Best way to find Mac address on your Xbox One

Mac address on your Xbox One

Let’s find Mac address on your Xbox One.

Mac address is called the Media Access Control. It’s a unique identifier assigned to a network interface controller for use as a network address in communications within a network segment. In a wireless or wired working areas, cables and routers are commonly used to help transfer data from one electronic device to another and this is where a MAC address comes in. They are mostly used in universities and companies. With the address, it can help verify that a student is actually from that university and also Incase of any school violation, it’s easier to track them down. When the address is put together with  network interface controller, it helps the computer to connect to a network. It turns data into electrical signals to be transmitted over the network. It can also be referred to as network hardware address. Keep in mind, Mac addresses have zero information on the network a device is connected to. It is just to transfer data to the right device on a network. It’s like when someone is given food or maybe a book to deliver to the right person. The fact that when a package is being delivered to a person, they ask for your information so as they don’t confuse the addresses. That is how Mac addresses work. It makes the whole process unique because of its identifier skill.

How to find the MAC address on your Xbox one ( wired and wireless)

When using your Xbox One and fail to know where the Mac address is, you can use the following steps to get you on track. 

  • Press the menu button on the controller
  • Go to settings 
  • Select Network
  • Select Advanced Settings
  • You will see the address listed just right next to wired Mac on the right hand side of the screen 

What if it’s wireless? Then what is the way forward.? This usually happens when it’s someone’s first time setting their Xbox One so take note of the following steps.

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Before you go any further by looking for the address, you have to go step by step and that means, first set up your console until you are on the network connection step.

  • After the network connection step, try to connect to Housing registered devices and don’t feel let down if it fails because it normal.
  • Choose the option fix it.
  • Troubleshoot will start and fail.
  • Finally you will be able to see the Mac address
  • One last tip, for the wired Mac, you can use Ethernet connection and for wireless Mac, you can use wifi connection. 

This whole method is just causing chaos in the set up in order to fall on the final right result. For example, anytime you fail a test, you try and find anything to do with setting up or changing the network and BAM! Mac address will be right in front of you. Keep in mind, this only happens before the update. Updates can only occur when your device is connected to the internet.

And if it still fails to show the Mac address, then your environment is the cause. It could be school or your job area. They might have restricted users and the only way to go through is by contacting them in person. 

And in case everything is set up but you kind of have a problem with constant disconnection on your Xbox one, you could follow the following steps.

Check if you are connected to the Boingo 5GHz network. If not, then get connected because of its ability to have fast network which is an advantage for gamers. You don’t want to lose while playing. Since the article is about Xbox One and Mac address, there is a step that could help, which is clearing the alternate Mac address. How to do so is by;

  • Press the guide button on the Xbox controller.
  • Select settings 
  • Go to network settings and select 
  • Select Advanced Settings
  • Then go to change settings.
  • Select alternate Mac address
  • Select clear.
  • Once this is done, the console will restart.
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After it has restarted, you can connect to the Boingo 5GHz network and get started with your games, un interrupted.


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If any of these questions could fall in your doubts, then it’s better to look up and see how people have been able to solve what they had issues with.