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King Seven deadly sins

King Seven deadly sins

While he was called Fairy King, the Seven Deadly Sins member and King had a noticeable lack of wings throughout the series. After being trapped in Fairy King Gloxinia’s body during a Holy War 3,000 years ago, King finally grew wings, giving him an increase in power. Gloxinia said that King was equal with himself, even though his wings had barely grown in power. He’s now able to spread them completely in Season 5.

Is the Seven Deadly Sins’ King powerful? King vs. Ban

King is not only portrayed as being naive, but he is also a strong character. He is not a strong leader at first. But, in his rage against the Ban, he abandoned his duties as King. He defeated an Albion with 5500 overall power later on when the forest needed him. He was later able to fight Mael with four commandments and surpass 200,000 overall power. Gloxinia couldn’t do this because he had fully grown wings. He was able to use multiple forms of his lance simultaneously. He was able to fight the mael and the Sinner with his lance. No gloxinia could do this feat. King, without counting Scanor, is the third strongest character in The Seven Deadly Sin Crew. No one in the group of the seven deadly sins is weak King is a king of Fairy in the anime. Elaine stated that King had defeated many demons, which is why the humans have never bothered the fairy-kings forest.

Appearance of King

The Grizzly’s Sin of Sloth of Seven Deadly Sins is King in Seven Deadly Sins. Fairy King Harlequin is his real name and protects the Fairy Realm and Fairy King Forest. His Sacred Treasure, the Spirit Spear Chastiefol, is what he uses with his inherent power, Disaster. Elaine’s older brother is the Guardian of the Fountain of Youth. He is also the husband of Diane (a fellow member of Sins and future Giant Queen).

King’s fairy face resembles a young boy with short brown hair and thin eyebrows. King wears an orange and aqua sweatshirt with navy blue sleeves and a hood and quarter-length navy pants and boots with large buttons. A green leopard-patterned pillow, which is a conversion of his spear Chastiefol, is also carried by him. He is not yet able to fly, even though he is a fairy.

He looks almost the same as his wanted poster in human form. His face is large, fat, and more ragged than his desired poster, possibly hinting at how fairies look to humans. He can change his clothes in this form, but he will wear an enlarged version of what he wears when he is a fairy.

Ten years ago, King wore full-body armor made of light green with a helmet that was the same size as his body. King’s wanted poster shows him a tall man with long hair, sideburns, and a button nose. The Seven Deadly Sins Grizzly symbol can be found just above King’s left ankle on the outer side of his lower leg.

King attached Helbram’s helmet to his jacket hood after the Kingdom Infiltration arc.

King was able to grow tiny wings on his back that resembled a butterfly after completing Gloxinia’s past trial.

King’s wings become huge butterfly wings during the battle against Mael. This new form is where King’s body changes into a taller, thinner teenager with a longer, populated hairstyle and crest. He wears a suit when he is dressed in clothes. King can also transform into his human form. That form has the same appearance as before, except it has the same hairstyle as his current, the same wings. He also wears a larger version of the suit he wore as a fairy, just like before. In the event King exhausts himself completely, his appearance will return to its original form.

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Personality of King in Seven Deadly sins

He is shown in his first appearance as an ally of the Holy Knights. King was willing to kill anyone who stands in his way. Meliodas once called him the Sins’ “pet” when referring to King to Elizabeth. King’s slowness in resorting to unnecessary harm could make him their most morally upright person. He seemed to prefer to levitate and was somewhat lazy. He was known to be compassionate and returned toys stolen by Ban to the children. It is also clear that King is an emotional person and can cry easily. King is unable to admit his love for Diane. He enjoys being with Meliodas, Diane, but he can’t bring himself to admit it. Elaine is his sister, and he cares deeply about her. He even “killed” Ban to get revenge.

