Who was responsible for death of Elaine in Seven deadly sins?

Elaine Seven deadly sins

Death of Elaine in Seven deadly sins

Liz died. In Seven deadly sins, Elaine has died, even though she was briefly resurrected. (S3) The King’s best friend has died. Season 1 saw the death of all Holy Knights and castle defenders. Season 1 was the reason the Seven Deadly Sins were hunted. There is much more death.

Elaine died quickly after a demon killed her in Seven deadly sins

Elaine has proved herself to be a formidable fighter. She can send Ban flying and can hold her own in battle. She can read minds and control wind without any effort. She can even defeat entire Holy Knight armies on her own. She dies instantly when a single demon confronts her in the Forest. After her death, there were hardly any signs of injury. Ban gave Elaine the seed she had given him and even donated his blood to help grow the Forest. The fountain of youth still contained power. He placed her body into the tree’s base, where it doesn’t look like she is dead.

How did Elaine, the heroine of The Seven Deadly Sins manga (or anime), come back to life after her death in season 4 of The Seven Deadly Sins manga?

Estarossa Molascula gave Elaine temporary life to help her become a spy to kill Jericho and Ban. Ban saved her and prevented Jericho from killing Elaine, who was on an adventure to find Elaine. In Seven deadly sins, Elaine had exhausted too much of her power, and her temporary life was rapidly fading away. Ban knew this and gave Elaine his immortality. He learned a new skill to “Gift strength to others.” The gift is an ability that Ban gained by having his power stolen repeatedly from The Demon King. It allows Ban to “gift” or gives others life force, healing injuries and wounds. Even though he lost his immortality, he was able to save Elaine from certain death. Ban cannot live forever, but Elaine continues to live happily with him, and they have a son named Lancelot a few years later.

Elaine, a Seven deadly sins Fairy warrior, was the Fountain of Youth’s Holy Maiden. Harlequin, the current Fairy King, is also her younger sister. Elaine, who was killed by a demon after giving the fountain to Ban up, is temporarily resurrected later by Melascula. She dies again after fighting the Demon Clan during the new Holy War. Ban then ultimately restores her immortality.

Elaine is a petite, pale-skinned female with very slim proportions. Elaine has long, thick, blonde hair that is neck-length and big, golden eyes. Elaine, despite being only 1000 years old, initially looks like a child. Her large, elegant wings eventually grew in, and she began to look more mature. Her hair grew longer, and her figure became more mature. If her magic power is lost, however, she can return to her original appearance.

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Elaine, the Holy Maiden, wore a single-piece white strapless dress tied with a butterfly knot at its back. It also featured long sleeves that were detached. Melascula revived Elaine in a more revealing red gown (black as the anime). She also wore shoes made of red leaves. Escanor gifted Elaine a forest green tavern dress that she wore with red slippers following her official revival.

Elaine has a child with Ban.

Both Elaine from Seven deadly sins, and her brother, were born from the Sacred Tree of the Forest. Despite being a plant-based person, she falls in love with Ban in the end. She is shocked because fairy children are always made from flowers and trees.

That means Elaine was shocked to learn that the couple was the first fairy-human couple to have a child.

How Old in Elaine in Seven Deadly Sins?

She is over 1000 years old.

Another example of the loli trope is Elaine. Although she looks young, she’s much older than most people would think. Fairies age much slower than humans, so she is a late bloomer, just like King, who was mighty and got her wings later. As she grows her wings, she appears older. That is a sign she has reached maturity. She also spent 700 years in solitude within the Forest, which is another sign of her age. King fled the Forest to find Helbram to save him. Elaine was Forest’s sole protector. Elaine was responsible for protecting the Forest for 700+ years, as King did not return while she was alive. She describes her struggle to live alone in the Forest. That is strange, considering she isn’t the only Fairy there. Oddly, the other inhabitants of the Forest would not visit her.

Personality of Elaine

Like her older brother, Elaine was initially suspicious of humans because of repeated attempts to steal water from the Fountain of Youth with malicious intent. After meeting Ben, Elaine began to trust him by reading his heart and developed feelings for him. Elaine, like Elizabeth, is very open-minded, harmonic, curious, and open-minded. She recognizes differences but respects them because she believes all things and beings complement one another.

Elaine is a caring, kind girl who puts others’ needs before her own. That is evident when Elaine spent most of her time in the Fairy King’s Forest to protect her people. She also wanted to travel around the globe. Although she is open to forgiving King for his abandonment of their people, she was initially disappointed and upset. Elaine almost gave up her second chance at life to ensure the safety of the Four Races, but Merlin provided a better solution.

Ban encourages Elaine to try ale. Elaine is often angry, reckless, and easily embarrassed by the alcohol. King shares these traits.

Melascula revived Elaine via her demon magic. Elaine became more hostile to Ban, regardless of whether they were friends or foes. However, she eventually returned to her innocence after expelling the demonic influence through Jericho and Ban.


Elaine, the younger sister to Harlequin, was born into the Fairy Clan. Elaine, like her brother, was also born from the Sacred Tree in the Fairy King’s Forest. The siblings weren’t able to fly yet, unlike most fairies. They were powerful late bloomers and hadn’t reached their full potential. They shared a close relationship with Helbram, a high-ranking fairy who lived in peace inside the Forest for hundreds of years.

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700 years ago

Harlequin, aka King, abandoned the kingdom seven hundred years ago to save Helbram, Fairies, and other fairies captured by evil Humans.

What Equipment and Abilities did Elaine had in Seven deadly sins?

