Did Escanor deserve death in Seven Deadly Sins Demon King battle?

Escanor death Seven Deadly Sins

How Escanor Died in ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’? Anime vs. Magma

Escanor, the Lion Sin of Pride in The Seven Deadly Sins, is the last Sin to appear in anime. His powerful ability Sunshine makes him more potent as the Sun gets closer to noon. However, it also means that he is the most vulnerable at night. It’s not a secret that he has this ability. But, how he got, it is kept a secret until the very end.

Escanor’s strength is not binary between strong and weak. His strength decreases as the Sun sets, starting afternoon. He reaches his maximum potential at that time.

His opponents have a greater opportunity to take advantage of his curse. If they challenge him at sunset, some adversaries might defeat him, even if they have the strength to resist them. The Pride Sin can be defeated in less time than others. This phenomenon is unfortunately not being explored as much as it should.

Is Escanor Dead?

Castellio’s ex-prince, Escanor, has made a lot of progress. His power, Sunshine, was initially a weakness that made him weak. But he has seen incredible growth since then. His strength rises to a peak in the daytime. At night, his weak state is restored by the setting sun. Fans have always been interested in Escanor’s passing, and the story is as fascinating as it gets.

After fighting against the Demon Kings, Escanor, Lion’s Sin of Pride, died. He used all of his energy to fight Demon King using “The One From.” His body began to disintegrate when he used all of his power to increase the grace of “Sunshine.” So, he borrowed grace to end Demon King.

He was already using most of his power against Demon King, and it was too late. To defeat him, he had to activate his “Ultimate One form,” which he did. However, as he was far beyond his limit, his body stopped him from continuing. Although he knew he was going to die, he still did it so that his friends would be protected and he could die an honorable death. 

Escanor’s Sin: What was His Sin?

We will need to refer to the manga’s previous chapters to find out what his Sin was. Lion’s Sin of Pride Escanor once traveled to help those in need. He tried to help the villagers and was defeated by a demon. He nearly destroyed the entire town. He was trying to help the people, but his Chaos in the town scared the village and made the residents afraid.

People blamed him for destroying the village, and Meliodas and Merlin sent Zaratras to capture Escanor. But he hurt Zaratras, insulted King Bartra, and was awarded Lion Sin Of Pride. Meliodas intervened and saved him from being sentenced to death. He later joined Meliodas for the seven deadly sins.

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The death of Escanor: How Exactly Did Escanor Die in Seven deadly sins?-Demon King Zeldaris vs. Lion Sin Escanor

We saw in the previous section that he used all his powers to fight against Demon King. To defeat Zeldris, he borrowed Sunshine. He finally defeated Zeldris, but, in reality, he exhausted all his powers and died. Mael received the grace to end his life.

The holy post-Holy War period saw the Demon king take control of Zeldoris’ body. At the same time, Meliodas, the Demon King’s defeated opponent, was still possible. He didn’t do it because he didn’t want to kill his brother’s body. 

Escanor pleaded with Mael, one of the four archangels, to allow him to borrow the Sunshine. He was aware at that point that his godly power was making him sick. But Escanor did not think about himself at that point. But instead, he used that power to help his friend and end Demon King(Zeldris).

While fighting the Demon King(Zeldris), he used his “The One Form” hand-to-hand combat. It wasn’t enough to defeat a godlike Demon King. He knew this and used his life force as a way to get the grace sunshine. After defeating Demon King (Zeldris), grace was returned to Mael. Escanor finally admitted his love for Boar’s Sin Merlin, and he was killed. 

Escanor was a supporting role in the Seven Deadly Sins tale and was undoubtedly its strongest hero. He was able to harness the power of the Sun. Escanor was the first of the Sins to handle and defeat one of the Ten Commandments effortlessly. (who until then had been presented as threats strong enough to best all of the heroes simultaneously).

Fans are also worried about Escanor’s final moments in this series. Is he going to die? Or will he have the happy ending we all want for our heroes? However, the truth is that things can get more complicated than that. What happens will depend on what you are paying attention to.

Escanor death in ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’: Anime vs. Magma

Escanor remains alive at the end of the anime. However, in the manga, Escanor dies. Sunshine is his greatest weapon to defeat the Demon Kings in the manga. It’s too much for Escanor’s body to handle. Escanor is made to ash by the power he used. However, that is not what happens when you watch anime. All of the Sins are victorious in the final battle.

The Seven Deadly Sins anime shows the Demon King fighting two battles when he emerges in Meliodas’s cocoon. He is fighting Ban in the physical world. Ban wants to beat the King from the Captain’s body. The King is also fighting Meliodas in spirit, as they both want to control his body.

Can Escanor be revived in the Nanatsu no Taizai?

We doubt that Escanor will return to the series. However, many believe there’s a chance, as many characters from Seven Deadly Sins possess such godlike powers that some may be able to perform this feat. We might see Escanor being revived in the Seven Deadly Sins, as demons and druids already possess similar powers. However, it is unlikely that it may happen right now.

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Who is Mael, exactly? What is the Truth About Escanor’s Powers?