King also shows a caring side. King helps the Seven Deadly Sins against the Holy Knights. However, he says it is only for Diane. He is the Sin of Sloth but is hardworking and serious. King is the first to join the group. He acts as the rational one and questions the actions of his fellow members, such as their ineptness about losing their sacred treasures. King will often do what is best for Diane, even if it means he has to do it. King is a kind person, but he will not kill anyone, even if it means he has to. King was prepared to kill Guila or Jericho if they continued attacking him. Still, he was unable after Helbram saved them both.

Abilities and equipment

King, a member of the Seven Deadly Sins and the most powerful Fairy King ever, is very powerful. King is strong enough to defeat a Great Holy Knight on his own. King, a Fairy, has many unique abilities. He can levitate or fly, change his appearance at will, and can alter his clothes. Meliodas, Ban, and King commented on Meliodas’s “incredible level” of strength after unleashing his true power. Meliodas and Ban defeated Helbram. Helbram was a Great Holy Knight-level combatant. He also protected all the wounded in the area. Dreyfus was defeated almost immediately following his battle with Helbram. During his reign as Fairy King, his power was so strong that it prevented the human kingdom from invading Fairy King’s Forest. That included the Holy Knights of Liones.

King, despite his power, is weak. However, he compensates for this weakness with his sacred treasure Spirit Spear Chastiefol and his incredible level of magic power. He has displayed remarkable endurance, even though he lacks physical strength. It was evident in his second battle against Helbram. King believed he could control the Sacred Tree long ago and draw out the true power from a fairy. However, the tree left King because of unknown reasons. Later, this was proven false because the Sacred Tree does not have any evil intentions, and King did not want to use the Sacred Trees powerfully.

King was able to access the true power and Sacred Tree power without restriction after completing the trial. Melascula says that King’s power was comparable to Gloxinia. Gloxinia herself stated that King’s wings are only just beginning to grow and that King can use his spirit spear as well as himself. He would thus be able to surpass the first Fairy King and possibly even become the most powerful Fairy King in history. King’s true potential was revealed after breaking Mael’s seal and having his wings fully grown out. It not only changed his appearance but also greatly improved the strength and power of his abilities. He was able to use his Chastiefol to defeat Mael and also to use multiple Chastiefol forms simultaneously. That enabled him to easily overwhelm Mael while protecting Diane and others from further harm.

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King is a fast man. He was able to evade the attacks of Guila and Jericho simultaneously and also knocked them unconscious before they could even realize it. King is also capable of keeping up with Ban and Sin Meliodas in terms of speed. King, despite his lack of physical strength, has remarkable endurance and durability. It was evident in the Kingdom Infiltration arc, where he defeated Helbram and pin-pinned Dreyfus right afterward, despite the injuries he suffered against Helbram.


Disaster: A fairy is granted the title of “Fairy King,” which confers an innate power. This ability grants King the power to rule over Fairy King’s forest. It allows him to have complete control over life and deaths by manipulating and controlling matter at the molecular level. He can transform a superficial scratch into a fatal injury, a little poison into a lethal toxin, and a benign growth into cancerous tumors that devour entire bodies. He also has complete control over nature. He can manipulate flora and let it thrive or die in a matter of seconds. The power was originally used to explain King’s ability to draw out the mysterious properties of Chastiefol’s Spirit Spear. Disaster can modify the natural state of an object and change its form.

Levitation: King can levitate and can fly because he is a fairy. He is skilled at using it and can move quickly through the air. This ability allows him to lift objects and control their trajectory without making contact.

Transformation: A ability to alter the appearance and clothes of King. King needs to be focused on transforming his appearance. Although this ability seems to make King exhausted, King was still able to keep his transformed appearance for quite some time ten years ago. That suggests that King has a lot of willpower. King was able to transform into human form in a variety of situations, comedic and serious.

King in Seven deadly sins can read and interpret the heart of other people’s thoughts and feelings. His ability to control and use this ability was magnified after he realized his true potential. King reads Diane’s thoughts and Mael and is the only person around Mael who can hear and understand him in his transformed form.

Dancing Fairy is a fight dance that has been handed down through the Fairy Clan over generations. This technique involves King jumping into the air, charging at his opponent, and rapidly jabbing his fists. The charge is weak and can be stopped by one finger.


