s not necessary to spend all your time on just one thing. But often, people put in much of their time being an authority on something they are passionate about but then discover that there isn’t much or no profit in the field.

 Authority Sites Have a Better Return on Investment

Additionally, there’s no guaranteed income from building authority sites as well. Sometimes they don’t succeed. The initial cost might be less to establish an authoritative site. Still, the abilities that you require to create great content and engage with your followers are slowly mastered. Sure, you can purchase an attractive Aweber account. Still, you won’t be able to purchase a loyal following, and you must build it.

Attract Loyal Readers

If your readers know what they can expect from you, they’ll be loyal. It’s similar to going to the same place where you order the same menu every time. If you like the food and you’re satisfied, why would you order anything else? When you blog, if your readers are accustomed to how the topic is addressed through your website, readers will come to return to read more.

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Also, it is easy to beat a competitor in similar keywords rather than beating multiple sites on multiple keywords.

What I did: No-Niche Blogging.

When I started my blogging journey, I did not know what to write for. As said earlier, I was a chef. I can write 1000 recipes. But does Google know I am a chef and I should be ranked better than other recipe sites in the market for long? Funny, but true. Blogging doesn’t need experts. It is all about the right approach. I started with recipes. It never ranked. Then I started looking for keywords where I could rank. Unfortunately, it was not food or recipes. It was Dungeons and Dragons, Minecraft, PS4, Insurance, Banking, and so on. I wrote on them. And eventually, I ranked on them. There was never a niche for my articles. It was always the right keyword hunt and writing better content. I call it No Niche blogging. 

Learn No Niche Blogging
I followed No Niche blogging. Started as a mistake. But I am happy where I am today in 1.5 years.

Advertisers ask me questions. What is your niche? My answer is ” No niche.” As per experts, these kinds of sites don’t do well. They don’t rank. The following screenshot will prove that the keywords I rank are not related to one another. One keyword is from insurance, the other from products, and few others from games. 

Why do I need to beat competitors when there are 10000 keywords available where not a single article is written. I prefer to be a hunter than a competitor.
I just googled the keyword” How to make money online.”

No Niche Blogging
I am not after olympic race. I know I can’t beat Forbes. So I prefer No Niche blogging.

The result was as follows:
17 ways to make money online
28 ways to make money online
50 best ways to make money online.

Now, if you read the articles, all of them write about the same thing. It is beating around the same bush again and again. The SEO gurus will teach you how to write an article on 51 ways to make money online and beat competitors. So if webnews21 were about the same niche, I would have tried to write about 65 ways to make money online and waited 2 years to see if I could beat Forbes. He He He!

As a no niche blogger, I better write about “how to scratch my back.” I am sure there are fewer articles and more searches about scratch my back rather than making money online. Itching in the back is a problem. Our hand don’t reach there. Earning money online is not a problem. People use google more when they have a problem. If it is about ad revenue, I would prefer to get 20000 monthly traffic on a post paying me $5 rather than 200 traffic paying $20. The only difference is I am not ready to wait for 2 years to make this $20. I rather start making $5 within 3-4 months.


  • What I knew about blogging mistakes are not mistakes. It is the way few digital marketers want to establish themselves so that we can buy their products. All SEO sites and blogging experts have a course that will help you learn to blog. I rather learn from my mistakes. No one knows Google. If they did, they would have ranked in every commercial intent keyword. I am happy with my no niche blogging and numerous Guest post requests every day. If you want to succeed like me, you may email me, and I will be happy to assist you the right way.
  • My site has a number in its domain.
  • There is no buyer intent in my keywords.
  • There is no niche in my blogs.
  • I don’t buy backlinks. Whatever comes are natural.
  • I don’t use Yoast or Rank Math or other on-page Plugins
  • I use more time on keyword research and writing articles.
  • I used writers, but it did not work. So I write myself now.
  • I don’t stuff keywords. There is a target keyword in my articles, but I never optimize it.
  • I never write Meta Description. I believe Google does it better when my articles rank. Writing a meta description myself stops Google to auto suggest readers based on their search.
  • The entire title is my URL.
  • I offer guest post services. I also offer personal consultaion for blogging.
  • Finally, I am happy with where I started and where I am today.

No Niche Blogging