Who is Merlin in Seven Deadly Sins? Did she love or betray Meliodas?

Merlin Seven Deadly Sins

Was Merlin from Seven Deadly sins, in love with Meliodas? Did merlin betray the seven deadly sins?

Merlin in Seven deadly sins, has a one-sided crush on Meliodas. Beauty queen Merlin met Meliodas when she was a child. Meliodas saved her from the wizards who persecuted her. It was from that time precisely, she developed romantic feelings for him, because Meliodas showed her a concern that nobody had ever given her.

Who is Merlin in Seven Deadly Sins?

Merlin is an excellent, calculative member of The Deadly Sins. She bears the Sin of Gluttony. This symbol is usually in the form of a beautiful raven-haired woman wearing skimpy clothes. Merlin is a 3000-year old witch, also known as the Daughter of Belialuin. Her actual name is not pronounceable by humans. Her father, the chief sage of the demon wizard Gowther, taught Merlin magic. She was used as a weapon against higher-ranking goddesses. Meliodas fled Belialuin, and she met Meliodas. She fell in love with Meliodas and decided to become an adult and use the Infinity and Chrono coffin, Kurono Kofin spells to make herself ageless immortal. 337 She was openly affectionate towards Meliodas, Elizabeth and their relationship. Merlin is a perfect example of her sin. She has an obsession with filling the void in her soul when she learns of Chaos. She resolves to free the entity from its seal and cause the destruction of Belialuin. It was when she exploits the recruitment efforts of the Supreme Deity and the Demon King to increase her power and immunity to their factions.

Merlin enlisted the help of the Dabuzu, a giant Dabuzu, to build the Coffin of Eternal Darkness to protect the Supreme and Demon Deities. He then wandered Brittania and reunited with Meliodas. They helped him create the Seven Deadly Sins to destroy either the Supreme or Demon King to achieve her goals. As a precautionary measure, Merlin knocked Meliodas unconscious to get most of his power. That was due to Meliodias’s anger and destruction that had been unleashed upon the death of Elizabeth’s reincarnations. Merlin was a mentor to Arthur Pendragon before he returned to the Sins. Although she was on friendly terms with Escanor and the other Deadly Sins’, Merlin seemed particularly fond of Escanor’s unrequited feelings. After the Demon King’s death, Merlin, who had influenced the events of the group’s final battles through the activation of Elizabeth’s cursed reincarnation curse, was killed. She then reveals her true motives for helping the Sins when she performs a ritual to resurrect Arthur, a vessel of Chaos, during which she reveals her true motivations. After hearing Merlin’s story from Lady of the Lake, the Sins feel betrayed. 335, 337

Merlin can master a wide range of spells, including illusions, flight, and telekinesis. Through her ability, Infinity, she can keep any magic active indefinitely without regard to its mana cost. The Supreme Deity’s and Demon King’s boons provide Merlin immunity from being manipulated or cursed by goddesses. Merlin can acquire spells that are only available to Demon and Goddess race members. Such as Perfect Cube, a Demon spell that encases and traps small areas in a cube-like barrier, making it impervious to almost any attack. Merlin’s Sacred Treasure, also known as Morning Star Aldan / Myojo Arudan, is a crystal ball that allows her to see and transfer information. That is what she uses when her body is temporarily made to stone by Galand’s order.

The relationship of Merlin with the other characters in Seven deadly Sins


Although Merlin respects her captain very highly, Meliodas has been critical of Meliodas’ use of a king as a magic guineapig to test out new techniques. She ignores it though. They may have had a close relationship. Merlin thinks she might be forgiven for the things she did to Meliodas ten year ago. Merlin is the only character Meliodas has spoken to about sensitive topics such as Meliodas’ knowledge of demons. That suggests that they have a more profound and more intimate relationship than the other Sins. Later, it was revealed that they had known each other since the Holy War began. Since then, the two have been working together to prepare for the possible consequences of that war returning. It included the revival of The Demon Clan as well as the Ten Commandments. She has helped Meliodas to form the Seven Deadly Sins over the years.

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Meliodas is Merlin’s only crush. Merlin was a child when Meliodas saved her from the wizards. She developed romantic feelings for Meliodas from that point on after Meliodas gave her a concern that no one had ever shown her. She did everything she could to win Meliodas’ heart. She was even recreating herself as an adult woman. Meliodas was in love with another woman. Merlin didn’t hate either of them, despite all the pain and anger that it caused.

The love story of Merlin & Meliodas

Because of their long-standing relationship, Meliodas & Merlin have a lot in common. They know almost everything about each other and are both close to one another. It is best illustrated by the fact that Merlin was the one that knocked Meliodas unconscious and stole most of his power. It was this action that Meliodas was both curious about and annoyed when he found out that she was responsible. Meliodas was also disappointed that Merlin showed little to no remorse but stated that it was necessary at this time. Merlin took it upon himself to purchase Meliodas’ sacred jewel back after he had sold it. He knew he would need it again. Meliodas, unlike the other Sins was the first to question Merlin’s hasty return to Camelot. He also noticed Meliodas’ injury from Zeldris. That showed concern for Meliodas as well her desire to return to Camelot. Meliodas was surprised when Merlin admitted that she had wanted to find King Arthur. Meliodas even acknowledged to Merlin how important he was to her. It shows that they are closer than they seem.

