Best Shoes to Wear After an Ankle Injury

Best Shoes to Wear After an Ankle Injury

Best Shoes to Wear After an Ankle Injury

There are so many different reasons you can get caught in an accident or incident, and your ankle might get injured. If your ankle got injured, then recovery from an injured ankle might be a challenge for you. Because you can not let your ankle get rest as you need to go to the bathroom, work, or do little tasks at home. In such conditions, fast recovery of the ankle is not possible. It would be best to put your ankle at ease, safe, protected, and as comfortable as possible to fast recovery and avoid complications. 

You have to deal with your injured ankle with so much care. Also, you have to minimize the ankle movement and try to stabilize it as much as possible. If you minimize the ankle movement, it will also be critical for healing. Also, an unstable ankle can give you so much trouble that you might get into another accident. To avoid any other accident, doctors usually recommend special footwear to patients dealing with ankle injuries that can assist with injury healing.  

What types of footwear can help you recover from an ankle injury? 

There are so many different types of footwear that doctors recommend for ankle injuries. Such as, 

  • Walking boots 
  • Orthopedic shoes 
  • Custom orthotics 
  • Basketball shoes

These four footwears are the best footwear to help recover the injured ankle. Also, it helps your ankle to stay put at ease so it can heal fast. 

Let’s discuss this footwear to understand how it can help with an ankle injury. 

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Walking boots: 

There are many kinds of ankle injuries, and every injury needs special care to heal fast. Usually, patients recovering from an ankle fracture or sprain are recommended to wear walking boots. A walking boot can help in reducing the pain and increase mobility. If the ankle injury is a GRADE II sprain, the ligament is torn apart, and it might need a higher walking boot. 

If you have a fracture in the ankle and it is not severe, then you only need a simple walking boot. The ankle fracture is severe and can only be healed by surgery; after the surgery to realign bones, the walking boot can work as a postoperative boat. The walking boot also can work as a replacement for the cast and splint. 

Benefits of walking boot: 

  • Walking boots can help in reducing the pain. 
  • It can also help in reducing swelling. 
  • Improves the mobility 
  • It feels like you are taking natural footsteps
  • These boots have foam interiors that can help absorb shock waves, so the ankle does not take any more pressure.
  • Great help in balancing 

Moreover, walling boots are available in many different styles, shapes, and heights. Also, walking boots have a wider footbed that can relieve the ankle. Doctors recommend a foot balancer for the other foot, so you do not feel any difference in walking. 


Orthopedic Shoe:

Sometimes, shoes can be a problem and might contribute ankle with many problems. But orthopedic shoes are specially designed to give maximum support and comfort. If you have a mild injury, it can prevent that injury from becoming worse by giving comfort to the ankle. So you have to choose the design according to the doctor’s prescription so it can help your ankle and foot health and performance. 

Benefits of the orthopedic shoe:

  • This shoe can help you in restoring your running ability by reducing pain. 
  • It can help in reducing swelling so you can walk and jump easily. 
  • Provides the better support 
  • It helps increase the stability in the ankle and foot of unstable joints. 
  • Improves the health of the ankle and foot
  • Orthopedic shoes help the ankle and foot and help you ease other body problems such as back and hips.
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In addition, you get more choices regarding style and shape in orthopedic shoes. So choose the shoes that suit you the most and give you complete comfort. 

Custom orthotics: 

As you may know, the ankle can have many types of injuries. There is an ankle injury called tendonitis for which doctors recommend custom orthotics. It may be very challenging to find the perfect shoe pair for the injury, so doctors recommend customer orthotics that can full fill your needs. It also can be used in minor ankle injuries so they can not become worsen. 

Benefits of custom orthotics: 

  • It helps your feet to stay balanced even in unbalanced places
  • Great in shock-absorbing so no pressure can be reached to your ankle or feet 
  • It has cushion support that allows you to give to your ankle and put low pressure on the ankle as low as possible. 
  • It can control the alignment and functions of the foot according to its design 
  • It helps in reducing discomfort, pain, and calluses 
  • Prevent abnormal motion of the feet 

Furthermore, custom orthotics always fit the foot and can change their shape according to your foot shape. You can find these shoes from doctors’ recommendation shops or podiatrist clinics. 

Basketball shoes: 

You may not know, but basketball shoes can help any kind of ankle injury. Basketball players go through ankle injuries more often than a normal person who did not play any game. So, basketball players need to prevent their ankles from injuries, so their careers do not get affected. They use basketball shoes because they know they can save them from any injury. 

Benefits of basketball shoes: 

  • Basketball shoes give the stability to the foot so it can prevent any unnecessary injury
  • It can give the support to the ankle 
  • Save ankle from twisting 
  • Special cushioning helps in giving relief to all 26 bones of the foot 
  • It helps in reducing the impact of the jump or pressure 
  • Allows you to move more freely 
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Final Thoughts

Additionally, these shoes can be found easily and have better grip than any other normal shoes. Also, these types of shoes are best for you if you are a gym and fitness freak. If you face any kind of ankle injury, then you shoes give a visit to the doctor. So he can tell you what kind of shoes you need and help you with your ankle injury.