Best USA Blog Sites Accepting Guest Posts in 2022

Best USA Blog Sites Accepting Guest Posts in 2022

Best USA Blog Sites Accepting Guest Posts in 2022

You’ll find various options when looking for the Best USA Blog sites accepting guest posts. Some of the most popular and well-known: are Copyblogger, VentureBeat, MarketingProfs, and Mashable. But the best is, and

Once you have your list, you’ll need to find the most relevant sites to submit your guest post. And while you’re at it, take the time to connect with other potential contacts on LinkedIn. A 2nd-degree connection is much better than a 3rd, and a mutual connection is even better.

One of the most trusted sources of news, entertainment, personal stories, wellness, style, technology, and current events. It’s perfect for individuals who write in multiple categories. receives over 300,000 monthly views and is expanding at an exponential rate. The traffic conversion rate is relatively high and may be found worldwide.

We offer the opportunity to purchase an excellent guest article with a high DA and D.R. It should be 1000 words long and include two Do-follow links to relevant domains. The guest article will almost certainly get between 2000 and 3000 visitors per month. has many skilled writers who post articles on over 250 different topics. It’s also where you can get the most up-to-date training and guidance on online technology, fashion, and wellness. 

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It’s another website for news, entertainment, dating tips, finance, technology, and the hottest topics, similar to For writers who write in several genres, it is ideal.

The best option for your writing may be to submit it to for publication if you have an intriguing story or want to promote your business.

Over 65,000 people visited in June, with an average screen time of more than a minute. Organic traffic growth, which has exceeded 30% monthly, will also grow in the future. 

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If you have a sense of creativity and its improvement. In that case, invites all relevant experts to share their knowledge and skills by guest blogging.

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If you’d like to write for a primary tech site, VentureBeat is a good choice. They publish articles covering various topics, including marketing and data technology. The editorial team at VentureBeat accepts pitches and full drafts for posts ranging from 600 to 1,200 words. Usually, pitches are reviewed within a week or two. Ensure your article is newsworthy and covers a topic of interest to them. They’ll likely request a portfolio before accepting a post, so consider it when submitting.

The benefits of submitting a guest post to a business-oriented website are many. First, you’ll get exposure on a popular blog and potentially attract new readers to your website. As a bonus, your guest post will receive a backlink to your website – a crucial part of search engine optimization. This boost will help your website rank higher in Google search results. A backlink indicates to Google that your website is relevant to its topic.

Whether you’re writing a post for a startup, a company, or a non-profit organization, VentureBeat is a great outlet to showcase your work. Their experienced writers provide a broad perspective on tech industry news and development. Unlike some other tech blogs, VentureBeat is not focused on specific industries, so it’s a great resource for almost any type of entrepreneur.

When it comes to guest posting on a blog, you will have the opportunity to reach a wide audience and establish your reputation as an expert in your niche. In addition to gaining more readers and subscribers, guest blogging allows you to connect with leading experts in your field. For example, with his guest posts, Alex Turnbull helped Buffer grow from zero to one million customers. Likewise, Gregory Ciotti helped Help Scout build an audience of over 36,000 subscribers.


If you’re interested in writing for the U.S. market, MarketingProfs is one of the top USA blogs accepting guest posts. This site is geared toward marketing professionals and therefore requires unique content relevant to its readers. The blog’s audience is comprised of CMOs, CRM managers, and marketing professionals. So it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find anyone more interested in your topic than these people.

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For a well-received post, consider using the topic of product growth and UX. The content should be engaging, whether it’s a case study about a product or a new way to improve the user experience. The blog’s editors accept marketing, eCommerce, and customer experience articles. While they don’t require specific product reviews or demos, they will accept guest posts on any topic relating to enterprise B2B marketing.

Besides the blog’s unique content, its blog is also home to some popular industry websites. The site regularly publishes articles from prominent SEO companies, and the authors write in a straightforward style. The blog also includes occasional sharing tips. The content is updated regularly, and the team behind the site has a talented staff of writers. In addition, guest posts are a great way to gain exposure in the digital marketing industry.

Regardless of the subject, guest posting is a great way to gain traction, build credibility, and boost your website’s authority in the marketplace. However, remember that guest posting doesn’t mean you have to write for free! Make sure you follow the guidelines of each blog before submitting a post to them. You must also check to ensure that your content doesn’t violate Google’s or web writing guidelines.


When looking for USA Blog sites that accept guest posts, it is essential to consider how well-known the author is. This is critical because of the audience and the quality of the guest post. If your article is popular or has received backlogged content, it will likely be published on Mashable. To be considered for a guest post on Mashable, choose a topic you’re familiar with.

To submit a guest post, visit the Mashable submission page and follow their guidelines. Mashable has no formal guidelines for guest posts, but their simple submission page is easy to complete. Include your name, email address, topic, and two files. Then submit your article. You should expect a response within a day. You can also follow Mashable’s guidelines for writing on the site.

If you have a passion for technology or finance, you can submit your articles to Tech Gadgets. While Tech Gadgets does not pay in money, it does offer promotional opportunities through the blog. If you are a tech expert, this may be a good option. Additionally, The Guardian is another popular USA Blog site accepting guest posts. When you apply, you must send a sample of your writing and a summary of the article.

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Another great USA Blog site accepting guest posts is Mashable. Mashable is a high-quality platform and will only accept guest posts that contain valuable content. The site receives over 40 million monthly visitors and has a domain authority of 83. The site also features several paid and free guest blogging opportunities. The website has strict guidelines and rules for guest posting, but you can submit your articles at no cost to gain exposure.


Before submitting your guest post, make sure you read the guidelines. You need to know what to include in your article, how to submit it, and who to send it to. You should also find out how to contact the blog owner if you don’t know the person who will receive your submission. The list should be detailed enough so that you know what to expect. Once you have a list, start brainstorming for your topic and write down ideas for each number.

When it comes to guest posting, ensure you’re following the rules of the blog site. Be sure to include a decent byline and profile bio. Include some of your past contributions and notable achievements. Don’t spam the blog with content unrelated to the main offer. Make sure you follow the guidelines and don’t attempt to “plug” your site.

If you want to make a name for yourself and build a following, guest blogging is the way to go. Copyblogger is a top source of content marketing education. You should consider applying for a guest blogging position on the website if you have exceptional writing skills. Copyblogger publishes articles in various categories and is one of the best USA Blog sites accepting guest posts.

Another way to find guest posting opportunities is to follow up with customers. You can ask for a backlink analysis of their websites to find out which sites accept guest posts. This way, you can target your audience and find out what blogs accept them. Once you’ve landed on a site that’s right for your niche, you can start submitting your guest posts. Those who are successful will get featured in their guest posts!