What is the cost of a pole of collapsing common item in 5e dnd?

pole of collapsing 5e

What is the price of a pole of collapsing in 5e d&d?

The Pole of Collapsing 5e Wondrous item costs 5 Gold. The reference can be found in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything. The pole of collapsing was a magic pole. Let us explore the
Powers of Pole of Collapsing 5e.

This 10-foot (3 meters) tall pole collapsed into a 1 foot (30 cm) rod when someone says a command word. The pole weighed in at the same weight. When the individual spoke another command, the pole was restored to its original length. The rod will only extend as far as the space is wide or tall if the individual is in a narrow area.

You can hold this 10-foot pole and use an action to say a command word to cause it to fall into a 1-foot long rod. It makes it easy to store. The pole’s weight does not change. An action can be helpful to say a different command word to cause the rod to turn to a pole. However, the rod will only extend as far as the space around it allows.

Pole of Collapsing 5e Damage

DMs always want to give away magic items without affecting the game balance. It’s a convenient way to transport a standard 10-foot pole. It would be more potent than everyday items because it is a magical item. It is not indestructible, however. The only enchantment that it has is size-related and not combative magics.

It would be treated as a wooden lengthwise pole. Pole of collapsing can be placed across the door in a straight line. To snap it, it would take only a few kicks (or two, if it’s durable). It would work the same way if you put the end against the door and then extended it diagonally or across the wall. It would likely bend and flex if you gave it a solid kick, which could cause it to be dislodged.

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It won’t hold up for long, so it is not something you would expect. It would likely be dislodged or broken by a moderate Strength check. It would, however, slow them down for a while. If given the opportunity,you may slow them down. You could reach it to retract it when we leave the area. We only have the function description but no details of the mechanics. Your DM can decide how to run it.

Damage with a Pole of collapsing

The description of the pole clearly states that it won’t cause any damage during expansion. It will expand only as far as it can. To use the pole, it must be held in your hand. To use the pole, a PC must first allow the pole to pass down a creature’s throat. Then the pole will expand slightly, but not more than the creature’s mouth/throat. Although it would be annoying, it is unlikely to cause any immediate death.