She was even more concerned for Meliodas after activating his curse and unleashing all his power in his assault mode. She replied by asking Escanor to stop him before he loses control of his emotions and emotions. She tries her best to stop Meliodas after their fight. Still, she seems concerned about her inability to control his darkness. He expressed his desire to become the next demon-king to end Elizabeth’s curses. Merlin seemed unhappy and irritated with his plan. Merlin, like all the Sins, was determined to stop his plan. Elizabeth had suggested a trip to purgatory to retrieve Meliodas’ lost emotions.


Although Merlin and Ban seem to have a problematic relationship, the two men have proven to get along. Merlin calmed Ban when he threatened violence against Gowther over Goat’s Sin of Lust and Hawk’s apparent suicide. Merlin stopped Ban from burning the remains of the grey demi-god to study them, despite his strong desire to do so. Despite their differences, they have shown some interest in each others’ abilities. Ban challenged her to a fight, as he hadn’t seen her full power. She fell to her knees when Merlin asked him to do 100 million push-ups to tire him. Merlin laughed at Ban’s greediness, immortality and tried to test him.


Gowther may have had a history with Merlin. She was the one who gave him the armor. It explains why she instantly recognized him while the other Sins discovered his true identity only recently. Merlin seems to defend Gowther’s emotionless and clueless nature. That suggests that she may be aware of Gowther’s past and the reasons behind his bizarre behaviour. Merlin reveals that Gowther was a doll. She also explains to others how he was created. These examples strongly suggest that the two were involved in some relationship before becoming members of the Seven Deadly Sins.


As the only female members in the Seven Deadly Sins, Diane and Merlin are good friends. That is evident when Diane and Merlin debate what Great Holy Knight Zaratras they would give their team. Since then, Merlin has continued to use her magic to allow Diane to shrink down whenever needed.


They have not shown much interaction, and it is unknown how close they are to each other compared to the rest.


Escanor may have a crush on Escanor and wants to be attractive in front of her. However, it is not known if Merlin shares the same feelings towards Escanor. She did insist on hearing the poem that he wrote for her and is curious about the true nature of Escanor’s power. Merlin also expressed interest in Escanor’s true character when his sunshine power alters his personality and confidence. Merlin has a lot of trust in Escanor because of his knowledge and interest in energy. She left him in charge to stop Meliodas from activating his Assault Mode. He claimed that only he could stop him while in that state. She was concerned for Escanor’s injuries even after the battle. She was annoyed at Escanor for trying so hard to ignore his injuries in front of her. Merlin admitted that Escanor was just about to die in the battle against the Demon King. She only had an interest in Escanor’s power and saw Escanor only as a test subject. Merlin claims that they could have had different outcomes if they met 3,000 years earlier.

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Elizabeth Liones

Due to Merlin saving Elizabeth’s father’s life, Merlin and Elizabeth have a good relationship. The princess also shows respect for the mage as she would any other member of the Deadly Sins. Merlin’s relationship with Elizabeth has grown stronger after Meliodas shared his past and revealed the secret of his curse on Elizabeth. Merlin shows her the same care and concern as Elizabeth for her original goddess incarnation. The two of them exchanged warm greetings after the fight with Melascula. Merlin called her “Big Sis Sis” just like she did with Elizabeth’s original goddess incarnation.


They have a great relationship. Hawk sees Merlin as a hero because of his actions in saving Meliodas. He is also known as Sir Hawk, and she gave Hawk the Eye of Balor. She also teased him about his Power Level to make sure he wasn’t upset.

Arthur Pendragon

They share a student/master relationship and are very close. Although it isn’t known how they met, Merlin seems to be protective of Meliodas, covering her eyes with her hand while Meliodas gazes at Elizabeth. She insists on going to Camelot immediately if she sees something amiss. She took him in after the death of her adoptive father and taught him how to read. Arthur’s death left her devastated. She cried for the first time in about 430 years.


Merlin and Elizabeth were friends 3000 years ago when Merlin was 12-13 years. Elizabeth claims that Merlin called her “Big Sis Sis” when she was younger. She looked up to her like she was her real big sister.

Merlin’s Father

Her father taught Merlin the basics of magic. His relationship with her was distant. However, due to the nature of observation subjects, They have never shared any father-daughter affection. Her father was not concerned about Merlin’s ability to magic, but she wanted him to love her.