Mael is one of the Four Archangels from the Goddess Clan. Mael, the strongest Archangel and the former holder of the grace sunlight, is considered the strongest. 

The Holy War was ended 3000 years ago by the magic magician demon and the former commandment of selfishness, also known as Goat’s Sin of Lust. The Spell affected all races, and the two gods, The Demon King (and Supreme Deity), affected by the Spell. 

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The Balance was destroyed when Meliodas, later on, betrayed the demons to side with Elizabeth and the goddesses. Gowther’s plan to change the collective memory to end this holy war was finally realized. 

After the death of Mael, Sunshine, their lost grace, wandered all over the world for many centuries before finally finding her way into Escanor’s (The Second Prince of Castellio). 

Everyone’s memories were restored at the time of The Holy War when the Spell was removed. Escanor gave the Sunshine back to Mael to save Elizabeth and his fellow sinners. Mael could not use it fully.

Escanor’s Strength and Power Level: Just How Strong Is Escanor? 

You would have seen the anime to know about Escanor’s power. He is undoubtedly one of the strongest characters in the series and can easily give anyone a hard time. His accomplishments are evident in the titles he was awarded.

His power Sunshine also gives him an advantage over other people. His power level increases dramatically during the day when it syncs with the Sun. It peaks at noon, giving him power comparable to God’s.

Escanor’s prime form is unmatched. That is evident in an incident where he could subdue Meliodas using his Cruel Sun & Divine Sword. At the same time, he was in a demonic condition. Stats show that his peak power levels are at 142,000. That was when Escanor was able to defeat Meliodas using his assault mode. He beat Meliodas using a single attack, so in his “The One” form, he is said to have a power level of 142000, which is far more than Meliodas.

How balanced/ Overpowered is Escanor’s character in Seven Deadly Sins?

Although it might seem that he is overpowered, there are limits to his strength that ensure he is a balanced character. We can see whether he was too strong to be a part of the narrative by looking at his actions.

He’s A Frail & Cowardly Bartender At Night: Balanced

Evenings, Escanor is a cowardly, unassuming bartender whose small frame makes it hard to imagine his muscular counterpart. He is vulnerable to attacks in this state and can’t effectively fight his foes.

He would be unable to defend himself against the attacks of any Sins’ weakest opponent, even if he were to do so. He would have to rely on the strength of his allies to ensure his safety.

Occasional Bursts Of Power Even At Night: Overpowered

Although Escanor is usually helpless at night due to his inability to move. He occasionally has a brief burst of power. During Drole’s “tournament,” he attacked them, although it was the middle of the night.

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It left him exhausted, but it still compromises one of his most significant vulnerabilities. He can still defend himself even when he’s supposed to be powerless. That reduces suspense in situations where he should be fleeing. It makes it questionable that he can be powered by sunlight and is contrary to logic.

Vulnerable To The Ten Commandments’ Curses: Balanced

Escanor, unlike Merlin, is susceptible to the curses of The Ten Commandments. He demonstrated this by his fight against Galand. Escanor knew that he had to follow the rules to avoid becoming petrified.

Although Galand and Estarossa may not have found it too difficult, the commandments against Grayroad make it impossible for him to defeat Grayroad. That gives the demons an advantage that would have ensured their victory if they had delegated more intelligently.

Unreasonably High Durability: Overpowered

Escanor’s durability is unreasonably high. Without flinching, he was able to withstand Galand’s full force without hesitation. He could also withstand having his strength doubled and reflect against him by Estarossa’s physical “Full Counter.” It makes him almost indestructible, which means that his enemies can do little to him in an even fight. It reduces the suspense in his battles as his safety is almost guaranteed. It also gives him the most remarkable defensive ability of the Sins, surpassing Ban’s immortality.


After several climaxes, Nakaba Sushi’s Seven Deadly Sins came to an abrupt halt with Chapter 346. Fans were left with mixed emotions in the final moments of the series. They had to deal with many facts. There would no longer be any adventures with the Sins for a while. And that their hopes for a revival went dead at the last minute. In the past, The Seven Deadly Sins have shown that death does not always last forever. However, it was one of the most tragic deaths in history.

The final chapter of the series has now come and gone. The Seven Deadly Sins move forward into the future with their kids. One Sin who won’t be taking those journeys with them is Escanor. It gave his life during the battle with the Demon King and, unfortunately, remained dead as the final pages of the manga came to a close.

Escanor activated the “ultimate” version (the one that sets your body ablaze) during the battle against the Demon King. This form was powerful, but Escanor used it to keep the fire burning. Escanor burned to ashes after the battle was won. His body began to feel the effects of this ability.

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Escanor said goodbye to the Sins and even confessed his love for Merlin. His body was utterly melted after that. It looked as though the series was going on for another chapter, but it wasn’t.

Escanor was unable to attend the final reveal with Merlin and the battle against Chaos. He also missed the birth of future generations. He left a lasting impression on the Sins, the fans, and the series. Even though the Sins had been through many battles, one of them did succeed.

What do you think about Escanor’s death in The Seven Deadly Sins? Did Escanor deserve to be killed as a casualty in the final battle? Was there any character that needed to be killed?