Chastiefol is King’s sacred treasure. The Spirit Spear, Chastiefol, is a spear made from the sacred tree. It can only be found in the Fairy Realm. It is stronger than steel and has the mysterious properties of the tree. King’s ability to draw out Disaster draws it out.


Helbram’s Helmet. King had killed Helbram three times. King took Helbram’s helmet and attached the helmet to his coat’s jacket. The spirit of Helbram was found in the helmet, so King could use the helmet to contact his friend. The helmet was destroyed by Helbram’s spirit, who gave his life to save Diane from Corand’s wrath.

Who would win? Escanor, The Sinner, Escanor, or King vs. Meliodas. Ban, Zeldris.

These people are claiming that zeldris could have defeated Escanor if ludoshel hadn’t intervened. You guys didn’t realize that Escanor was forced to resort to night mode by chandler. If it weren’t for chandler, Escanor could have killed zeldris. Mel’s team wins, seeing as he is demon king.

The Meliodas team wins. Zeldris will defeat Escanor in a single match, which he could have done had Ludociel not stopped him (in the manga). Because he holds all the Commandments powers, Meliodas is now the demon king. The Demon King is the strongest demon so that Meliodas can defeat the Sinner. After his purgatory trip, Ban was so strong that it could take on the demon-king who occupied Meliodas. Ban will easily defeat King. If it’s a one vs. one fight, Meliodas will win, and Meliodas will lose.

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Episode 6

Episode 6 of The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5, “Confront Despair,” shows King’s victory over Mael during his battle with the devil. He tries desperately to force power out of his body as he falls from heaven, no longer being able to fly. Mael suddenly attacks Diane and Elizabeth with a flashing light. He is thrown into the air by something before he can reach them. They look up and see that it is King. However, he has fully grown wings and appears to be a teenager.

King is a typical shonen protagonist who releases a hidden power when they are in need. That is similar to Naruto’s situation where Naruto could use Nine-Tailed Fox’s chakra under extreme pressure. King is a typical shonen protagonist in many ways. That is not Meliodas. King, like many other characters from the Seven Deadly Sins series, is driven by love. He loves Diane and, to a lesser degree, Elaine. King also has to protect his people, the fairies.

Although his captain shied away from the responsibility of becoming the Demon King, King is not afraid to claim the title of Fairy Queen. King’s responsibility can often make him feel unworthy of the title, so he avoids it. King’s inability to fly was a sign that he was weak. He had not yet matured into a Fairy King. He was also unable to fully harness the power of Chastiefol, his spirit spear Chastiefol. He has now fully accepted his role as protector for his people, thanks to this new evolution.

Episode 7

Episode 7, “Hope Conflict and Despair,” expands upon this new form. Diane realizes that King’s aura and outward appearance have changed. She also worries about King’s personality. King tells Diane to relax. He’s still there and shocks Diane that she hadn’t said the words out loud. King turns his attention to the mad Archangel, who suddenly attacks and destroys everything around him. Chastiefol protects Diane and Elizabeth after the dust settles.

King is then called out by Diane, concerned that King will not defend her and Elizabeth. Mael’s attack is met by the guardian form of the spirit spear, which strikes back at him. It’s noticeably more beefy than before King’s evolution. Mael is ready to respond, but King strikes back with the new spear form and its original form. The shot shows King simultaneously using four of Chastiefol’s forms.

Episode 9

King can use multiple forms of Chastiefol simultaneously and has shown the ability to control the spirit spear remotely. Episode 9, “That Which Gathers,” shows King attacking the original demon with the spear from a distance. However, he says that doing so stops him from using multiple forms.

That is clear evidence that King has finally realized his true power. Gloxinia mentioned that King was equal to himself before his wings fully developed. King was able to surpass Gloxinia and become a Fairy King capable enough to protect his people. How do you find the character of King in Seven Deadly sins? Is he powerful or weaker than Ban?