Ten years ago, Merlin wore an entire set of armor that looked like a beetle. The armor set featured a long, fitted dress and high-heeled boots. Her wanted poster shows her as a young lady with dark hair. The left side of her neck is adorned with her Seven Deadly Sins tattoo. It is red, which is why she is nicknamed the “Crimson Pig”.

Merlin was first spotted wearing a violet long cloak covering her entire body ten years later. That made her sex unclear. Merlin looked very much like her wanted poster when the shroud was torn apart. She is a slim, beautiful, tall woman with three beauty marks underneath her right eye. (though after her reappearance after Hendrickson’s defeat, Merlin appears only to have a single, lower-placed, more prominent beauty mark). She wears a long fur-collared coat with buttons in the heart, shorts with a heart-shaped button, and thigh-high boots. Merlin’s hair falls to the shoulders and is black.

After Chandler’s Full Counter reflected her magic seal spell, it was revealed that she is a child. Chandler describes her as an adorable child with long black hair that reaches her mid-back.

Merlin from Seven deadly sins was left with burns around her chin and mouth at the end of the Demon King arc. After Escanor’s death, she decides to keep the burns for her symbolism.

Personality of Merlin in Seven deadly sins

Merlin is playful and tells her colleagues that meeting with the Great Holy Knight could be a scolding by their superiors for destroying the Great Druid Altar. Merlin also apologizes to her captain for knocking him out. She loves to mock and challenge others and tease Vivian, her apprentice, for getting too angry. Merlin tends to utilize anyone as a magical guinea pig to test out new techniques. In seven deadly sins, she learned so long as the results are good (as Meliodas had noted).

Merlin is a calm, passive woman who seldom loses her cool in any situation. Even though Galand was overwhelming her and others, Merlin kept her cool and thought of a way to defeat him. She loses her calmness only when it is too difficult to handle. Such as Meliodas returning to his former self or Arthur being impaled by his sword.

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Merlin is described by many as a mysterious woman. Many people who know her struggle to figure out what she wants. When the Ten Commandments were made free of charge, she was excited. She knew that she could learn a lot from their appearances. She took an interest in Escanor’s powers because of the mystery surrounding him. Meliodas says that Merlin is attracted to anything “rare”, such as Escanor’s powers or the Demons she has access to for her experiments. Even Demons can’t understand what she is after.

Escanor says that Merlin, despite her mysterious nature, is a kind, cheerful woman. She is usually kind and polite to all people around her, even those she doesn’t know. Merlin is the only one who views Escanor as an individual and not a monster, as all the others before him joining the Sins. She is also a mother and treated Arthur like a son to her.

Although she is usually calm and kind, Merlin can be serious despite her usual gentle demeanour. She reprimanded Hawk for not taking the situation seriously, as she did with the Revival of the Commandments. After Arthur died, she took control and refused to allow anyone else to pass.

Merlin is a lover of knowledge more than anything else. She suspended her age to be able to learn and study everything. She is always excited to discover new things and has a passion for learning. Escanor was a fascinating subject for her because of his unique abilities and how they fluctuate during the day. She also studied a captured Grayroad to find out more about his Commandment. She is an intelligent and cunning woman who is eager to learn. She can calmly assess any situation, no matter how serious, and then explain the mechanics of any creature or magic. Merlin doesn’t mind admitting when she doesn’t know something or is unable to comprehend a situation.

Although Merlin is usually very calm and serious, she can be shocked or embarrassed. Merlin was deeply embarrassed when Elizabeth lost her memories and asked Merlin to refer to her as “Big Sis” again. Even more embarrassed was when Escanor and the other Sins asked her if Elizabeth could speak about it.

She seems to be very modest, as Merlin in Seven deadly sins doesn’t mind wearing very little in public. Escanor even gave her a massage while she was bathing.

Did Merlin betray the seven deadly sins?

We can not say Merlin betrayed them per se in the seven deadly sins. Merlin has no purpose in hurting the sins. She managed them and kept her true agenda hidden, but should that be a deal-breaker. Because of Merlin, everyone perceived what they wanted. Meliodas could not have ended the curses of mortality and eternal reincarnation without her evil manifest. Gowther would have never brought his memories back if Merlin didn’t examine his heart and determined that Gowther could feel without it. Diane, Escanor, and Hawk all depended on Merlin’s magical items to achieve certain things. The only one that never really turned on Merlin was King. Even then, it could be claimed that the Seven deadly sins might have never defeated the demon king if it wasn’t for her limiter breaker spell. She ends remarkable stand-alone fighter. However, her primary role is as the teams support member and informant. She was the determination of the seven deadly sins. She was a reserved person, but everyone knew she was required to revive Arthur, and it’s not like they ever asked her what her actual purposes were. Once they did, she did not hesitate to show them. Merlin is in a grey area right now where she hasn’t betrayed the Ain’s. Still, she is doing something thoughtless and confused that will change the character dynamics amongst the sins. She would possibly be a temporary villain.