Best White Wine Under $50 as Christmas Gift

Best White Wine Under $50 as Christmas Gift

Best White Wine Under $50 as Christmas Gift

Before shelling out the big bucks, wine beginners and frugal drinkers both might choose to start their collections with more reasonable selections. So, from this year’s Cellar Selection list, here is a list of cellar-worthy wines that cost less than $50. 96 points for the 2016 Castello di Neive Barbaresco; $40.

Yalumba 2017 Viognier, priced at $16, This Australian white is for you if you enjoy the scents of ginger, florals, and fresh apricots. It’s luscious without being cloying like so many cheap viogniers can be.


One of the most affordable white wines you can find is Soave. This Italian wine is made from the Garganega grape, which has a high acidity level and a hint of herbal notes. Its texture is slightly oily, and it has a pleasant flavor. Its price tag is under $50, so you can enjoy a glass without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking for a single-vineyard Soave, consider Fattori’s 2018 Motto Piane. The wine’s aromas include yellow pear, apricot, and dried herbs. It also has a hint of honey. Another Soave to try is the Cantina di Soave 2017 Rocca Sveva Ciondola. In addition, it shows aromas of white stone fruit, citrus, and tangy mineral notes.

Best White Wine Under $50 as Christmas Gift

Soave is known for its versatility and can be enjoyed with a wide range of foods. It pairs well with seafood, sushi, and light chicken and pork dishes. It is also an excellent accompaniment for not-too-rich risottos. Soaves can also be enjoyed on a picnic. Just make sure to serve it chilled!


Verdejo wine is a Spanish grape variety, and it is a white wine with characteristics similar to chardonnay, pinot grigio, and sauvignon blanc. It is typically pale yellow and has citrus and floral notes. Its aromatic bouquet is fresh and fragrant with notes of green apple and fennel. Its texture is medium to full and packaged in a low-shoulder bottle.

A cooperative makes this Spanish white wine from over 300 farmers in 30 villages. Their vineyards are in well-draining sandy clay soils. The grapes are picked at night and fermented in steel tanks for about three months. This wine is organic and vegan-certified.

Verdejo is a versatile white wine that pairs well with many different foods. Its citrusy flavor is a perfect match for many types of food, and it goes well with fish tacos and seafood-based tapas. Its high acidity and slightly bitter finish complement the flavors of many foods and its citrusy bouquet.


The Falanghina grape is a white wine from Campania, Italy. It’s widely used as a seafood condiment and grown in the region north of Naples. This grape is known for its fresh flavor and good acidity. The still and sparkling versions feature pear, green apple, and banana flavors and a hint of citrus.

This grape is low in tannins and has medium acidity. It’s also a great partner for seafood and other seafood dishes. Its dry sweetness is a bonus and goes well with tomatoes and other Neapolitan-style dishes. The wine is also elegant, with a silky texture and a bright finish.

American Chardonnay

An excellent white wine under $50 will not break the bank. However, a good chardonnay will have a pleasant acidity and be a good summer drink. Fortunately, there are many inexpensive options. A little research can go a long way when choosing the right wine. You can visit websites such as Wine-Searcher or Vivino for reviews of wines. Newsletters for wine enthusiasts can be helpful, as well.

If you’re looking for a white wine under $50, American Chardonnay is a great choice. This wine has received high reviews from critics and can be purchased for under $40. It has a crisp, fruity flavor and tangy acidity. It also boasts aromas of brioche and honeysuckle. This wine comes from Napa Valley, where some of the best American wines are produced.

You can find an American Chardonnay for less than $50 at Thomas Fogarty. This wine was made in a year of drought, and the vines were stressed, which resulted in unique expression and concentration. It has a medium body with an incredibly refreshing finish. At less than $40, you can find a delicious bottle that will last you a long time.


The Harslevelu grape is an excellent choice for wine lovers on a budget. The grape is native to Hungary and is known for producing rich, flavorful wines. Its aromas range from apples to parmesan, and its palate contains complex minerals. A bottle of this wine will delight lovers of bold, flavorful white wines. The wine is a pale yellow-green color, with a fragrant nose. Its spicy, peppery flavor has a tingling sensation on the palate.

Best White Wine Under $50 as Christmas Gift

The grape is native to the Carpathian Mountains of Eastern Europe and grown in Hungary and Slovakia’s Tokaj and Tokaji regions. Due to communism, the grape was largely forgotten in the past. It was overshadowed by the more famous Tokaji Aszu sweet wine, also marketed as Tokay. However, the Harslevelu grape is now emerging as a significant player in the world of wine.

Meiomi’s Pinot Noir

If you’re looking for a great white wine under $50, consider trying Meiomi’s Pinot Noir. The winery was founded in 2006 and focused on high-quality sourcing fruit, balancing complementary blends, and developing rich, complex flavors. A healthy national appetite for Pinot Noir has helped Meiomi to multiply.

The wine is crafted from grapes grown in the coastal areas of California. It features a silky texture and a well-balanced acidity. It is also great for pairings with food and can be served chilled or slightly chilled. It should be served at 55 to 58 degrees for optimal flavor.

This wine is organic and barrel-aged in neutral French oak. Although not well-known, Meiomi’s Pinot Noir is an excellent value for under $50. The wine has a unique combination of fruit and earthy components. You’ll also detect a touch of chocolate or cola.

Chateau d’Arc

Chateau d’Arsach is a world-class winery that produces world-class grapes. They focus on Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, with about four hectares planted to Sauvignon Blanc. Their 112-acre estate is considered part of the Margaux appellation. The estate has also recently released its second wine, Kid d’Arc, a deep red wine that is a spiritual successor to the elder wine. The resulting wine has a beautiful nose and is one of the best red wines under $50.

This wine is made from a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The result is a wine with a delicate balance of earth and fruit flavors. It bursts with wild cherries, blackberries, eucalyptus, and black pepper flavors. The acidity in the wine contributes to its vibrancy. Its acidity is soft and refreshing, making it an excellent value for money.

Arsac is one of the oldest wine estates in the Medoc region, dating back to the twelfth century. In 1986, the property was acquired by Philippe Raoux. The entrepreneur championed its reclassification into the Margaux appellation and reopened the winery. He also remodeled the winery and vineyard to make them more modern.

Mary Taylor’s

You’ll love Mary Taylor’s white wines. Her name is synonymous with quality, and her wine comes from a variety of locations around the world. The label is plain and straightforward, and the wine maker’s name and exact location are on the bottle. I’ve read about her wines in the New York Times wine column, which were deemed “excellent” by the writer.