How To Find Someone On Onlyfans Without a Username

How to find someone on onlyfans without a username

How To Find Someone On Onlyfans Without a Username

If you want to know how you can find an account on Onlyfans, this article will help you. Onlyfans is a subscription-based platform where creators get paid by their fans if they like the content they post on the forum.

Finding a profile on Onlyfans can be challenging as the website does not have a search option feature like other social media platforms that we use. You must know the username or the creator’s user link to open their profile.

Many third-party applications and tools let you find the person’s profile on onlyfans without knowing their username or user link.

By Using their URL

You can easily find a person’s profile by using their URL. Many creators post their URLs onto their social media accounts for their followers. They do this so their followers can open their accounts directly by clicking the link from their social media profile.

Using Their Location

Let’s suppose you want to enjoy the work of your preferred content creator but can’t remember who they are. So now you are stuck thinking about what to do to find their account as the search option is very restricted on the platform. 

Several third-party apps and tools allow you to find someone’s account based on location.

For example, you can enter keywords into OnlyFinder to produce a lot of profiles, which you can then look through for a while. On the other hand, this approach depends on luck to find someone. Even if you spend hours looking through profiles, you might not find anything.

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Fortunately, OnlyFinder can help you in narrowing your search by location. This tool uses OnlyFans’ requirement that creators share their site as part of account management. As a result, OnlyFinder searches the platform to find all creators based in the same place. 

By using their name

You can search for a profile on onlyfans by the person’s original name using the OnlyFinder tool. You can search for users using the Onlyfinder tool by using their names, keywords, or nicknames. 

Open the Onlyfinder website, and add the name you want to find under the search button. Check the list of persons with the word you’re looking for when the onlyfans account names appear. You will get a list of all the accounts made with the name you entered. 

Remember that you won’t be able to search for an onlyfans user by name if they have chosen not to use their actual name on the onlyfans profile. You must be aware of the actual name someone uses to search for them on onlyfans by name.

Additionally, a lot of users create false accounts and bios. In such situations, you must get in touch with them via other platforms and ask for their Onlyfans name before being able to locate them by name.

By Their Area

It’s effortless and straightforward to find individuals in your area who are on Onlyfans. You only need to use the OnlyFinder tool, which allows you to look for onlyfans accounts around you.

To locate someone depending on their location on onlyfans, go to The “location”+”distance” tool might be useful. Here location could be your town, city, state, or nation, and distance could be how far away you are from the user.

You can also look for users from different countries in addition to searching for them by cities. The user should provide their location in their profile, though, if they want to be found on onlyfans by area. On onlyfans, the place is immediately recorded on a user’s profile when they sign up. As a result, Onlyfinder will display the users whose profiles have updated their location. If not, you can search for users based on their location.

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By Their Email

You can try to find a person’s account on Onlyfans by just using their email.

  1. Try using the email ID of the person you are trying to find to create a new account. If your request for creating the account gets accepted, it probably means that the email address has not already been used to create an onlyfans account. Or the person may have used another email id to sign up for their account.
  2. If your request for creating the account has been rejected indicates that the user already has an onlyfans account and may be participating as either a subscriber or a content developer. Therefore, if the user’s email address begins with their name, enter their name in the onlyfinder tool to locate their onlyfans account.

By their Phone Number

You can find a person on Onlyfans by knowing their phone number, just like email. Go to the onlyfans main page and process to create an account on the platform. Register the phone number of the person you are trying to find when creating the account. 

If you get a confirmation email that your number has been registered, the person you are finding has not created their profile on the platform. It may also be possible that the person you are searching for has used a different phone number to create their account. In this case, you can try finding the person by other options or using third-party applications and tools.

How To Use The Reddit Community To Find People On Onlyfans?

Creators mainly use Reddit to make their presence known on the internet, as Reddit has a massive community of followers. They share the link to their onlyfans account on their Reddit profile, where people quickly get access to open their profile by just clicking on the link. 


Finding people on OnlyFans can be challenging, especially if the person you’re interested in chooses not to use their name or doesn’t add a location. Luckily, several third-party applications available over the internet can find the person you are looking for. You must get their phone number, email address, location, etc. 

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Onlyfinder is an excellent option for searching for anyone’s profile present on the Onlyfans platform. If you know a user’s location, area, or username, this tool can quickly help you find them. Additionally, people use the Reddit approach to locate onlyfans accounts in a more current method. 

We can only hope that OnlyFans will release an update with a search feature so you can look for someone on OnlyFans quickly.