Before she met Ban, Elaine was strong enough to defend the Fountain of Youth for her brother by herself. Zhivago claims that the Holy Maiden could overpower an entire army of Holy Knights. Elaine, like her brother, saw her power increase tremendously after she received her wings. That allowed her to help Elizabeth and the Sins in their fight against one of the Ten Commandments.


Miracle Wind: Elaine has a unique ability to manipulate wind with a flick of her hands. Although she uses it mostly to blow away people or objects, she has also been seen manipulating the wind’s shape.

Nature manipulation: Elaine can manipulate nature to a degree. She can control the branches of trees with her limbs in the Fairy King’s Forest. That allows her to immobilize or harm individuals.

Levitation: Elaine, like most fairies, can levitate and fly so that she can stand in mid-air. She can lift objects and people with great skill. She can fly at a faster speed and can move through the air quickly. After rescuing Ban from Melascula, she has shown that her wings can take her to the skies with Ban in her toes.

Heart Reading: Elaine can also read thoughts, memories, and the minds of other people, which is a common ability among fairies.

Transform: A ability to change one’s appearance and clothes. Although this seems to be a common ability for fairies, Elaine never used it.




King is Elaine’s brother. He was also the Fairy King’s Forest king. Elaine was angry at King for leaving Elaine alone to protect Fountain of Youth, but she was willing to forgive him. She asked him to rescue Ban. Elaine later forgave her brother for leaving Elaine alone for 700 years.


Elaine initially thought he was a bandit with malign intentions. After reading his heart, she tried to kill Ban but quickly realized that he didn’t have such purposes. After he spent a week at Fairy King’s Forest, she began to feel for him and became a friend. After Elaine and Ban were dying from a demon attack, she gave Elaine the Fountain of Youth by kissing him. He held her hand as he passed, promising her that he would make her his. She also gave him the last seed of the Forest. She saved Ban at the Capital of the Dead from being turned to stone. He promises to make her his again after their reunion. Elaine attempts suicide on Jericho after being revived. She apologizes, and Ban assures her that she is his only woman. With Jericho’s support, Elaine is happy to reunite with Ban after Escanor defeats Galand, Melascula, and Melascula.

Elizabeth Liones

Elaine watched over Ban at the Capital of The Dead and soon discovered Meliodas’s and Elizabeth. Because of Elizabeth’s kind personality, Elaine fell in love with her, and they became friends when they finally met. They become close friends and talk about their love interests. Elaine says Elizabeth is special to her. Elaine, Diane, and Elizabeth are seen spending a month together at Elaine’s bedside. Elaine stays in serious condition, but she visits her to heal her. When Elizabeth begins to recall her past lives, they fight together quite nicely.

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Although little is known about Diane and Elaine’s relationship, the giant and Fairy appear on good terms. They even have a girl’s day when Diane and Elizabeth visit Elaine. Elaine rushes out of her bed to assist Diane when she is possessed and by multiple spirits. Elaine appears to also approve of Diane’s relationship with her brother.


Despite not knowing each other well, Fairy and Holy Knight quickly fell in love with Jericho when they first met. Elaine was watching Ban through the Capital of the Dead and became jealous of Jericho’s and Ban’s relationships due to Jericho traveling with Ban and Elaine’s desire to travel with Ban. Both girls fight Melascula, Galand, and Ban in an altercation. Jericho then carries Elaine and Ban safely to Escanor’s Tavern. Elaine and Jericho seemed to be able to trust each other again after Jericho’s brave act. The particular chapter sees the girls’ relationship grow to the point that they can talk about undergarments. Elaine trusted Jericho enough that she allowed her to take care of Lancelot.


Elaine is a close friend to her son and listens to him talk about things that he doesn’t tell his father.

She Survived Her Grudge After It Disappeared

Melascula used a spell to bring the dead back to life to revive Elaine. These people need a grudge to keep them alive. They will die if that grudge is not held. Jericho informs Elaine that Ban has only eyes for Elaine and quickly ends Elaine’s resentment.

As a result, Elaine begins to feel physically sick. She still manages to live because of her strong connection with Ban, offering an alternative to a grudge.


  1. The following databook(s), as of:
    1. She protects the Forest every day.
    2. Ban is her favorite food, and cranberries are her favorite food.
    3. Her charm point is her lightness.
    4. Elaine in Seven deadly sins, doesn’t have complex needs.
    5. Her birthplace was the Fairy Realm.
    6. Her unique ability is to send intruders flying.
    7. She enjoys skinship with Ban.
    8. Her weakness is Ban.
    9. She hopes to always be with Ban as her dream/hope.
    10. She regrets that Ban flew countless times.
    11. Her most embarrassing moment in life was bathing with Ban.
    12. Right now, she is most desperate for Ban.
    13. Favorite animals are Black Hounds and little birds.
    14. Favorite scent: Ban’s
    15. Harlequin is the person she most respects.
    16. Ban is a person she does not want to make enemies of.
  2. According to the Ban & Elaine Pair Sin Guide Book
    1. She has made bread for her family in the past.
    2. If she could, she would style her hair like Jericho.
    3. Ban cake is her favorite food.
    4. Ban is her first love.
    5. Jokingly, her sin is “No Pants,” and her symbol would be “Pants.”
    6. Her tolerance to alcohol is not good.
    7. She wears Liones clothes by Jericho, and King Bartra provided her home.

Elaine came 11th in the Nanatsu no Taizai Popularity Poll (40 votes) for postcards and 8th (3168 votes) when including online votes.

  • As Fairies usually are born through flowers and trees, Elaine is proud that she is the first Fairy to be pregnant in the series.
  • Elaine, in Seven deadly sins, died quickly after a demon killed her.
  • She died at the age of 1000.