Best PS4 Wall Mount Review | HIDEit Vs. HumanCentric

Best PS4 Wall Mount Review

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Best PS4 Wall Mount Review

With more than 115 million units sold, the PlayStation 4 is the fourth smash hit control center ever. Accepting it sells a simple 3 million additional units, it will beat the GameBoy and become the third smash hit. The explanations behind the PS4’s deals are not difficult to comprehend. Sony had effectively overwhelmed the past keyboard age and had a more significant number of unique features than Microsoft. That, yet the Xbox One had staggered out of the entryway, with early models’ generally panned required movement controls. Add to that the most special equipment of its age, and it’s nothing unexpected that the PS4 sold so well.

However, the PS4 will keep on being essential for a long time. For a specific something, it upholds various games that will keep on being works of art for quite a long time to come. For something else, the worldwide pandemic and a semiconductor deficiency have eased back the rollout of cutting-edge games and control centers. Except if you need to get the most reasonable force out of a 4K TV, you will not be passing up much substance. Not for the following, not many years. So it bodes well to put resources into great PS4 extras. Also, if there’s a PS5 coming in to involve your old framework’s place, you should move your PS4. Thus, it appeared to be a happy opportunity to discuss PS4 divider mounts.

We’re going to survey two of the best divider mounts for PS4. These incorporate variations for a wide range of PS4, including the first, the Slim, and the Pro. We’ll begin with the HIDEit. This divider mount has a smaller, sensible plan and is accessible for each of the three PS4 variations. The HumanCentric is likewise viable with every one of the three frameworks.

Moreover, it incorporates regulator sections for two DualShock 4 regulators. To wrap things up, we’ll take a gander at the TotalMount. It’s accessible for the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro just; however, its plastic edge makes less remote impedance. Which one is awesome? Let’s find out.

HIDEit (Available for first Gen, Slim, and Pro) 

HIDEit is a setup producer that delivers an assortment of mounting arrangements. In the not-so-distant past, we surveyed their PS5 divider mount, and we loved the plan. So we were anxious to check whether the PS4 form of the HIDEit experiences a similar norm. This is an all-metal stand, made in the USA from robust and 16-check steel. The steel is cold-moved for better sturdiness and has a powder-covered completion to forestall scratching. This covering comes in dark or white, so it combines well with pretty much any stylish.

The shading isn’t as a very great worry as you would suspect. This is a particularly low-profile section and is not noticeable by any means. Regardless of whether it’s mounted on an exposed divider, you’ll scarcely see the HIDEit. The section is a couple of inches wide and intends to slide your PS4 in from the side. Remember that distinctive PS4 variations had diverse mounting frameworks. For the first PS4, made through 2017, the section will slide into the central channel. Each sort of section will just work with the PS4 variation it was intended for. At the point when you request, ensure you’re ordering the adaptation that is appropriate for the PS4 you own.

The thin profile makes the HIDEit perhaps the most secure section that cash can purchase. It scarcely contacts your control center, so the entirety of the air vents are accessible. If you don’t impede access with another gadget, your PS4 will remain quite remarkable overall.

HumanCentric (Available for first Gen, Slim, and Pro) 

HumanCentric is one more divider mount producer we’ve evaluated previously. We, as of late, audited their link box and modem mount, and presently we will take a gander at their PS4 divider mount. This mount has a comparative steel development to the HIDEit mount. It even has a powder-covered completion, even though it’s just accessible in the dark.

There are two or three significant contrasts between the plan of these two sections. While the HIDEit is extremely thin, the HumanCentric is a lot more extensive. It’s close to as wide as the PlayStation 4 control center itself. The control center gets embedded the same way, however: from the side. This implies you’ll be correspondingly cautious with regards to requesting the right kind. Fortunately, the HumanCentric comes measured for each of the three sorts of PS4, so there’s one for your control center.

There are two extra elements worth focusing on. Most importantly, there’s a locking nut toward the end, complete with an elastic washer to hold it back from scratching your control center. This holds your PlayStation back from getting taken out of the divider mount unintentionally. Second, the unit incorporates a couple of coordinating with regulator sections. These are fundamentally expansive snares where you can hang your PS4 regulators when they’re not being used.



Every one of these sections has its advantages and downsides. We should audit what we’ve realized. We began by taking a gander at the HIDEit section. This divider mount has the littlest profile and leaves the most space for cooling. It’s additionally simple to mount in an assortment of positions. There are no extra elements. It’s simply a little metal section intended for a PS4. Regardless of whether this is something worth being thankful for or something awful involves inclination. The HumanCentric section is like the HIDEit in that it’s produced using powder-covered metal. Be that as it may, there are critical contrasts to separate it. It has a more extensive plan for a certain something, with a locking nut to keep your PS4 safely set up. It likewise accompanies VESA mounting screws, just as a couple of clever DualShock 4 regulator sections. Then again, the expansive profile settles on it a helpless decision for mounting on most work areas.