Did Diane seven deadly sins loved and married King or Meliodas?

Diane seven deadly sins

Diane seven deadly sins | Love and Marriage

Diane from Seven Deadly Sins loved King even when her remembrances were lost. However, she could not revive King at the time and loved Meliodas in King’s place. Eventually, when Diane’s mindfulness returned, she and King embrace, and they become a couple. So we can say Diane married King.

Diane is the Serpent’s Sin of Envy of Seven Deadly Sins. She is a member of the Giant Clan and so is much more than other people, even her fellow Deadly Sins. Her Sacred Treasure, the War Hammer Gideon, is what she uses with her inherent power, Creation.

  • Height: 915cm (30’ feet) (Giant). 165cm (5’5 feet)
  • Age: approximately Age: approx.
  • Birthday: December 24,
  • Abilities: Creation

The New Holy War arc saw Diane’s strength fully recognized by Drole, the former King the Giant Clan. He died protecting Diane after declaring her his successor. That made her both the official “Giant Queen” and the next possible ruler of the Giants. She is currently married to King, who is now King of the Fairy Clan.

Diane seven deadly sins appearance

Diane, a giant, is many times larger than an average human being. A fair maiden with medium-length brown hair and purple eyes is described as “lovely, gorgeous.” Her curvy and well-built body is a testament to her beauty. Her facial features are similar to the Seven Deadly Sins. They have not changed much over the years. Diane is depicted with light-colored hair in her wanted poster. The symbol of the Serpent is found on her left outer leg.

Diane wore ragged clothes as a child. King gave her a new set. The clothes she wore in the first part of the series are similar to the ones King made. King used leather from Dusk Bison skin to sew them the clothes. In her earlier days, the suit she wore consisted of a one-piece orange suit with five cross laces, boots that reach almost to her knees, and two blue-grey gauntlets. One of these gauntlets was destroyed by Gilthunder in the fight in Forest of White Dreams. A backpack that Meliodas had previously worn was also hers. While serving at the bar, she wears a purple sleeveless gown with white puffballs down her front.

Diane, a Holy Knight, wore an orange full-body armor and a unique helmet to her Deadly Sins co-workers ten years ago.

Diane now wears King clothes almost identical to her previous style, except for an inverted triangle cut at the chest and skirt. Under the skirt, she wears black pants that look like bike shorts.

Diane is seen wearing new Merlin clothes during the New Holy War.

Diane seven deadly sins Personality

Diane is a friendly Giantess, and she is confident about her abilities. She also seems to consider Holy Knights weak. She is very attached to her captain and often cuddles Meliodas, and takes delight in receiving compliments. She can overcome her fears and feel assertive about her feelings for him. Diane can be very hostile and aggressive towards friends who are threatening her. Meliodas’ perverted actions toward other girls can also make Diane jealous.

She is too large to help Meliodas other than fighting for him. Contrary to Elizabeth’s strong desire to become smaller, she has stated her desire for Meliodas to be smaller. However, Diane still shows compassion and selflessness when saving people in danger. She risked everything to keep the older man in Vaizel or Zeal.

Despite her strong exterior, Diane is an emotionally fragile person. It can be seen in her dislike of loneliness. When she was young, she insisted King stay by her side to heal her. She also waited in tears for his return to her. After Elizabeth was kidnapped and taken to Vivian’s house, Diane also showed the same feelings.

Equipment and Abilities

Diane, a member of the Seven Deadly Sins group, is powerful. She could punch the ground to stop a horde of bugs from ruining a town. She also proved to be a strong fighter, able to withstand the lightning of Gilthunder and even escape it. Matrona, a Matrona (human-sized), is a strong fighter who can defeat ten men in a matter of minutes. Diane has an incredible connection to nature and can create two Golems even as a child. Matrona, the woman who raised Diane, stated that she could become the most powerful warrior in the Giant Clan.

A giant, Diane can perform incredible feats of strength. She can battle Meliodas and break through barriers that are strong enough to withstand meteors with one punch. With a weight of 998kg (2200 lbs), she can swing a hammer. Her enormous size reduces her speed to zero. Still, she can dodge rapid arrows from foes of comparable ability like Gowther. Diane is strong and can withstand many mortal blows, such as pierced in the shoulder and thigh. She can still move fast enough for citizens to escape collapsing buildings and retain consciousness even after losing blood.

After passing the trial, her connection with the Earth improved to the point that she can dance more efficiently and increase her power. Melascula said that her strength was comparable to Drole’s. Drole believed that she would eventually become a more powerful ruler of the Giant Clan than him because her love made her more than just a combat power.

Abilities of Diane in seven deadly sins

Creation: This ability is only available to Giant Clan members who are deeply connected to nature. It allows Diane to manipulate the Earth.

Drole’s Dance is a technique that Drole, the giant King, created. Diane can increase her earth connection by performing a unique dance. Her power level increases the more she does it. After Drole’s trial, Diane was able to master this technique.

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Diane Seven Deadly Sins: Who is in Love with Diane?

King’s love interest in the anime/manga series The Seven Deadly Sins is Diane. Diane is the Sin of Envy, sporting the Serpent symbol and a member of The Giants’ Clan. Unaware of King’s feelings for her, Diane falls in love with Meliodas, her captain. And Diane from seven deadly sins becomes exceptionally jealous when Meliodas displays affection towards other women, such as Elizabeth Liones, or regular-sized girls because of her height.

Diane, a Giant, is powerful. She could punch the ground and use it to stop a horde of bugs from ruining a town. She also proved to be a strong fighter, able to withstand the lightning of Gilthunder and even escape it. Matrona, an average human size, has incredible strength and speed. She defeated more than ten men during the preliminaries of the fighting festival.

It was revealed that King met her 700 years ago when she was a little girl. He was unconscious and had no memory of his identity. She took him in to be re-enabled. King erased their memories after King turned himself in for the “sin” that he didn’t do anything to stop Helbram from killing people for 500 years. Diane later regains the memories she lost and realizes that King is the one she loves.

While Diane doesn’t recall her childhood with King, she did remember spending a lot of time with him as they were both part of the Seven Deadly Sins. King never hid his feelings for her.

He was always flustered about her and would be lenient with her when he was not scolding anyone. Diane didn’t notice all the signs everyone around her could see until she got her memories restored. That is all about Diane seven deadly sins and her love story and marriage with King.