Does Gloxinia from seven deadly sins have relations with Drole?

Gloxinia seven deadly sins

Are Drole and Gloxinia in Seven deadly sins in a relationship?

The relationship between Drole and Gloxinia in Seven deadly sins is a mystery. Even though Gloxinia claimed that she was a close friend of both him and Drole, it was false. He and Drole saved the Seven Deadly Sins of Chandler from being destroyed by Drole. He realized that Elizabeth Liones, his dearest friend from 3,000 years back, was the reincarnation. Gloxinia was the Fairy King’s Forest’s first king. However, he later defected to become the Repose for the Ten Commandments. King made his choice, and Gloxinia left to rejoin the Fairy Clan.

Gloxinia in Seven deadly sins

Gloxinia often has Basquias wrapped around his neck in the shape of tentacles-like green octopus-like tentacles. Basquias are wrapped around Gloxinia’s upper chest, with his hair covering his pointed ears. He has the look of a young woman. It is possible to see his true face when his shroud does not protect him. Gloxinia sports a Commandment tattoo on the chest. His long, bright red hair is draping down his ears and a grey corsage around his wrist. His pants are white and baggy with dark blue, butterfly-scale-like patterns at his cuffs. He wears a pair of dark black shoes and a green sash around his waist.

His eyes were amber before he joined the Demon Clan. The Commandment mark on the pectoral of his pectoral was not there.


Gloxinia presently has sadistic personality in seven deadly sins. Gloxinia was happier in the past and had a caring and outgoing personality. She enjoyed playing childish games and protecting the Fairy King’s Forest until an incident occurred 3,000 years ago.

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Gloxinia is a member of the Ten Commandments. He has an upbeat personality and is easygoing. Still, he also displays a sadistic disposition, revelling in killing and taunting others. Due to the betrayal Rou committed towards Stigma. He holds a deep hatred and resentment for humans. He initially believed Rou murdered Gerheade, but Drole says he enjoys imitating them.

After the Great Fight Festival, he reverts to his comedic, caring and outgoing self, confidently telling Zeldris that he is ready for battle. Gloxinia expressed his resentment at turning to the Demon Clan. I was glad that he could atone for his mistakes in his last moments.


It was 3,000 years ago, Gloxinia was friends with Meliodas and Drole during the Holy War 3,000 years back. He was then betrayed and robbed by Stigma, the human Rou, and his sister Gerheade, something far more important than his life. He felt that all his trusted comrades had stabbed him in their back. That led him to seek out the Demon Clan, becoming a demon himself and one of the Ten Commandments. He was finally sealed in the Coffin of Eternal Darkness by the Goddess Clan with the rest of his Demon Clan.

Abilities and equipment of Gloxinia in seven deadly sins

Gloxinia, a member of the Ten Commandments and a former Fairy King, is very powerful. Gloxinia received a Commandment form the Demon King and gained powers that were related to the Demon Clan. These included their unique power to darken, which is similar to Meliodas of Vaizel. This dark power allows him to create helicopter-shaped wings that allow for flight. This dark power is kept at the tip of Basquias’s ears. His aura is so strong that Hendrickson, ordinarily calm, becomes afraid of him. He also senses the Ten Commandments and the unnerved Meliodas from a distance. King stated that King’s power is immense. King claims that he has a tremendous amount of power as a Fairy. He can control the natural world and create Flower Dolls out of leaves. With Drole’s assistance, Gloxinia is powerful enough to match Chandler, the highest-ranking Demon, when he is using all of his power. They can also hold their own against Chandler for a brief time.

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Although he is physically more diminutive than the Ten Commandments because of his fairy nature, Gloxinia has incredible endurance and durability. He survived a massive attack by Escanor that destroyed Vaizel’s large boulder and threw Gloxinia through Drole’s labyrinth. It took him some time to heal and recover. He was later able to withstand attacks by Meliodas, his demon mark activated to heal Drole and himself. Gloxinia has the fastest flight speed of any fairies due to its large wings. He was able to avoid some Meliodas attacks and was eventually outpaced by them. King also noted the faster speed at which he flew while Gloxinia was inside his body during his trial.


Disaster: Gloxinia shares King’s inherent power with the Fairy King. This power allows you to control the life and death of all living things and draws out the power from Basquias.

Gloxinia Servant Gurokishinia Sabanto, literally meaning “Flower Doll”]: Gloxinia creates an artificial golem that looks like Gerheade from vegetation.

Jumanju, literally “Cursed Vine Tree”,] Gloxinia summons an enormous, wooden monster from the Earth.

Gloxinia can levitate and fly like a fairy. He can also levitate the Spirit Spear Basquias he has to use in battle and lift others.

Gloxinia can hear the heart of others and perceive their thoughts, just like all fairies.

Time Regression Spell is a technique that the Goddess Clan has learned, which allows you to send someone’s soul to the past.

Combined Techniques

Gloxinia’s Combined Technique: It means “Ore Tree Orudora” ):Gloxinia, Drole combine minerals and plant DNA to create a tower in which they lock their target. It can withstand extreme pressure and is resistant to fire. It can hold Chandler, the Demon Clan’s highest-ranking Demon, in his proper form, but only temporarily due to its extraordinary elasticity.

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The Demon King bestowed Gloxinia with the Commandment to Repose: Anyone who fights in his presence without rest will have their magic sealed away.


The Spirit Spear Basquias is his weapon of choice. It can be seen wrapped around his body in a series of tentacle-like, green, octopuslike tentacles. It can take at least ten forms.

Fun Facts about Gloxinia from seven deadly sins

His Commandment of Repose is based on the Fourth Commandment in The Holy Bible.

It’s evident to most fans, if not all that the elite warriors of Demon Clan, also known as the Ten Commandments, are based upon the ten Biblical commandments. Gloxinia refers to the Commandment of Repose. It is parallel to the scripture, “Remember the Sabbath day, keep it holy.” That is the seventh day of the week, also known as the Sabbath. All men should not work on it and instead, take the time to appreciate and recognize God’s creation.

At maximum power, he has a higher level of power than the King.

The power of King, The Grizzly’s Sin of Sloth is acknowledged by all and praised by most. Some even fear him in The Seven Deadly Sins world. His power level is not as high as Gloxinia’s. King. Even after completing the trials and earning his fairy wings. It allowed him to reach his maximum power level, 41,600, which was still not as powerful as Gloxinia (whose power level was 50,000).

He and Senku are both voiced by the same Japanese voice actor.

People who have seen the subbed versions, Dr Stone and The Seven Deadly Sin, may have noticed that Gloxinia sounds very similar to Senku’s voice. It is due to Yusuke Kojibayashi, the voice actor. Kobayashi has voiced roles in more than 60 films, shorts and games, including some popular animes such as Re: Zero, Food Wars! and Fate.