How To Find Someone On OnlyFans By Phone Number

How to find someone on onlyfans by phone number

How To Find Someone On OnlyFans By Phone Number

OnlyFans is a pretty recent social media platform that has constantly been growing. Interestingly, the content created by users of the platform requires payment to view. Most content producers find this concept quite interesting because it allows them to monetize their accounts and have more control over their content.

OnlyFans features a notably limiting search button that tightly controls search results further to protect the security and privacy of content providers. While encouraging privacy and attracting more creators, finding someone’s profile on Onlyfans is challenging. You need to know the person’s URL if you wish to find them on the Onlyfans platform. If not, you won’t be able to find their profile on the onlyfans platform.

Regardless of all this security, you can find a creator’s account by just knowing their phone number, thanks to a few third-party applications, which lets you find a creator of Onlyfans by just knowing their phone number, map location, username, or email address. Keep on reading the article below to understand how to find someone on Onlyfans.

Finding Someone On Onlyfans By Phone Number

A simple phone number can also be used to find a person’s Onlyfans account. Enter the person’s phone number into one of the search options on third-party software like social catfish under the “phone” page to find one. It is one of the fastest ways to find someone’s account on Onlyfans.

If you want to find out if the person you have a phone number has an Onlyfans account or not, you can find it pretty quickly. Use EyeZy app. They offer special discounts if purchased through this link.

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It can be found by just using their phone number. For that, you have to create an Onlyfans account on their website. When creating an onlyfans account, you must go to the create account page and enter your phone number. If the app indicates that the phone number is linked to a profile, the user has already registered for an onlyfans account. If not, you should attempt the alternative onlyfans search option.

Other ways to find someone on Onlyfans

Although there is a limited search option on OnlyFans, content producers can promote their profiles on other social media platforms. By providing direct links to their content, they do this. For example, if you are familiar with the name of a well-known creator, you may visit their Twitter handle and look for a link to OnlyFans on their page.

Some content creators, particularly those who want to keep their content as private as possible, choose not to promote their work on social media. So if you’re going to find someone who doesn’t have a username or Url link, then you can try the following ways to find them on Onlyfans.

By Username

If you know a person’s username, finding their account on Onlyfans is straightforward. 

Copy link “” and place the creator’s name in place of ‘username .’This will provide you with the user’s account directly. The URL you find in social media posts and creators’ profiles can also be copied and pasted to open their accounts.

By Email

You can check if someone has an active OnlyFans account using their email address if you know it.

Try using that email address to sign up for a new account to accomplish this. You need not worry about taking their email address because you will receive a confirmation email before you can set up the profile. If you don’t get a confirmation email, the person you find has an active Onlyfans account. In other cases, if the email gets accepted, the person of interest is not on Onlyfans.

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By Location

Thanks to several third-party applications, now you can find someone on only fans based on their location. 

If you don’t know the username of a creator but know their location, you don’t need to worry because you can find them through the OnlyFinder website. You can also search for your creator by entering different keywords in the search box, and by doing this, OnlyFinder will generate hundreds of profiles based on your keywords. But doing this takes a lot of energy and time, and you may waste your time on absolutely nothing. However, finding someone based on their location narrows down this process and saves you a lot of time. 

When creating an Onlyfans account, users are asked to share their location as part of their profile. OnlyFinder gets this information from the platform and displays the list of creators operating from that specified location.

Ask them Yourself

You can ask the person yourself if they do have an Onlyfans account or not. You might surprise yourself with their honest response. They might come clean about it. Some people get embarrassed about sharing this information with others and might be guilty of having an account; therefore, honest and genuine communication is essential. However, if you still suspect them, you can search for their account as mentioned above in the article.

You can also look through their phone, emails, search history, etc., to find out about their account. Only search through someone’s phone if they have allowed you to do it; otherwise, don’t do it.

Can I Find Someone on OnlyFans without creating an account?

If you don’t have an account on Onlyfans and still want to find someone on the platform, you don’t have to stress about it. You can find them without having an account; get data about their username, phone number, or email address. With this information, you can use different third-party apps and tools without having an account to find anyone you want.

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Finding someone on onlyfans can be challenging due to their restricted search engine and privacy policies. The only way to find someone using the platform is by knowing their username or having their profile link to open their account. Thanks to different third-party tools and applications, you can now find anyone on the platform by knowing their phone number, email address, name, or location.

We can only hope that in the future, the Onlyfans website will add a search option feature to help people find their favorite content creators easily; until then, make use of third-party applications to get the work done for you.